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  1. meistermash

    Project Gray P begins.

    That looks good op. 👍 I like that slide. Are you going to stipple that or grip tape it? I've a similar bare frame that needs something done to it. There is an outfit that sells precut grip tape that fits these p80 frames but the name escapes me right now.
  2. meistermash

    Project Green "P" Rebooted!

    These frames can be had without stipling or smooth. Had I not the mill, I would use a set of cutters on the top rails then just finish filing them flush with the top. The instructions say to use a hand drill for the holes, doing one side at a time before doing the top rails and recoil spring channel. The recoil spring channel can be dremeled then finished with a file or other round object. The jig and frames come with the drill bits and a end mill to finish them. I used a mill simply because I had one, actually a ch-ina made grizzly 3in1 machine. The ones I did were both g17\g22 size and a pf45 large frame. So I skipped having the issues that some have had or I got lucky.
  3. meistermash

    Custom ar10 size barrels.

    Never heard of the 22 creed or the outfit. Is the 22 creed about like the 22_250? Should be I guess. Prolly feed better. On arfcom, a fellow started a thread about an outfit by the name of dtech that does short mags on the regular ar platform. So a 223wssm is possible in the regular ar. Not sure which way to go. Eta: Ohh my word spanky, that 22creedmore looks just like the ticket. And even a premium barrle and I'd assume a high pressure bolt would be more cost effective then the dtech upper. Thank you dfair.
  4. meistermash

    Custom ar10 size barrels.

    Freinds, where would I start for a large frame ar10 style custom barrle? I want to do a 22_243 middlestead or something along those lines. 22_250 then modified for the improved or a 22_243 reamer rented? No I don't want the nosler cartridge, I don't care how close it almost sort of maybe comes close to a 22_250 in the most ideal circumstances with light bullets. This barrel should have a 1_10" or 1 _9" twist for heavy bullets. It should be 22" _ 24" long at least. I have a valkery already. Might have to do my own thing to get where I want to go. But maybe some one knows who can or does what I'm wanting. Thank You.
  5. meistermash

    .22 WMR Semi Auto Pistol

    I have two pmr30s, a ria 9mm\22tcm and a glock 17 22tcm9r conversion. The Glock conversion barrel I have been shooting regular 22tcm ammo in. I took two of the para 38super mags, sanded the outsides down and cut new mag catchs. You can not eject a live 22tcm round out of it however. There is a fellow over on arfcom that printed a new magazine catch and is using witness large frame mags to feed his conversion. The 9mm\22tcm ria double stack was a pile of smashed corn holes right from the start. For this reason I passed on buying one of their 22mag and 10mm 1911s. And will continue to not buy another ria. On the other hand, the pmr 30 is a hoot. Light weight, good capacity and my first one has been reliable. The second one I need to break in more.
  6. I have been thinking about a stock 2 or other middle of the road witness. I do have an older witness 45. Waiting until Ifg starts importing theirs. The mag capacity that the tanfos have over the 1911 is a factor.
  7. Was looking for 10mm load data and stumbled on in here. I am up to 2/3 of a year a different one for everyone of those days. So I'm trying to get into less mainstream things like 10mm, 22tcm, 357 sig. ect. I like and have a few ar,s ak,s and different brands of handguns as well as c&r. I hand load and reload. Also am not a bit afraid of messing something up or modifying things.
  8. meistermash

    New Members Please Read!

    Ok sir 4-10.
  9. meistermash

    New Members Please Read!

    Where da welcome wagon at? There is usually a fng thread on every forum so this muss be it. So hello from wy from an fng.
  10. meistermash

    Gunsmithing question

    Your friend had to put the smack down on a charging hairy chewwawa? I would file a dovetail in that and make a piece of small key stock fit that dove tail. The n contour the key stock until it looked ok. Good luck op.
  11. I have done a g17, g22 and pf45. From what I read, it's the compacts that have trouble in the jig. I didn't have any trouble with my three. Two full size small frames and the large frame pf45. It would be better to have a ball end mill for the recoil spring channel, which I used a mill for and had my own ball end mill. The frames themselves I like a bunch better then the factory glock in the grip area. The most I paid was $120 for the pf45 frame. I overlooked sites for the 10mm pf45 which is all ready to shoot but for that detail.