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  1. LOL!! I will, if I don’t forget. Might be a while though.
  2. Oops. Brain malfunction. Obviously I meant “upper” not lower. I figured the threads were mil-spec but I just wanted to hear from experience. The gas system on the gun is carbine length so anything over 9” will cover the gas block I’m thinking probably a 10” or 12”. I’ll probably replace the A2 sight with a low profile gas block. I’ll have to remove the upper hand guard ring anyway. Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it.
  3. Looking at possibly replacing the factory 2-piece handguard on an AR-556 with a free-float handguard. I know that the Ruger isn't totally mil-spec, but I was wondering if the threads on the lower receiver are mil-spec. I know I can call Ruger and can probably purchase a free-float from them. I also know I'll need a low profile gas block Just looking for options.
  4. UPDATE: I ordered a bolt catch pin from Brownells. It was too big. It was a one piece, pin with threads. So I called Tactical Machining (I guess if I were smart, I'd would've done that first, but you guys had me convienced it was a one piece. LOL) and I was told that it is actually a 2 piece, pin with a set screw behind it. Imagine my surprise. Anyway I put it back in just like I found it. Put a little lub on the bolt and test fired it. No problems. It was a good learning experience for me and maybe someone else will benefit from the posts. Thanks again for all the input.
  5. Don’t think so. If you look at picture #3 you can see the bar that runs along the top of the receiver. I pushed the finger button in as far as I could (with a brass punch) and turned the latch until it hit the bar. There’s more thread, but that’s as far as I could go without marring the finish on the receiver. Yes, except for the bar. It sticks out about 1/8”. If the receiver were flat there like most receivers I’ve dealt with it would probably screw up flush.
  6. Top to bottom, left to right. 1) you can see the end of the bolt catch pin. 2) you can see how little the mag latch is screwed into the finger button. 3) you can see the solid bar down the side of the receiver with no hole to drive the bolt catch pin out. 4) the set screw after removal. 5) the set screw and pin after removal. 5) what the pin should look like.
  7. No. It was a little longer and was flat on both ends. Not tapered like detent pins. It did have the same typical gold color of the detent pins though. I'd send pictures if I could figure out how.
  8. Ok. I guess it'll have to do then. I ended up pushing the pin back as far as I could. Then I used a #42 drill (minor dia. of the set screw threads) and turned in the hole hoping to maybe clean any possible burrs on the threads. Then it was a matter of wiggling the latch back and forth and beating the butt stock with a dead blow hammer till it came out enough I could get hold of it with a pair of needle nose pliers. Just plain luck would be my guess. Thanks again for the help.
  9. UPDATE: Finally...….I got it out. Definitely a hatchet job on the assembly. I admit to being an amateur on a lot of things AR and I appreciate you guys helping with the info. I have another ?. Is it possible to install (even partially) an AR-15 mag latch in an AR-10 receiver? The reason I ask is that even after I got the bolt catch off I still could only make 3-4 turns on the mag latch before it hit the side of the receiver. still less than 1/2 way thru the finger button. I mean it works ok now but I've always run it thru till it was almost flush on the ARs I've dealt with in the past,
  10. There is no thru hole, but yes, there is a pin with a set screw behind it. It looks like the threads for the set screw are preventing the pin from coming out.
  11. UPDATE: After closer examination, it appears that somebody either lost the original pin or or just didn’t have one at the time of assembly. The set screw is definitely a standard set screw, evident by the typical hollowed out point. The pin has a gold appearance, typical of most AR pins. Neither show signs of having been broken. In most cases this would’ve probably never been a problem if they had finished screwing the mag latch together. Maybe it’s not a real problem now. Thoughts?
  12. I’m gonna let the customer make that call. He’s contacting the seller. In fact, the seller misrepresented the weapon. It’s a Tactical Machining lower w/ a DPMS upper. He listed it as a DPMS LR-10.
  13. Yeah. I thought it may have been one piece that’s broken. I still need to remove it though. The weapon belongs to a to a customer who bought it thru GunBroker. It came with other issues but the one he’s concerned about is that the mag catch is only threaded into the finger button 2-3 threads, maybe less. I can’t tighten it up with the bolt latch in place. The catch is so loose that if you press the button to release the mag it comes out far enough that it pivots down and catches on the outside of the receiver.
  14. Looking for some tips as to how to remove the bolt catch pin from a blind hole. It’s a Tactical Machining lower. The pin is inserted to hold the catch and a set screw is threaded in behind it. I’ve managed to move it some by wiggling the catch and with inertia. (dead blow hammer to the stock) Any ideas would be appreciated.
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