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  1. Gunny G

    Ted Cruze on gun control

    Hey, if they can lie and make shat up, so can we!
  2. Gunny G

    New Ms. Monopoly gives women more money than men.

    I’m running out to buy it now! um no
  3. But polls show most Americans want this and background checks. That dripped with sarcasm. if they do, it is because they are fooled or ignorant about the facts. Many have been fooled by “The Socialist Progressive Campaign of Fear and Disinformation” we haven't lost yet! Have we? Comrade?
  4. Gunny G

    I feel better

    There in lies the problem Sir I’m glad you’re feeling better. You guys all know as well as me that high BP is the silent killer HCTZ and Lisinopril for me. I haven’t been taking it lately. need to start monitoring my BP more regular. If it shoots way up again I need to go back on it
  5. Gunny G

    Labor Day plans

    Thinking about escaping to my friend Karen’s Mountain House in The Blue Ridge Mountains with my dog Diego. BBQ and shoot some with Uncle Mike who lives close by there. Escape the head and humidity of Eastern NC Swamps. Moonshine? whats that? LOL maybe
  6. Gunny G

    Ow! It must be Monday...

    Women and Explosives?
  7. Gunny G

    Ow! It must be Monday...

    Yes Sir, 2 hands on the saw at all times. Gonna fix it. i don’t play games when it comes to chainsaws, motorcycles, firearms, explosives, Women I Joke! women don’t crush me! explosives LOL seriously though I respect the chainsaw
  8. Gunny G

    Ow! It must be Monday...

    Removed the whole brake from inside the saw. Cuts like butter now. Did 4 already. Sweating my ass off drinking Gatorade ATM
  9. Gunny G

    Ow! It must be Monday...

    Is it? i thought it was Wednesday but, Somebody doesn’t want me to cut this up. Large cedar fell across the driveway. Chainsaw won’t run. Starts every time. Husqvarna. Put the new chain on. Still won’t turn. Got a new bar from Lowes. Gave me the wrong one at pickup. Figured out it wasn’t the bar. Brake Stuck. Never used a chainsaw brake in my life. Removed the brake. Money! New chain should cut like butter. Sigh. I put chain on backwards! Big deep breaths. Wash hands. Get coffee. Take break. Waste time on AR15armory 😂
  10. Gunny G

    Good Morning!

  11. Gunny G

    Handgun picture thread.

    I carried the M9 amongst other things. 24/7 at times. This one is mine. Way more accurate than the duty issue ones. I carry it sometimes
  12. Happens to the best of us Sir. think it’s called, “gettin up there” Stay Safe
  13. Gunny G

    Sweet setup at a Reasonable Price

    They’re nice pistols for sure. i wouldn’t mind getting one
  14. Gunny G

    Handgun picture thread.

    I’ll post more tomorrow maybe some revolvers. Love my wheelguns I hate photobucket