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  1. I think it was great when Kaitlynn called out Hogg to an arm wrestling match. Kaitlynn is showing people how stupid people can be. But people want guns ban without knowing anything about them.

    A good trip to the DMV

    I had to go into the DMV for a new license. I made an appointment for the license. I did not have to stand in line to check it. Did it at a computer. Told me I had to have a picture taken. Walked over to where they take the picture. That took less then a minute. When over to a special sitting area for appointments. As soon as I sat down they called me. I was in the DMV for less then 10 minutes. The wife had to get a new license about a month later. She did what I did. She was there for 20 minutes.

    Hey The Woodsman

    Happy Birthday.

    Good Morning!

    Good morning.

    Good Morning!

    Good morning.

    Dogs do not forget

    I have a friend that was over at the house. She told our dog that she would come over tomorrow and take her out. The next day the dog stayed by the front door and she did not show up. She showed up the following day. When the dog saw her, she would not even look at her. When she tried to talk to the dog would turn around the other way. She asked us what was wrong. We told her that she sat by the front door all day waiting.

    Jailed a new one today

    Congrats on the 686. I do like the 686. I do have two 686 mountain guns that are 7 shot revolvers. Everybody is getting a new gun but me.

    Detroit Roaches

    Who carries a revolver in his shoe besides him?

    Over the limit?

  10. NONEYA


    I had a friend with benefits many years ago.
  11. NONEYA


    Glad my kids are not like that.
  12. NONEYA

    Anyone in the Vegas area - Update

    Here is your update. The car in front of us on the first qualifier dumped transmission fluid on the track. They must not got all of the oil up. The car got loose when it hit that area. Still was able make the run. We were #14 out of 63 cars in our class. Second qualifier the engine was cutting out during the run. Came back and found out the rev limiter was activating and shutting down the engine. A friend of mine out there gave us a new ignition box. Fell to #16. A couple of cars went around us on the ladder. The third qualifier the oil tank puck oil in the the oil overflow and out the vent. So we could not make the third qualifier. Fell to #20 out of 64 cars. Never got a good run. The first round we won on a double break out. That means we went faster then what we dialed for the time. The second round we lost by .0066 of a second. Losing in the second round was a blessing that we did not know until the next day. We loaded up everything that night so the driver could leave early the next day and drive the truck and trailer home. It would take him about 5 to 6 hours to get home. In the morning he got up and left. He was feeling a little pain. By the time he go about 2 hours from home, he was hurting bad. Then he got home and really was painful. Found out that he as having a heart attack. He is 51. He was rushed to the hospital and within a hour they were operating on him. They put one stent in and cleaned out one. He is doing ok. That could of been bad if he was in the race car or on the way home he collapsed.
  13. NONEYA

    Not Monday again!

    Looks like he might be lucky to fall out of the car. Those old cars did not have much for protection.