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  1. Well, it appears my AR is going to be headed to a new home...bidding is at 850 now (my reserve). Apparently the high bidder is in Connecticut where there is some advantage to being pre-ban. Irony...liberal policies promoting capitalism...got to love it.
  2. Again, I appreciate everyone's knowledge and willingness to share it here. Another reminder that the firearm community is nothing but a great big family (with a few drunk uncles). Due to my personal situation I need to thin my collection a bit and as much as I would love to hold on to this AR, some of my guns have to go. I have thrown it on Guns America slightly above the suggested value from this thread to see what happens, but if anyone here is interested please PM me and we can work something out. Thanks again. https://www.gunsamerica.com/944297445/Olympic-Arms-AR-15-A2-Style-PRE-BAN-2-23-5-56-MOD-M-F-.htm
  3. The only marking on the barrel is just in front of the front site there is a stamping with "SS" on the top and "556" under it. Nothing under the handguards. The barrel is 7/8" OD under the guards, narrower in front of them, which (and maybe this is the years talking and I am not recalling correctly) differs from the M-16 A2 which was the same OD the full length. That said, I did use the old cleaning rod trick and it is a 1:9 twist.
  4. Everyone - I appreciate the feedback. This definitely helps give me a realistic idea of what this rifle is worth. Even with the cheap case and the 7 30-round magazines (6 new in plastic wrappers) I am lucky to see $800 for it. I had looked at a couple of the online auction sites and sellers were playing up the "Pre-Ban" manufacture date, adding $500+ for those models. I didn't think that would make any difference, especially since the ban aged off the books. Guess this is just marketing. Again, I do appreciate the feedback.
  5. My experience with AR-15 "type" rifles is limited to the M-16 A2 I carried in the Marines many years ago. A few years after getting out, in 2001, I wanted to get an AR as close to the M-16 A2 as I could for nostalgia. I found one from a private collector who claimed it was unfired, and I had only put about 50 rounds down range before...well...life happened. Flash forward, I was doing my annual clean-everything-in-the-safe routine and was curious if this pre-ban AR actually has any worth. Looking at current Olympic Arms ARs, they seem, at least at the local store, to be on the lower end. Full disclosure, I am planning to sell it as it hasn't been fired since I bought it. This is an Olympic Arms stamped "Cal. .223 5.56 MOD. M.F.R." on the magazine well under the lion logo. The serial number is V1903. I am adding a couple pictures and would love to hear any feedback on what the potential value of something like this would be. I appreciate any comments, good or bad. And Admin/Mods, apologies if this isn't the place for this post - just let me know. Thanks, Douglas https://www.dropbox.com/s/st3khcxyphcm67o/IMG_8612.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/svtzljd2rx0vghn/IMG_8613.jpg?dl=0
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