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    Well, my baby has graduated high school.

    Congratulations on another proud moment for you and your family.

    Good Morning!

    Good morning.
  3. I bet that was a surprise, wondering what they hit.

    Hey towtruck

    Happy Birthday.

    Good Morning!

    Good morning.

    Good Morning!

    Good morning.

    Is it Monday?

    I knew a girl that cooked popcorn like that.

    We lost another one. R.I.P. Tim Conway.

    He was a funny man. RIP

    Oh, Woe Is Me

    Tell your ladies that I will buy a banana split for you.
  10. NONEYA

    Racing season is starting back up.

    We last raced the car about a month ago. Last run the car jumped and the driver had to get out of it. Figured we might of broke something. Decided to check it out at home instead of the track. It was also time to replace the lifters. Pulled the valve cover and rockers. There is enough room to replace the lifter without pulling anything else. Replaced the last lifter and found a bolt in the valley. It was from the bottom of the intake manifold. Easier to pull the head instead of the intake. There is enough room to reinstall the bolt. Too much stuff on my intake to pull that if we do not have to. We then pulled the transmission and rear differential to check that out. Differential looked good. Torn the trans down. That was good. I have a bolt together torque converter. Found a fin on the pump side of the converter broken off. So now have to fix the converter. Put the car all back together and fire the car off. Sound good and running good. Checking the transmission fluid and it need more. Shut the car off so I can get more fluid. Going to take a minute. Go to fire the car and it will not start. Flooded. There is an electric fuel pump that we use to start the car. Then a mechanical pump take over and you shut the electric pump off. Car will start without the electric pump. Black smoke coming out. Pulled the injector rail out and pressurize the system. Dang it we have an injector sticking open. There is a guy local and very close to were I live that works on injectors. Took all the injectors out and sent them to him. Suppose to be done with the injectors today. Have two injectors coming for spares that will be here tomorrow. Need the car back together and done. We need to load up this weekend and leave next Monday for Tulsa for a race. Then after that race we have two day to get to Joliet for another race.
  11. NONEYA

    Mother's day trip

    Sounds like you had a good time with your son.
  12. NONEYA

    Hey UMDCornholio

    Happy Birthday.
  13. NONEYA

    Good Morning!

    Good morning B&G.
  14. NONEYA

    Car Dealer Stupid Tricks

    The E 63s is a fun car. I get my windows tinted after I own the car. I do not need to have the price of the tint build into the price of the car. Do not want to paying for the tint job for the next 5 years.