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  1. Good Evening All!!!! Im working on gathering some intel on distributors / wholesalers to buy parts and receivers in bulk for future use once all of my FFL information is processed and (fingers crossed) approved. I am hoping there may be some members here who are familiar with or have experiences with some of these online companies. I know once all is set in place I will still have to apply and register with these companies and some will not work with a home based FFL but it never hurts to be a little ahead of the game. With that being said who has some websites or links for buying firearm parts in bulk? Thanks for the help.
  2. Thank you. My advertising goals at first ar very small scale, I will utilize the awesome free marketing that social media offers with a FB page and also an instagram page. This will allow great advertising at minimal cost to me. For the most part the reason I decided to go into this is just out of the love I have for piecing together "frankenstein" guns and love the reaction they get when I take them out to the range or around others. I have people all the time asking me to build them one, or how much will it cost them for me to build it for them and I have to turn them away. I think after I handle a few of these builds and word of mouth on the pricing spreads I will be able to get a good jump on others in the area. We have a small town here and are right in the middle of prime hunting lands in south Texas and there are maybe 2 FFL dealers that do not price gouge on firearms and parts. I aim to be different in this category and will make sure to keep my pricing on the low side of the competitive market.
  3. I kicked this around for a while and decided against it. I am hoping to build a small but successful shop that employees some close friends who are Veterans and gives them means to get out of the house, make a little money and be around something they know.
  4. This was my go to option, however the more I thought about it I am technically about an hour and a half from the true 3rd coast so I opted out of it at the last minute.
  5. Super pumped!!!!! Now that we have moved into our forever home, I can start working on my long term goal of opening up a gunshop. The plan is to file for a Type 07 FFL and work directly from my home utilizing web based sales and also custom builds while maintaining minimal inventory. Without getting into the details to much and getting of topic I wanted to reach out to all the wonderful opinions here and see what you guys/gals think regarding a name. Below are a few examples: Third Coast Gun Works Double Tap Gun Works or Double Tap Resources Black Rifle Resources Recoil Enthusiast Gun Works Also willing to entertain other suggestions as well.
  6. Haha Thanks Glenn. I saw this one when I initially started digging for answers and instantly decided I was going a different route. Luckily I did just find a thread from almost 5 years ago by a google search and dive that states that they will feed just fine from a 7.62 mag. I guess the only way to test the theory is to get it built. Stay tuned..........
  7. All the information I am finding and seeing is that a standard 7.62 PMAG will work however they have horrible feed issues with more than 8 rounds. So technically I can get it built and hash out the feed issues maybe look at some magazine modifications or 3d printed parts haha. Maybe a 22-250 magazine modification is my claim to the big bucks haha.
  8. Without a magazine solution it is dead in the water
  9. Here we go for another attempt. Parts Photo Completed Build
  10. Well hell I spent 30 minutes trying to figure that stuff out haha. I think I may have broke the link when i created a folder within my photobucket. Let me try again.
  11. Aghhhh Help!!!!! Looking to gather up the parts and materials needed to put together a nice FDE 22-250 build on the AR-10 platform. However at this point and time I am struggling to find out any information on magazines or magazine modifications (if any) required to feed on a semi-auto platform. I have google searched to the ends of the internet and am either overlooking it or just not looking in the right places all together. Current build sheet: (Pretty much Aero so I can one stop shop) Aero Precision M5 Builder Set (Upper and Lower) with 15" Atlas R-One Hand Guard Aero M5 MOE LPK Aero Carbine Buffer and Spring MagPul UBR Gen2 Collapsible Stock Deadshot "Custom" 20" Stainless Steel HBAR Barrel w/ 1-12 Twist and a Rifle Length Adjustable Gas System
  12. Good evening all, Looking for some insight or reviews on what people have experience with in regards to garage cabinet sets. Getting ready to move into our forever home and I am wanting to set the garage up right from the beginning. There are a ton of options out there and I am currently back and forth between a modular wall type set up as pictured in the first link, or a standing cabinet system like pictured in the second link. Anyone have any tips or pointers based of experience with either. Its a large purchase and want to make sure its money well spent. Modular Wall Set Up - https://www.gladiatorgarageworks.ca/en_CA/2_6_1_4/room-packages-and-kits_room-packages_Garage.content.html Standing Cabinet Set Up -
  13. Here you go Flesh Wound as promised. Aero Gen 2 Lower Faxon 18" Barrel with 5R Rifling Spikes Mid Length Gas Tube Odin Works .750 Adjustable Gas Block BCM Gunfighter LPK Phase 5 15" Slope Nose Handguard Aero Upper Parts Kit Black Rain Ordnance LH Upper Odin Works Atlas 6.5 Compensator Black Rain Ordnance LH 5.56 BCG Maxim Firearms 6.5 Grendel Type 2 Bolt Still Awaiting ATN X Sight 4K Pro 5-20x Strike Industries UDC Polymer Dust Cover Parts Photos Build Photos
  14. I see that this forum seems to be a little slower than the other channels. Wanted to reach out and see if there were any Division 2 or Ghost Recon "Wildlands" enthusiast active on XBOX 1
  15. Mind sharing what kinda of cutting you had to do? Reason being is this will be utilized on the same type of LH set up.
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