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  1. SouthTXGunner23

    Building a compact foldable ar15

    If you want a folding AR, that makes things a bit easier, being it narrows down your options. The biggest issue with a lot of the folding systems for the AR is that they cannot be fired while folded, a HUGE drawback IMO. Also for your barrel length, you may want to think AR pistol, somewhere around a 10.5" barrel max, which will still give you your carbine gas system, though size is likely going to be dictated by the size of your bag. Any shorter of a barrel, like a 7.5", will bring you down to a pistol length gas system, which is still proven and reliable, but for a SHTF AR, carbine gas, as you stated you'd prefer, would be the way to go. For the folding apparatus, though on the expensive side, the Dead Foot Arms folding system is pricey, but allows you to fire while folded. It even comes with a nice, high-end proprietary DLC BCG to replace your standard, existing BCG. There are likely more fire-while-folded systems available on the extensive AR parts market, I just don't know of any that have been tested and proven like the DFA system has. If you wanted to REALLY look around, there's likely an 8.5" carbine length barrel out there that'll suite your criteria, but I'd rather not tell you things I'm not so sure of. LMK if I missed anything, or if there's any more info I can help you with. There's also likely quite a few folks out there who's knowledge surpasses my own who'll fill in where I left off. Good luck, have fun, and build well my friend, hope I was able to help some.
  2. That is a tough one, for her at least. Its good of you to help her out with such things, as losing her husband after SO LONG, she likely has a lot of other things shes dealing with. So naturally, as you figured out on your own, of course tell her what he paid, if anything so she knows the rough value of them, since despite being married so long, she obviously hasn't had any interest in firearms, given the lack of an FOID card, probably wouldn't know the value any of the firearms she has to deal with now, and given she'll likely sell them at some point, you wouldn't want her to burn herself, selling a $1000 gun for $500, as an example. Also being on SS, and now at half her income she used to, will likely need all the money she can muster. Bro code applies when telling her what he paid can get him in hot water, but where he is now I doubt she will be disappointed with him spending XXXX amount on his hobby. If I were closer to you, I'd be glad to help in any way possible, but sounds like you got it under control. I'm sure the gentleman who passed very much appreciates you helping her in any way you can. The world could use more folks like you @MontanaLon
  3. SouthTXGunner23

    Gabapentin/Neurontin....Linked to Rising Suicide

    True, true. I of course only speak from personal experience and experiences of friends/family. You're very right though, things affect everyone differently, glad you said that being I failed to, LoL
  4. SouthTXGunner23

    Gabapentin/Neurontin....Linked to Rising Suicide

    All great and very valid points
  5. SouthTXGunner23

    Gabapentin/Neurontin....Linked to Rising Suicide

    Which is crazy because they aren't worth a crap for pain. Rather not go in to detail why, but for pain management, it shouldn't even be considered. The side-effects are really the only results from intake, at prescribed doses. When I discovered they were actually considered a controlled-substance, I had to look it up, you'd think an "opiod-narcotic" would help for pain, but I've been wrong before, can't see how or why people abuse those, or even take them for any reason. Another Big-Pharma crap marketed and shoved down peoples throats, damn the results. As long as THEY make money, they couldn't care of the suffering and agony people endure thanks to their indifference to public health.
  6. SouthTXGunner23

    Gabapentin/Neurontin....Linked to Rising Suicide

    Its not really meant for general pain, it's designed to be for nerve-related issues. My mom takes 800mg tablets, and is anything but suicidal. I've had it prescribed, in 200mg capsules though, and I thought it did what it was supposed to do relatively well. Depending on dose, you shouldn't notice its affects besides doing what its supposed to. One time I mistakenly took 2 of my mom's 800mg pills, totally my mistake because they do look like ibuprofen, and I wasn't paying the attention I should've been especially with medications, and WHOA... I felt like I had been drinking all day, couldn't see straight, felt basically drunk off my ass, but only the impairment. It was one experience I'll never forget, and lesson learned, I pay MUCH better attention when dealing with meds. Anyways, I don't see why this is even prescribed for general "pain", especially being it has potential for abuse(IDK, guess some folks like that out-of-it f+*#ed feeling). Unfortunately, everyone has free will, and where there's good, there's naturally bad, so its just something for the gov't to use to take the masses attention away from some other crap they're throwing on the public's plate, or something else they don't want us to think about. Next will be "Tylenol linked to teen pregnancy" or "Acetaminophen increases gun violence" crap... I'd sigh and ask what's next, but I don't even want to hear it anymore, seriously...
  7. SouthTXGunner23

    Custom Predator SPR Build

    Sweet, seeing this helped me with a few ideas I was tossing around for my next endevour. But glad to see someone who isn't afraid to use an Anderson lower, being most people shy away for whatever reason. I've built 6 AR's on Anderson lowers and all of them have been 100% reliable a work as well as any other I've used, which is a laundry list of them. Can't wait to see the range pics, thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Here, AR15.com, and XD Talk. Like 3 more, as has been said, I use passively for information gathering.
  9. Not 100% if they're available on Brownells, but Superlative Arms have great AGB's, love the bleed-off system. Spikes also has a rebranded AGB made by Superlative Arms, only with a Spikes logo on it. IDK from experience, but I've heard good things about Odin Works and Seekins AGB's. I'm sure there are other good ones out there, just don't know enough about them to say G2G or POS. Good luck, hope you get your AR tuned just the way you want it, small things bother me as well if it isn't JUST HOW I WANT IT, LoL.
  10. The brass on the shell deflector is normal, means its doing its job. In my opinion, if your ejecting at a consistent 3 o'clock pattern, that's pretty good. At best, it may be slightly over-gassed, but if you wish to try a heavier buffer, it can't hurt, general rule of thumb is to run the heaviest buffer you can without affecting function, I.E. cycling, ejection, and re-chambering without issue. Some more experienced heads in here will likely chime in and add, possibly redact what I've added. Good luck though, just my 2 cents.
  11. SouthTXGunner23

    AR assesories for a beginner

    It really depends on your intended use for the build. CMC makes great drop-in triggers for a good price, single and 2-stage. Or for keeping it simple and not breaking the bank, the LaRue MBT-2S is sub $100, keeps the mil-spec design and reliability, and is arguably the best trigger out there, especially for the money. As far as stocks, you'll have to trial-and-error that one. Because the AR is so customizable, most upgrades and commonly changed out parts all bresk down to personal preference. Stick with brands like Magpul, BCM, DD, and Aero, you'll probably find something you like that fits your use and comfort zone. For my do- it-all AR, I've got a CMC 3.5lb flat faced tactical trigger #91503 and BCM Mod 0 stock. Just my personal preference, most like mil-spec style triggers such as the BCM PNT is good, so is the Spikes Battle Trigger. LMK if this helps or you have any more questions. Good luck
  12. SouthTXGunner23


    My apologies, I guess I didn't catch thats what you were getting at. IDK what part of the US you live in, but I live in southern TX, where it commonly reaches 100°+. That ambient stress with the added stress of, for example, a tactical carbine course, expending 1000ish of rounds in a day can cause a gas tube to melt, I know because this happened to me, witg a SS gas tube. Now, was it a defective or low-end, cheap gas tube? No, it was a CMMG I believe, and probably mid-day time after a good day of high-stress shooting, a dense fire schedule with a few D60's had me molten. I know it wasn't a maintenance issue, I cleaned the you-know-what out of it going in to the class. Was it the tube, or weather a factor, pure firing heat? We'll never really know for sure, but this is why I can justify spending such an amount on a lowly gas tube. Especially if you're a police officer, which thank you sir for your service, you completely understand that there are things that happen where its possible, kinda like the 44min Hollywood shootout, only in the present. Hope I clarified my opinion some, LMK if I missed the mark again.
  13. SouthTXGunner23


    If you could have a car, for instance, that either was really good, but broke down every 50,000 miles, every 100,000 miles, or never broke down, wouldn't you prefer never? At the same time, some feel that rare of a breakdown is an inconvenience, but acceptable. Where it matters is WHEN it breaks down, we don't pick if it's at the range, or a firefight for your life. Point is it eliminates a possible point of failure, and one less thing to think about. Also, yes, you're correct that a gas tube meltdown isn't something that happens OFTEN, but it does happen, which means it can happen to you. Together with a titanium gas block, it's an incredibly reliable set-up. Of course running our AR's so hard and hot that the receiver was too hot to touch and your charging handle smoking/steaming is likely not going to happen. To some though, removing that one-less-thing is a gift from the heavens, and wouldn't be caught without it because in that SHTF scenario or whatever, you'll fire 100's of rounds knowing that your gas tube will be A-OK. I'll add this because I feel I may have triggered a question, why a titanium gas block instead of steel? Well, for me it isn't the weight savings, titanium and steel have a different expansion rate, titanium expanding about half the amount of steel under like temps. This equals as you shoot, your barrel and gas block expand at different rates, forming a tighter seal to the gas port. Overkill? Over-thinking? Unnecessary? Maybe, but as I said, some want their rigs to be as reliable as humanly possible, right down to their detents and springs, all to make sure it will absolutely work, as hard as you need, as long as you need, as hot as you need, and keep on kicking, even longer than the shooter themselves. All depends on your intended use, as with EVERY OTHER SINGLE AR PART OUT THERE, for the most part, LoL. Glad I can help someone, ask anything else you may be curious about
  14. SouthTXGunner23


    They may be a simple, overlooked part, but as vital as can be, unless you want to charge prior to each round, LoL. I could ramble on forever, but I love the V7 extreme environment gas tubes, but I don't love the price,but what you get will be the last for that gun unless it gets damaged due to negligence. They're about $60 or $70, depending on length, but they're not even stainless steel, they're inconel, you know, same material as the combustion chamber of the space shuttle, inconel? Completly impervious to heat, with a nice IonBonded black finish, you'll replace FCG's, gas blocks, bolts, a plethora of springs, and likely a barrel or 2 before your gas tube is still ready to run 10 more. I'll admit, takes a LOT to stomach spending that on a gas tube, but buy once, cry once, literally. Took me a while as well, but when you have a regular SS gas tube meldown on you while you're running a carbine class or something, you're gonna wish you had sprung for it. Not ready for that leap yet? Spikes, Ballistic Advantage, and CMC nitrided gas tubes, IMHO, are G2G. Nitriding provides a bit more protection than plain SS, but its mainly to cut down the glare through a free-floating handguard, black-on-black-on-black looks better than that shiny-ass tube running the top of your handguard. I personally won't even use a regular SS gas tube anymore, I like the nitrided ones, but get the V7 ones when I'm able. Hope this helps some, any more questions, just ask here, there's a wealth of knowledge to be heard.