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  1. I'm looking for a 25m qualification target that you can download and print. Anyone know of any?
  2. Can you expand your view on handle mounted scope? Didn't quite pick up what your laying down..
  3. I leave mine on permanent so I have no worries of loosing zero. This the setup I use and I take my scope off every time I use it as it wont fit mounted and so far it stays right on target. https://monstrumtactical.com/ar-15-carry-handle-rail-mount-combo/
  4. Saw this on another forum and thought it might make for interesting conversation. Do you use iron sights even if you have optics on your AR? Why or why not? Me personally I was taught to use Irons back when I was in the Army so when I bought my gun I wanted a carry handle, but i got one that came with a pic rail that will mount into the top of the handle for my scope when I want longer more accurate shooting. I like the setup also because the way it mounts I can still use my irons with the scope mounted. What's y'alls opinion?
  5. I'm thinking of a range bag for both my ar and my pistols. What do you all like around 50$ ?
  6. I was thinking about the rifles you see swat and them carry at times compared to the standard AR type. Knew shotguns are a required length but wasn't sure if rifles had a length standard. You all will probably get annoyed with the random thoughts that I post seeking knowledge from you.
  7. Ok one more time in layman's terms? Lol I have only boot camp experience with these rifles lol
  8. Thought crossed my mind (mind is always at 90mph) but what would be the shortest AR RIFLE not (Pistol) You can build butt stock to flash suppressor?
  9. As I have been sighting in my new rifle it seems to have a lot more 🤔 (jump) then I remember the m16 having in boot camp. Is this old age or might there be something I can change to get back on target quicker?
  10. It don't like Promag tho or I got a bad one. Works fine with thirty round metals that came with it and the Magpul 30 round it came with but sat I bought a ten round Promag and got FTF about every third round.
  11. At 100 yards I was two out of five head shots in the fatal T on life size paper, all were clear within the head. Like I said not the most expensive but works pretty damn good for me! Lol
  12. I admit in not much of a hunter but plinking and targets I'm there as often as I can, that being said I'm pretty happy with this rifle. https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/bca-ar-15-complete-rifle-16-parkerized-4150-steel-contour-barrel-5-56-nato-1-9-twist-w-standard-hand-guard-front-sight-b Is it top of the line nope but I cant justify spending a thousand dollars on a plinking gun. I'll take it out varmint shooting this summer I hope but for the price I'm happy and customer service is first rate! Had a issue with my firing pin retaining pin not lining up with exit hole just right on first cleaning and after I email them a new BCG is on the way already!
  13. I'm wondering how often you should clean a AR? I have heard different opinions from w wey shoot to 1 rand 400 rounds before I cleaned mine. Who is in the right?
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