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  1. AVA8Harrierusmc1

    Stag drops the 6.8 SPC LH and RH options

    Just stating what i have read but like i said take it to a gunsmith. And Stagg Arms moved out of the state they where in. This was because about two years ago the state said it was going to start suing gun makers that was in there state if a crime was committed with that firearms makers gun. So i think that Stagg Arms said oh well what the heck lets move. But I'm real sorry to hear the left with out informing some people the news is about a week old now. Ya I don't really like it if my rifle exploded in my face if you know what i mean. Semper Fi brother
  2. AVA8Harrierusmc1

    Stag drops the 6.8 SPC LH and RH options

    OK I have two Stagg left handed ups one .223 and one 6.8 now from my understanding you should now try to put a 6.8 bolt carrier in a rifle chambered for a .223 all because first you have to resize the chamber then you have to change the barrel. If you think about and ask a gunsmith Im sure he will state the same thing. Also you should look up the story on how the 6.8 round came to be. It was started by a couple of gunsmiths in the Army. (not that I'M a big fan of the Army) Ava8harrierusmc1 Semper Fi