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  1. Oh, care to elaborate? You know showing humility is the sign of a secure and humbled man. This community can, and has already, learn much from you, both from embarrassing experiences to sheer amount of personal experience, you're a great guy and an awesome member of the community, I personally would like to thank you for using up some of your time for us hooligans, LoL. God Bless you my friend
  2. NOOO!!! This exact same thing happened to me not 2 days ago, literally everything happened just as you say @specops56, no BS, that's crazy, LoL. Let this be a lesson to everyone who builds that sometimes the best of us can let the smallest, seemingly insignificant thing go right over our heads if we aren't on top of it 110%. Specops56, thank you as well for sharing, I felt like, well you know, after it happened and sharing it with our loving community was definitely not something that crossed my mind afterwards... Also, even if you have a spare, not finding the one that launched into Oblivion would drive me ape-crap crazy and end up playing the Joker in the next Batman I'd be so loony, LoL, I HATE losing parts, especially like that. Let us have a moment of silence for all the detents and springs (and other misc small parts like C-clips) most of us have lost and never recovered.
  3. .Don't waste your ammo on them, they obviously have terrible aim. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but 3 shooters should be able to do in more than 1 person, IMO, especially from 3 different locations it should've created a deadly cross-fire area. I don't condone violence, but those numbers don't add up to me, wonder how many shots were fired total from the 3 shooters though, and from what caliber firearms, too many variables.
  4. I second @specops56 No kidding, they want to defund or even abolish the PD, and they have the nerve to cry about them taking longer to respond to emergency calls, who would've thought? Just wait until their capacity is a third of what it is now... You reap what you sew, I hope this a lesson for those morons... But they won't learn, not one bit...
  5. Hopefully that'll be a lesson all them idiots could learn from, but I doubt it. Oh well, let them start carrying like that, gives one a perfect opportunity to rid the world of scum like that, self defense...
  6. Yes, yes, and yes, everything in OP's post is true, can't disagree or even try to argue any of those points. These are dark days, indeed my friends. Stay safe, and shoot straight.
  7. I've used multiple Faxon barrels of various length and caliber and all of them were exceptional shooters. Accuracy is up there with barrels 2x or 3x the cost, they're gassed well, fit and function are all top-notch. I can't think of anything I didn't like about any of the barrels I've had of theirs. I'd say you're good to go, you won't ever regret buying a Faxon barrel. Unless there's something particular you're looking for in the barrel that you aren't sure of, let me know and I'll do the best I can to help, but I'd recommend ANY Faxon barrel for pretty much any use, but we're all different, just hope you're able to find what you're looking for, hope I was able to help you out some. Good luck with your build though.
  8. That's a good description, there's a few other adjectives that would also work well, but none to wrap it up in one. They act like Trump is sending federal troops in to take over the city or remove them from power. Even if they aren't there for the reasons given, let's think about it... Look at what's going on in this country right now, as a President, his main goal is going to be reestablishing order. Now when things get hairy, I've never been one to question the means of which certain tasks are accomplished, but when the cost of failure is as grave and real as it is now, then failure is not an option. If it takes a few Constitutional violations, so be it. We're already getting screwed on our rights as it is, but not in a good way, so if you have to snatch someone off the street. That's mainly for intelligence gathering, because you messed up if the feds grab you like that, PERIOD... If you're not Antifa or trying to reshape this country in a very far leftist way, then you've got nothing to worry about. As bad as all that sounds, let's be real, this isn't a game, it's for KEEPS. The left obviously is using less than legal methods, even treasonous methods, allowing communist spies to have free-roam of our country to do what they please, outing Federal Agents who's mission it is is to restore order back to our cities. Well since "THEY" aren't the establishment, they aren't the ones being criticized and being looked at through a microscope, every action they take. Hold on, if 'Ol Bernie manages to win(God help us all), what better puppet to have than someone who can't remember what he ate for breakfast? By the time the courts and the House and Senate are able to realize their tragic error and attempt to correct it, it'll be too late, and the damage will already be done. IDK if how I feel about all this is right, or even somewhat true, but let's say I hope I'm wrong ultimately, that things will magically "go back to normal". I'll also say I won't live to see the day that the "normal" the Dems have in mind comes to a reality near you...
  9. This does sort of explain some things, but doesn't touch on my major issue with USPS, being I ship and receive a multitude of packages on a weekly basis, I've noticed some irregularities that started about 3 months ago. For some reason, I've had at least 6 or 7 packages, both incoming and outgoing, take side trips away from their destination, some wildly out of the way. Worse case was a Scalarworks mount I had coming in from California to San Antonio, TX, arrived in San Antonio, physically IN San Antonio, a day early. The next day, roughly 24hrs later, I check it's status and it's in Queens, New York!!! And New York is where it bounced around for about a week until it made its way BACK to San Antonio, finally to it's destination, my house. WTF HAPPENED THERE!?!? Obviously, something more is going on besides what the posted video above discuses. Anyone else have similar experiences? Or am I the only one having this crazy crap happen?
  10. This is all absolutely ridiculous and infuriating. As @Retcop stated, I myself would be glad to lay down my life to protect and preserve what is left of our once great Republic. It's sad that's it's even come this far, especially all over a virus with a 2% or 3% mortality rate (not accurate figures, but close I imagine). I really thought that we as a people, and as a nation, were stronger and more resilient than this. I mean, at what point did we(obviously not everyone) throw away our values and beliefs in common decency? More pressing is can be done to stop this insurrection? My cousin has an autistic son, and though he may not be 'normal' (whatever that is anymore), his way of thinking and the way he sees things is utterly amazing, and though he may not be able to function in 'normal' society, we all would learn much from those whos mental psychology is different from ours, but it seems like those values have been largly lost, lost to a mob or leftist puppets who likely don't even know what they are doing to our country. I wish I knew what I could do, because it's killing me what I see happening everywhere in our country on a daily basis. For this, and retaining my sanity, I no longer can watch the news. God bless us and help us all, and God give us the strength to overcome this evil that threatens our way of life... Thank you for the only good story I've heard involving the police in a long while @redbarron06
  11. I second that motion. You can't beat logic and reason at it's finest, LoL. This should be the mind-set if anyone working inside a business that depends on physical foot-traffic.
  12. Ya, that about draws the line for me, when do we start exterminating these terrorists? Some civil war statue of Gen Lee or something similar, ok, it's our countries history, you call that racist, sure, whatever for the sake of arguing with obvious morons who can't think for themselves. But racist 9/11 firefighters?!?! Get the F out of this country, NOW!!! I don't care where you go, jump in the middle of the ocean with floaties on, I don't care, just get the F out. You disrespect easily the most heroic people of the 21st century who saved countless lives, at the cost of their own, and they have the nerve to disrespect them and their sacrifice?!?! There is just no place in the United States of America for such minds, it sickens me I have to share the same air they do. So what do we do? Obviously the gov't don't give 2 craps either way, their only concern is keeping themselves in power, so as I figured, it comes down to us, the people. They have their BLM and Antifa organizations, where are the patriotic organizations that's sole purpose is to stop anything the domestic terrorists try to do. Just my 2 cents, I'll stop because reading that REALLY has my blood boiling.
  13. How in the world did he "not realize what the passage was saying"? Its obvious he can read, and has at least a basic understanding of the mechanics of how the English language works, so again, how could he not know what it meant? He knew alright, and fed the fires of racism ever further. Just sad that there are kids who look up to him and he still posted that quote, which BTW is so obviously FAKE if you know ANYTHING about Hitler, you'd know those are things that he just wouldn't say, no matter the amount of drugs he was under the influence of... Likely a publicity stunt IMO, but that doesn't change the fact that racism is alive and well in the NFL... WHO KNEW...
  14. We can pray, but I personally will fight to defend what I feel is right. I don't think I'm alone here either, let's just hope for the best and do whatever needs to be done to stop this insurrection before it becomes the powers to-be...
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