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  1. Dep Doboy

    Helicopter Crash

    Today is the 19th Anniversary of the Milwaukee County Sheriff Helicopter crash that killed Deputies Ralph Zylka and Sung Hi “Sunny” Bang. Please say a prayer for grace for their families on this auspicious day.
  2. Dep Doboy

    Request for AR Porn

    This one is a 20" clean top rifle chambered in 6.5 Grendel. The barrel is Stainless, fluted, and Sub MOA. Supposed to be accurate out to 1K yards. Saving up for a Nikon scope with a BDC reticle.
  3. Dep Doboy

    Glory Days

    I was a deputy for 24 years, retiring in 2011. For 6 of those years I was assigned to the Patrol Bureau Motor Unit, where I took part in dozens of Motorcade Escorts of Dignitaries and the occasional celebrity. I did escorts for Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush. I never got a picture with W because they stopped the practice after 911, but here is my pic with Slick Willie. The guy in the background is Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany. They met in Milwaukee for the German-American Summit.
  4. Dep Doboy

    Request for AR Porn

    Actually, in two different stages, I took the used parts, put them together with new parts, and sold the guns. One on gun broker, and one to an acquaintance.
  5. Dep Doboy

    Request for AR Porn

    This was the original, when I changed the furniture.
  6. Dep Doboy

    Request for AR Porn

    Forgot to mention the ambi charging handle and the 45 degree canted tactical flashlight.
  7. Dep Doboy

    Request for AR Porn

    In one of my first posts, someone commented that most members appreciate gun porn, so here ya go. My first AR was a DPMS Oracle that I bought about 3.5 years ago. First I put in a single stage, 3 lb. trigger. (cant remember the brand) Then I switched out all the furniture to FDE. Next I added the Burris AR330 sight then FDE upper and 80% Arms FDE lower. Next was the SS SubMOA barrel, FDE flash hider, free float Mlok hand guard, and Nickel Boron BCG. As it is pictured, there is not an original part remaining, so now the question, and I know the answer already. Is this my first AR or not?
  8. Dep Doboy


    It took me some trial and error, fiddling around in Flickr, but I think I finally got it.
  9. Dep Doboy


    I read a bunch of the tutorials and new member info posts. Do I have to have 10 posts before I can change my avatar? Because right now I do not see a button that will allow me to do that in my “edit profile” options.
  10. Dep Doboy

    New build trigger, safe, fire issue

    Thanks bamashooter, you helped me fix the problem. I have been using an exploded view mat to get the proper orientation for my parts. The mat I have been using is made by the “Tactical Point of View”, and while it shows the direction the springs go, it did not show that the middle of trigger spring goes under, not over the trigger. This solved the issue, good news. The bad news is I will now have to contact two customers and have them bring back the guns I sold them, so I can fix the issue, even though they test fired fine after I built them.🤬 embarrassing!
  11. I have been fascinated by guns since I was a kid. Got my first BBgun at ten, a lever action Daisy I could barely cock. Got my first rifle for my 14th birthday, fresh out of Hunters Safety. A Marlin 22, tube feed, 18 shot. Killed my first deer at 21, with a 303 British Enfield. A big 8 point. Killed a lot of meat for the freezer since then. Started reloading about ten years ago, I was a LEO for 24 years, retired in 2011 at 50. David A.Clark was my boss, and he was “the southern end of a north bound horse” as far as I am concerned. Started thinking that I really wanted an AR, when it looked like HRC might win, and make them illegal, but the prices were so high I waited. When Trump was elected, the prices came down, so I got my first one. Next I made my first 80% Arms lower. I have built ten more since then, including one in 300 BO, and one in 6.5 Grendel. Became an FFL about one year ago, and have sold about half of my builds. Going to be a vendor at my first gun show Labor Day weekend.
  12. I was a LEO for 24 years, and was never interested in AR15‘s at all during my career. After retiring in 2011, I decided I wanted one because everybody was saying I shouldn’t have one. Last year I became an FFL and started building them from online parts and I’ve had fairly good success, but this particular build has me confused. I bought an entire kit, minus stripped lower, from Tiger rock, for a really good price, Then I bought a lower from Anderson manufacturing, assembling the new gun this morning. I had an issue with the trigger disconnect hammer combination that was sent along, so I swapped it out for an extra one I had sitting around from Palmetto State armory. I went to test fire the gun and it fired one round then I couldn’t pull the trigger. I flipped the selector to Safe and back to fire, then I could fire one more time. Trigger locked again, so I flipped to safe and back to fire and it let me fire one more round. This happened a total of six times. Is it something I did wrong or faulty parts?