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  1. Damn...just DAMN!!!! That was COLD!!!! Funny, but oh so COLD!!!
  2. Some of us got tired of the name calling bulll shat and useless COC that gets abused by certain staff members
  3. I put my research against infowars any day. If people wanted think Jade Helm is Martial law let. people are nuts
  4. Okay son, sit down in your desk and grab your pencil. Because you are about to get schooled. First off, you are using INFOWARS as your source ands you said you only did a simple search. Neither one of those are how you do proper research. So let me show you how yo properly research information. Which takes effert and time' My first contribution:http://joemiller.us/2015/05/feds-pay-texas-landowners-paid-to-accommodate-jade-helm-says-mayor/ My 2nd:http://www.newswest9.com/story/29060122/big-spring-landowners-paid-to-accommodate-jade-helm-says-mayor My 3rd:http://newsok.com/texas-landowners-paid-to-accommodate-jade-helm-says-mayor/article/5419012 PS: #4 Video: http://www.newswest9.com/story/29060122/big-spring-landowners-paid-to-accommodate-jade-helm-says-mayor So in conclusion, you took a few minutes and found some info on INFOWARS, a well know tinfoil site. While I spent 30 minutes doing real reasearch and found legit sites, 3 of them at that. So, we both have presented our evidence. What do you say we let the members decide which one of us presented more acturate and truthful facts. I Challange you
  5. Here are some remarks you guys have said about Eboli in the past. ANd yet you claim you were not blowing ity out of porpotion Uh huh
  6. What I am trying to say is that it was not nearly as big of a deal as peoplel made it out to be. People here were suggesting it would kill millions and spread across the USA killing millions. Clearly it did not.
  7. But people here were claiming it would spread across the world. Clearly it didn't. Sure, it still exists, but it wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be now was it?
  8. No answer huh? Why cant you expalain yourself?
  9. I never have. Yesterday you clearly stated you trust the enemy more then your own govwrnment
  10. I dont know from first hand experience. But I have been told that when the MediICAL mj BILL PASSED IN cAL THE PRICE DROPPED DRASTICALLY. an 1.8 used to be about $45, dropped to $30. OZ's were about $250 before, dropped tp $15o after. These were street prices. Now, alot of pot here in Cal gets hrvested around October, that is when prices REALLY drop because there is a HUGE glut of it in the market. I have heard during those times OZ prices as low as $100.
  11. How did other news stories stop the spread of an illness?
  12. lease verb (used with object), leased, leasing. 4. to grant the temporary possession or use of(lands, tenements, etc.) to another, usually for compensation at a fixed rate; Now you are just splitting hairs. And the Army doesn't usually devalgue specific info on what they way for thinks.
  13. More quality links here if you truly want to learn. http://www.armytimes.com/story/military/2015/03/23/usasoc-conspiracy-invade-texas/70345764/ http://www.scribd.com/doc/258605525/Jade-Helm-Martial-Law-WW3-Prep-Document-1 Granted, these are from the military so some of you might not believe them because "They are part of the cover up themselves". To which I say....take to your doctor about prozac
  14. Like I said, unless it comes from ISIS itself you wont except any link I provide. You want to think what you want. Good luck with you paranoid life And I highly doubt how much they get paod is public info. You dont really believe the military cane just take over someones land with out permission do you?
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