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  1. First problem encountered: FAB Defense GL-Core cheek rest is too tall. Must fix. If I'm to use iron-sights.
  2. I appreciate the helpful tip, that was the confidence boost I need to finish the rifle. I managed to get some clamps on her and get the last 180 degrees out of it. I managed to find the right answers and finish the build. Here she is!
  3. Okay, almost finished. My father and law helped provide an extra pair of hands to get the muzzle-compensator fully seated... ... Only it's not. I bought the Strike Industries Triple Crown, which has barrel-rise holes on top. Only, they're on bottom right now. How much am I supposed to crush the crush-washer? There's still room for it to be crushed backwards, but I'm worried about damaging the compensator and where the barrel seats if I apply much more force than I did the other day. Also, to be able to hold everything still while I do, I need to figure out what tools to use.
  4. I now have... ... 4 parts. If you include the ones in the mail. Still haven't closed on the new house, so I haven't been ordering all the things I want to get because I don't have a good place to ship them to, nor any of the things I need to assemble them until we move in.
  5. Based on the advice I got here and some more research, I opted for the Geissele SSA-E for the trigger. It went on sale with PSA; or, rather, they just threw in a set of Magpul sights for the same price and free shipping.
  6. If it's just that it's gimmicky and pricey, that doesn't quite deter me enough to not buy it once. As for problematic, they've addressed the "what if you realize you only wanted one?" problem; they're designed now such that if you select single-fire, releasing the trigger does not loose a round. The current Franklin Arms model is just bad, sure. If they fail, sure, that's enough to convince me to not buy it and opt for a CMC or Geissle. As for the "military doesn't use it," they've got better options than binary. Buying a high-quality rifle outright would probably make my wife balk, and I'm rather fond of the notion of building my rifle, not having one with many like it. However, that got me thinking that an upper from a high-end brand might work well and meet my purposes. DD doesn't sell one that fits the criteria I want, since the suggestion of going from rifle-length gas-block to mid-length is probably a good one for what I want. After some soul-searching, I think I've found the real reason I want this rifle; I want a fun-gun to treat myself after leaving the Navy, and to make it a bit of a joke; hence the "No Step On Snek" theme, and the notion of making a rifle well-suited for actual combat instead of just a range or just a bug-out weapon or competition; this I want to be my rifle that all the anti-gun detractors say I should never need, a weapon to continue the defense of the country now that I do not do it professionally. In that sense, I want subtle spite layered throughout the weapon. As you guessed, I think I'm going more for a Designated Marksman's Rifle than a "battle rifle" don't know why I was saying that. And in the end, if I don't like the binary, I should be able to swap it out; perhaps even sell it if it pains me that much. I've got a few friends who are looking at getting their own ARs since they've left the Navy as well. Looking at handguards, I might be going with Coda Arms's carbon fiber M-lok, though I'll need rails for it. https://codaevolution.com/collections/handguards/products/lightning-carbon-fiber-handguard?variant=5313199865886
  7. It was recommended by a few friends of mine who know more than I do, and I realized my lower had the third selector position and I wanted to take advantage of "Mad Snek." Is there anything inherently wrong with Frankin Arm's Binary trigger? Failure rate, etc? If it's just "they cost a lot" I'm okay with that. If it genuinely sucks for another reason, that's something I'd love to know. Otherwise, I might take advantage of some 4th of July CMC trigger sales.
  8. Thanks for the advice, I’ll consider that; mid length is probably a better option. My other question for barrels would be: what twist-ratios would be good? Also, mine isn't colored in:
  9. I can see why people wouldn't like it but it shifts weight backwards and the legs keep the rifle high enough that you can fit a 30 round mag comfortably, whereas with traditional bipods I usually have trouble with 30s and have to use smaller mags. I bought it for "cool factor," but the functionality actually won me over. For this rifle if I didn't use the podium, I just wouldn't use a bipod at all. Maybe a forward-grip with a bipod pop-out.
  10. Found this forum because I began to realize I know far less about firearms than I thought I did, and I knew I'd need a bit of help for building a new AR "battle-rifle-style." Finally got a good enough job that I can afford to do more than just Palmetto State Armory for gun parts - they're reliable and I love them to death, but still, I can spend a bit more now. I recently bought the SNEK-15 stripped lower from PSA, and I want to build a sort of "themed" rifle around it with "No Step On Snek" AR Dust Cover's ambi-handle and dust cover; I already have a 20" barrel, heavy "long range" build AR and a Carbine AR (which I'm going to slowly lighten as I get new parts), and now I'm looking at making my own "Militia/Battle" rifle; a reliable mid-ranged rifle that I can sink some money into. I'm not looking for competition-grade, though getting lighter parts is always a plus if the only real downside is cost. ... And I want it to look cool, preferably for all under $3k. I'm new to this, so sue me. Hell, just be frank with me where I'm being unrealistic/stupid. _____________________________________________ First thought was 18" flat-top, rifle-length, 5.56 The only things I've really settled on are: Snek-15 Stripped Lower (owned) Romeo5 Red Dot (owned (PSA had a sale not too long ago), intend to buy a Juliet magnifier, though my dream-optic setup is the Leopold D-EVO/LCO co-witnessing setup) Franklin Arms AR-C1 Binary Trigger FAB Defense GR-CORE telescoping stock with adjustable cheek-rest (because it looks cool and I love having an adjustable stock/cheek rest like I do on my other ARs) - (Open to suggestions) FAB Defense Podium Bipod (I have one on my Carbine AR and I love it, I might swap it to this one and get a Hera Arms CQR for the Carbine "No Step On Snek " AR Dust Cover's ambi -handle and dust cover I'd like to build it all myself, rather than just going out and getting a part-kit. There are enough pieces here and there that I want custom. I haven't decided on handguards, uppers, BCG, etc. Like I said, I'm new. I wanted to get a super-light-weight titanium BCG, only as I was looking at them I found out that's more for competition-grade and not reliability for lot's 'o' shooting, hence why I found this forum to ask for help, realizing there's probably a lot more that I don't know and need advice on.
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