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  1. Still isn’t letting me post. Do I need to be on a desktop or laptop? It won’t let me post from my phone
  2. Anyone know how to post pics in here. It’s being difficult
  3. Update: new barrel nut arrived yesterday. Just picked up the barrel and upper today and got it all finished up. Just got to order a few cosmetic items like vertical grip and rail covers and it will be 100 percent Appreciate all the advice and tips guys.
  4. Update: my guy was able to fix the threads on the upper receiver. Turns out the barrel nut threads were messed up, which cause the slight damage to the threads on the upper. i have contacts Troy Industries and they have sent a new barrel nut. Just glad lad he was able to save the upper receiver.
  5. Alright guys. So barrel arrived today. Stopped by the house and gathered everything and took it over to my guy. He he said his turnaround right now is about 7-10 days so stay tuned and I will let y’all know what happens. Hopefully he can get it on there.
  6. Yeah I’m hoping the damage isn’t that bad. I should know for sure whenever the gunsmith gets back to me. Yeah id likely try to redo the threads before I drop another $180 on another upper.
  7. Yeah I thought about that or if the threads are jacked up more than I think I also thought about getting a tap and die set to recut the threads. The upper was Fromm aero precision who usually has never failed in terms of sending out quality parts. Just don’t wanna have to eat the first one and have to buy a brand new one cause I believe they run around 130-180
  8. Will do. The barrel is scheduled to arrive on tuesday of this week. So I should know something for sure shortly after.
  9. About a quarter inch. I took it to a nearby gunsmith and came to the agreement that we think the cerakote on the threads of the upper receiver changed the dimensions, because of that as I was tightening down the barrel nut it likely damaged a small portion of the threads. He is going to try and get her fixed up once the barrel arrives. Hoping that the thread isn’t too far gone and can be saved.
  10. Hey y’all. im currently building an M110 clone. The quad rail I chose to use is the Troy MRF308 13.5”. the barrel nut will not screw down all the way that it needs to, causing a gap between the upper receiver and quad rail. Ive seen on other forums that people have mentioned tightening and loosening the barrel nut to stretch the threads, just wanted to reach out and see if anyone agrees with this or if I need to order a new barrel nut
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