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  1. I've been interested in firearms for a long time. Been shooting air guns in my basement and back yard for a few years. Bought a Ruger 10/22, and Henry 17 HMR, joined a rimfire forum. Then a Mossberg shockwave, joined a Mossberg forum. Joined a local rod and gun club recently. Been interested in ARs. Live in NY State, figured NY versions were too watered down. But at the same time wanted to get one eventually. Went to a gun show Saturday with the intention of maybe scoring a deal on a shotgun. Made it about 20 feet in. Stopped at an AR table. Talked to the guys there. Was very impressed with their story. They manufacture the ARs in the same area code as me. Their AR has all the features I thought were banned. Turns out that because of the pinned magazine, the gun can have all the features. And there is a speed loader device that loads the fixed magazine in seconds. With a little practice, probably the same speed as changing removable mag. And the price was fair enough to not haggle over. Left the show with the AR, case, scope and 500 rounds. Burned through 200 rounds on Sunday. Woohoo! Found this forum via Tapatalk app by searching for AR 15. I like "feel" of this forum. Seems like a nice place.