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  1. SouthTXGunner23

    Maybe Something....Maybe Nothing

    We can pray, but I personally will fight to defend what I feel is right. I don't think I'm alone here either, let's just hope for the best and do whatever needs to be done to stop this insurrection before it becomes the powers to-be...
  2. I'm right there with @MontanaLon, I don't even know nor do I understand why a noose would be seen as something racist. Even before the numbers @Direwolf provided, there were MILLIONS of Eastern and Western Europeans hung indiscriminately by both the German and Russian armies of WWII, so I'm not too sure how hangings can be associated with any race in particular. Now if there were say a burning cross in his car, then I can see why he'd think THAT was racist, because it clearly would be, but a door puller??? C'mon, you seriously telling me a NASCAR driver never had to close a garage door?!?!
  3. SouthTXGunner23

    when is a pistol a pistol and when is a rifle a.....

    This may depend on your states specific laws, if any, but besides that I believe it all matters on how it is registered when you do the Form 4473, you or your FFL can specify it as a rifle, a pistol, or other if you aren't sure or want to leave yourself the option. There could be more to it, but from my experience and what I know, I think that is the only thing. If I'm mistaken or missed something, I'm sure someone on here will be more than happy to correct me to better help you out.
  4. As much as that sucks, you're right. As much as I'd like to nip this in the bud, Constitutionalists aren't the type of people to "start the war" or fire unless fired upon. Looks like the "Rules of Engagement" it is. My hopes will still be that the heads of state and country will figure this out and re-establish some kind of normalcy. It saddens me to feel that that will not happen, it will end up being the people who end "solving the problem"
  5. This is what has to be prevented by any and all means!!! If it comes to that, then we'll be to the point where NOBODY will be safe. Police are already doing the bare minimum about these radicalists, but if it hasn't already dawned on you, the police won't be the ones to fight this battle, it'll end up being fought by the good people of this country who knows that freedom isn't free and the ones who would die for their beliefs. Lord knows I hope it doesn't come down to that, but it is what it is. God bless you all, and let's all do what we do best in the meantime, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.
  6. SouthTXGunner23

    Opinion: Is America Starting Down the Path of Nazi Germany?

    It pains me to think about such things as well, as I consider myself a Patriotic American, but what you say is so true it hurts. Though the end-game may not be the way of the Nazi Party, there are striking resemblances that can't be ignored. What will happen in the days, weeks, months, and even years to come rests heavily on what Freedom-loving, red-blooded Patriots such as ourselves, do in the present. If we sit back and watch the crap-fest, we'll be doing nothing as the country we love goes down the crapper into Oblivion. Actions are what will determine all of our fate's, so the good people still left need to plan carefully and stop this radicalism from taking over. And I don't mean by protests and letters to our local congressman, so I'll stop there before it looks like I'm starting a coup d'etat, because I'm not, but it would be nice if those of us who love our country and don't want to see this insanity continue and get worse, had some kind of movement, group, or any organization thats goal is the preservation of our country, our rights, and our freedom. Anyone know of such a place?
  7. SouthTXGunner23

    Breech plug grease?

    @Sine_Timore, I think you'll be alright. From my understanding and from what I've heard, just about any anti-seize grease will suffice for your barrel nut threads. I use Red 'N Tacky #2 personally and haven't had any issues. Is it the best or what the manufacturers recommend, no, but it does do the job. What @md65636 suggested is pretty much the standard and found on almost all AR armorer's benches. Just don't over-think it, and if you feel it'll do the job, I can't imagine it not. Good luck, and post some pics of your build when you finish, thanks and welcome to The Armory!!!
  8. They took down both a Texas and American flag and burned them!?!? This had gone well beyond a protest or civil disobedience, it sounds like outright treason and terrorism. I mean, c'mon, burning an American flag is despicable and about as disrespectful as it gets. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of our gov't officials or the police, but I love this country for what it is, or I guess WAS at the rate we're going, but that gives no one the right to torch our flag. If you despise America that much, then you can just leave...
  9. SouthTXGunner23

    Now I know where all the ammo & reloading supplies went!

    LMAO, EVERY store that sells ammo that I've been to recently has had FAR less ammo than that. The only consolation for me was they had a few boxes of 45ACP for the new XD45 I just got, and that was only 5 boxes of Hornady Critical Defense. No 9mm, no .40, no 22LR, no 5.56, no .223, I can keep going but it'd be easier to tell what they DID have then everything they didn't, LoL
  10. SouthTXGunner23

    Possible SBA3 new restrictions?

    Amen @bamashooter!!! The whole "Shall Not Be Infringed" part must've been looked over, since our gov't blatantly disregards it on numerous occasions and with despicable outcomes. Don't we already have enough legal-hoops to jump through just to LEGALLY own an AR15 pistol? Or are they just mad that each pistol brace is essentially a $200 tax stamp they're out? Not that any of that matters, because even if it were a disabled veteran who only had one arm who NEEDED a brace to shoot his AR pistol, they'd still brand them an outlaw the way they work. Seems it isn't any of their concern that they're potentially going to turn millions of law-abiding citizens into outlaws. The gov't already can't control a bunch of unarmed protesters, what're they gonna do when they're faced with a bunch of heavily armed Patriots they made "Felons" with one more bogus law on the books?
  11. SouthTXGunner23

    Just When You Thought You Had Heard it All

    This is all just asinine... To start with, they're limiting them, the police, from using any of their non-lethal option. So what, they're supposed to stand there and smile while stuff gets thrown at them? And this is how this whole movement wants to put an END to police brutality or excessive force?!?! Sounds bass-ackwards to me... Send in an elite group to do what they do best and mop up behind them, otherwise this is only going to get worse and escalate, and to what end? A line needs to be drawn on how much the gov't is going to take, because I think they have no clue what to do about all this, for fear of doing something wrong and being crucified for it. As for the protesters, do they even know what they REALLY want? An end to police brutality and racial injustices, but what do they really want, or expect, to happen? I'll be the first to express my dislike in our entire Judicial system, but law and order, the police, are a necessary 'evil' that has to exist to keep order from becoming complete chaos, which I don't think I need to point out, is what we're pretty close to already. Whats next, Civil War II?
  12. SouthTXGunner23

    Black Lives Matter...she says

    I'm not too sure anything would surprise me at this point, but I'll watch it since you suggested I do. Like I said though, my rant isn't really related to the video or it's content, just been building up for a while now and had to get it off my chest.
  13. SouthTXGunner23

    Black Lives Matter...she says

    Didn't watch the video, rather I couldn't because of the undoubtable ignorant comments. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, but I get the whole "Black Lives Matter" thing, but isn't that awefully selfish and racist in itself? Shouldn't ALL Lives Matter? In this day and age, I still can't believe everyone is so stuck on the race thing, get off it already, seriously... We SHOULD be past that, since when it all boils down, we're all human beings, regardless of what color our skin happens to be. We're ALL in this crap-storm we call society together, and EVERYONE experiences trials, tribulations, and tragedies. Because you're black, white, brown, green, blue, it doesn't matter, we're all living in the same world, together. Just because someone is done wrong by another, should make ZERO difference what color the victim or perpetrator is. ESPECIALLY shouldn't be taken more seriously or act likes it's a bigger deal just because the color of ones skin so happens to be a certain color, unless for some reason you think you're better than everyone else. There is nothing that makes one color any better than the other, I just wish people, such as the one in the video (likely, I didn't watch it), need to come off it already. They're acting more racist than anyone thinking that it's so much worse that because the person shared the same skin color, that we should all take it more seriously... The ignorance today is just as bad, if not worse, than it was 40 years ago. We ALL need to grow the heck up and realize this, nothing makes anyone of us any more special than any other, no matter the circumstances. Phew, rant over. Sorry, that's been building up for days, and I had to get it out. Sorry if it has nothing to do with the video I'm also NOT sorry if I offended anyone, because if you somehow took offense to what I had to say, then you are likely one of the ignorant who are a major contributing factor to all this unrest. Offense was meant to NO ONE, just need people to grow up already. If y'all want change, then first change your ignorant, backwards way of thinking.
  14. SouthTXGunner23

    Sheriff of the year as far as I am concerned.

    AMEN!!! Words to LIVE BY!!!
  15. As overreactive as @MontanaLons idea sounds, probably would out this mess to bed quicker than the almost nothing is seems like they're doing now. I understand protesting is out right as citizens, but how do they ever expect to get positive results, or even a favorable outcome, if all they're doing is destroying the city they live in? They're ass-backwards and almost seems like some opportunists are simply using these 'peaceful' protests as a means to riot, loot, and create even more unrest than there was to begin with. IMO, it's got a lot to do with barely coming off of the quarantines recently along with the general Kung Flu restlessness, all culminated in to these criminal activities. I mean, I completely understand the anger over what happened to George Floyd, and I also agree that something needs to change with the way police interact with the public in general, but all these riots and less-than-peaceful protests are not the way to go about it. If anything, they're only going to making things worse in the end. I also don't get the unrest in cities nowhere near where any of these recent police travesties occured, and then THEY riot too, for something that happened hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away that didn't affect them in the slightest, it makes no sense. It almost seems like people want a police-state action, otherwise violence only begets more violence, and I guarantee the police won't be the ones to break that cycle, they've proven that, time and time again. All once again confirming my belief that something big is going on that we won't understand until it's too late. Good luck everyone, especially in the cities where it's getting bad, I hope that you and your families stay safe, along with any property you may own. God bless and help us all...