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  1. If you ever want to try a Unique AR's hand guard its worth the money. They are pricey but the quality is hands down the best there is. So many designs to choose from too!
  2. If you ever get board with it look into the Unique AR's hand guards. I have a few of them dam thing now haha! The quality, fit and finish is the best by far out of any of them. So far this one is my favorite on my dedicated 22 pistol.
  3. Oh wow I didnt see that haha! I here you on that! People here complain about low wages. They dont relize it but they are taking home more then they would be if they lived in Ca by the time they took everything out lol! Alot has changed since 2012 it got REALY bad!
  4. Im all for innovation and contributing money to my hobby so might have to try one for the hell of it.
  5. Good for you man! We did the same just over a year ago. Made the move to Utah and absolutely love it!
  6. IMO he caved to the pressure that the was put on him by politicians and anti gun activist. If was fought for and we could not get it over turned. Thats a big hit to the 2nd for such a petty part IMO. There was lots of blow back pressure on the bump stock ban. Its not like there was only a couple of sold so no big deal. Lots of people spend lots of money only to loose a bump stock and the money they paid to buy one. That's not a good look for him or anyone else that backed him. Cough cough...NRA.. I support him as a president because he is all we have and is doing a good job in other areas non related but he has not done one thing to make things better for the 2nd has he? I believe if a bill was passed by the the house and senate in either direction I believe he would sign it. If you are willing to give an inch you are willing to give more. That's just my opinion though.
  7. I agree that the bump stock was a useless BUT banning it for all because of ONE guy is wrong. You are missing what is actually going on. Soon you will see more gun stuff getting banned I guarantee it. He CANT be trusted when it comes to the 2nd!
  8. Would live to do a stainless fluted barrel with my rifle. Would look really good with my hand guard I think.
  9. They will receive no support or funding from me or my family anymore until they get there crap together.
  10. Here are some pics of how they turned out.
  11. I got my slide, frame, barrel, slide release and mag all done in two colors for $100.00 and my wife's M&P 22 in in 2 colors for $200.00. Hers took alot more time then mine though. Some places charge alot but there is alot of time that goes into it. time is money so Id dont mind spending the money for good work, quality and something that will basically last a lifetime. Plus if there ever was any problems they cover it for life.
  12. Here is one with a dedicated 22l pistol length upper.
  13. disregard , I got it figured out.
  14. Bump stock ban and now talk of banning suppressors. He is even putting in a ban for burning the flag. Now just so I am clear I am a Trump supporter I voted for him and will vote for him again because he is all we have and he is doing a good job on othere areas that are important to me. If I personally see someone burning our flag an ass beating is in order. That being said it is still there 1st amendment right to do so even though I dont agree with it. Trump is my president but when it comes to the 2nd amendment or any of them for that matter, when you and give an inch it starts growing.
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