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  1. At this point, it feels like they've all but declared Marshall Law. So much for land of the free, home of the brave... IMO the gov't has used the media to frighten the public to the point that everyone just "goes with the flow" as the leisurely violate the Bill of Rights and our Constitutional rights. They're trying to tell us to imprison ourselves in our own homes, jeopardizing some people's very way of life. I understand this is an epidemic, but if such drastic and extreme measures were going to be taken to attempt the impede the spreading of the virus, they should've been as soon as they discovered that the virus was on US territory, not after its pretty much made its way to every major US city. In one town here in South TX, they're threatening either a $1000 fine or a 180 days in jail for not following the "stay at home 'order'", which is absolute madness. Leaving our homes to expose ourselves to the possibility of catching the virus should be personal choice, as it's a hazard to our personal well-being, unless testing positive, then common sense should dictate to avoid any unnecessary human contact. Every time we leave our homes and get in a vehicle we chance being injured or killed, but the military isn't brought in to stop us from driving our vehicles. As I've suspected from the VERY BEGINNING of all this, even before coronavirus made it to our shores, there is something more going on here that we don't know about. I thought I might be crazy, but everything that has been going on since has confirmed my initial thoughts. Only time will what is really going on, all I know is I have a very bad feeling about it all. Good luck everyone, stay safe, and God Bless.
  2. SouthTXGunner23

    My first 9mm

    I myself have contemplated the same, building my first 9mm AR. One of the main reasons I haven't yet is because I can't give an exact reason what I'd be building it for other than to say I've built one. Starting a standard AR(5.56/.223/300BLK) I always start with an intended use in mind and decide barrel length, then pick a barrel to build around. I honestly don't know the benefits/drawbacks of a shorter barrel vs a longer one for a 9mm. Why did you choose a 16" Barrel for your 1st 9mm build? It appears to be a 16" barrel pictured, I could be mistaken. Good Luck with the build though!!!
  3. I missed the end of this post, but stuff like this is how you learn more about your AR-pattern rifle/pistol. My first build was a PITA to get running properly, so much so I had already built 2 more before I got it running smoothly. Though frustrating, these things will help expand your knowledge, so will the folks here, a TON of experience here to tap, good luck my friend, and remember always be safe.
  4. This may have nothing to do with it, or it could be the culprit, but are the mags you were using proven and had good last round lock-back on other rifles? Sometimes in the GI mags, the followers are slightly shorter and fail to engage the bolt catch after last round sometimes. Good luck, go over anything else that could possibly cause this and if all is well, then keep diagnosing the AGB.
  5. SouthTXGunner23

    Coronavirus: My tin foil theory.

    Glad I'm not the only 'crazy' one, LoL. Before CV hit our shores, and was making its way around China, I said to myself that it couldn't be an accident, coincidence, or natural thing. As soon as CV hit the US and blown out of proportion by the media, that made me rethink the same thing, more along the lines of it being intentional and planned. The only thing that I can't figure out is why wasn't something more deadly used? Not that I'm complaining, as it could be much, MUCH worse, I cant help but wonder if your theory is correct about a foreign power's attempt to oust Trump. This is one crazy world we live in, it'll be interesting to see what happens here in the coming months. Good luck everyone, I hope everyone the best, and stay well my friends.
  6. SouthTXGunner23

    Just gonna leave these here.

    LMAO, Wal-Mart last night said they had 4 PALLETS of paper towels in the morning, 6pm, nothing. I'm having trouble figuring out what the need for all this TP and paper towel is for...
  7. They're the one's who need aborting... @BushXM15 has the right idea. Sad these liberal wind-bags see a pandemic and spin it to use for their own agendas. I'd say they need to grow a backbone, but that's all snakes are, so maybe leeches would be a better-suited term for these politicians.
  8. SouthTXGunner23

    Group Purchase Commemorative Thumbs Up

    It's as you said, but you made me realize that some could take what I posted like that. Though I know you meant nothing by it, others out there may not feel the same way, and I didn't want to catch all that heat because I worded my sentence just so to where most will catch what I mean, but others will read into it what isn't there and come to a WHOLE other conclusion, then all-of-a-sudden I hate the US or something crazy. Of course I love OUR country, just not a fan of a lot of the people who run it, or even what's become of it. Sadly it isn't the America it was back in the roarin 50's up to the 80's. Look at simply how people have started to be, with a severe lack of respect for anything, no real solid morals or values, no principles, and a sad lack of integrity. All I know is I only wish the best for our good 'ol US of A, and I hope we can get back to having a backbone again, and stand for something. My apologies everyone, I got WAY off topic there, just got myself a little frustrated with a sore topic for me. God Bless America!!!
  9. SouthTXGunner23

    Group Purchase Commemorative Thumbs Up

    @BushXM15, I didn't honestly consider what I said could be interpreted like that, so please let me clarify. Trump is the by a margin, the best one for this country currently, especially considering our other options... I was not actually lumping our Commander-in-Chief in with the rest of the 3-ring circus that is our country's government. The sheer level of plain lack of information and understanding, paired with an agenda that is not exactly in line with what's good for the people or the country, but rather themselves and their own private intentions. This is obviously a nation-wide problem, and at this point, I only see Trump being capable of holding us together in one piece. God Bless him, I can only have faith that us as a people still have enough sense to see that as well. If there somehow manages to be a shift in leaders, we all are in trouble, and I REALLY do not want to see what becomes of our beloved United States of America
  10. SouthTXGunner23

    I need to vent...I hate people

    What OP said, me too...
  11. SouthTXGunner23

    Retaliatory Air Strikes On Multiple Locations Underway

    Please LMK if either of y'all run for office, you will have my vote for sure. I couldn't agree more, why dilly-dally? We're the United States of America, we invented area bombing, and the way I remember things, we never suffer an attack without a response that'll make the entire region know that someone made a booboo and poked the pitbull, which is why our response should be as such that everyone in a 5000mi radius think twice about their beliefs. Our military is powerful, and the muscle is there, flex some. The only reason they likely didn't use Tomahawks is they're too expensive, and would rather get rid of a couple thousand tons of dumb-bombs we've had laying around taking up space for 20+yrs. If we don't strike the fear of their own god in them, it'll keep happening, and losing our troops for a fight that really isn't ours is asinine. Either pull from the region, or I'm actually a fan of the glass parking lot idea myself.
  12. SouthTXGunner23

    Is it time for "the press" to be regulated?

    As difficult as I find it to agree with the governments infringement with our constitutional rights, I have to agree whole-hearted with that. The media is blowing this WAY out of proportion. Don't get me wrong, its a pandemic, and nothing to thumb your nose at, but the way its being reported has our entire way of life coming to a screeching halt. Sports venues being cancelled, mass hysteria at local supermarkets, school closings, and the list goes on. We should absolutely take precautions to be healthy, but what's happening isn't that, its starting to look like we should all just crawl into our holes and hide until the storm passes. Now with that, I cannot agree. The 'storm' will not 'pass', these things have happened to our species as far back as written history remembers, and through those 5000yrs or so, here we are, still here, still thriving. I don't know everything about the virus itself, but from my current understanding, it is not a new-age Black Plague in the least, but with the media spinning it the way they do, are going to cause a recession. People, please don't cancel life because of this, be safe, be clean, and turn off the damn T.V. already. In my case, maybe I should watch it for once to make sure I didn't just type a ranting book full of base-less BS. Only time will tell what the outcome will be, but remember this, we've been through worse, and life had ALWAYS found a way.
  13. SouthTXGunner23

    Group Purchase Commemorative Thumbs Up

    @Longhair, as soon as I posted and seen yours, I immediately understood it was Biden-related, LoL. Though it involves the future of us and our beloved country, watching the political campaigns and shat like that makes me want to move to Canada. And THAT makes me want to walk in front of a train, so I avoid television and focus on my firearms all that I can. I no longer have cable service because of this, and now us my 65" plasma screen as a big-ass security monitor for my security system, LoL. Thanks though, it is always refreshing to know how dim-witted the potential heads of this country are... I love this country dearly, but hate to my core the people who run and how they run it.
  14. SouthTXGunner23

    Group Purchase Commemorative Thumbs Up

    I seen this the other day on a PSA e-mail, and I'm not too sure what it's meaning is or is referenced to, just plain went right over my head, LoL. Feel free to laugh, but if someone can fill in 'that guy' that just don't get it, he'd be obliged.
  15. SouthTXGunner23

    What Handguard is this?

    It a Geissele, the model is hard to tell because of the handguard covers, but if I had to guess, I'd say an MK8