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  1. Qweevox

    An Ask yourselves WHY ?

    This The question is why is the Justice Department still wasting money investigating this when everyone knows they'll NEVER move to inditement. Is it a political threat? I mean, Clinton is out of the race man, and frankly, I don't think Bill or Hillery have the political clout to do anything at this point.
  2. Qweevox

    At 4:10 Into the Video...

    Women are strange animals. Honestly, why do they marry convicted criminals? Do men do that with convicted female criminals?
  3. Qweevox

    Corrections officers in custody

    I have an old college roommate that is now a captain in a big metropolitan Sheriff's department. The Jail in this particular county is more like a prison. It's large with lots of different cell blocks. Their most violent criminal cell blocks are in a huge pentagon-shaped building with cell blocks A-F that house two stories of cells along the outer wall (I can't remember how many cells, 50?) and a large common area. There is a large central hub for direct observation and monitoring manned by no less than 10 officers 24-7. Between these cell blocks on both the first and second floors is a handleless double steel door, with access controlled from the observation hub. Gang members are separated into the different cell blocks to cut down on fights, but for fun, the officers monitoring the cell blocks will sometimes open the steel doors separating the opposing cell blocks. I've read stories in the local paper about prison fights resulting in murders. ....according to my friend not all of these were "unpreventable". Law enforcement and corrections officers are no different than the general public. Some are good and or competent, and some are bad, and or incompetent. Many are corruptable.
  4. Voters are stupid, and most should not vote. "Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, feminine democracies give way to tyranny" -- Aristotle 384-322 B.C. Some things should not be voted on. Some things should not be subject to mob democracy. The problem is everyone thinks government should be involved in everything.
  5. Good news. You might consider fasting to help with that, or at least extreme keto. I'm talking hardcore keto. No, or only trace amounts of carbohydrates. That's what we had to do with dad as an intervention. Every system in your body including most of your brain can operate off fat instead of glucose. If move into a state where you're getting NO glucose, the need for your body to produce insulin goes to almost nothing. Your brain which is the biggest consumers of calories for energy can switch about 75% of that it's consumption to fat instead of glucose. The very small amount of glucose it needs will be made through a process called gluconeogenesis. Converting some protein into glucose. In any case, you have to get off injecting insulin as fast as possible. That's what is driving you into hypoinsulinemia. Because you are injecting it, your body is making less.
  6. The ADA is prescribing to people who have high blood sugar, a diet that recommends 40-60 grams of carbs PER meal and they're also recommending "snacks" between meals. ...it's insane. The American Diabetes Association is a non-profit, whose top benefactors are pharmaceutical companies that produce diabetic medication. LOL If someone has DEVELOPED type 2 diabetes and follows their advice they will need more and more medication and treatment as time passes. I believe it's evil what they are doing to people.
  7. That was exactly the recommendation they gave my father. He had gone from metformin, then when his A1c got worse they put him on glipizide. After a few years, they put him slow-acting insulin injections and then they upped his glipizide dose. After a few years of that, his doctor wanted to add fast-acting insulin injections to the mix. ....we fired them at this point. They prescribed a diet, which my father needed medication to treat. That's right I believe he was treating the food he ate with pills and injections. Today at 80 dad's A1c is in the mid 5s. He takes no insulin injections or any other medications to treat his diabetes. I do believe it can be reversed. Even if it's allowed to progress to the point it has with you. The more insulin you take the less your pancreas will make. The body does this with everything we take. It moves towards homeostasis. People who supplement with testosterone, another hormone, they risk the body producing less testosterone naturally and more estrogen in response. This is why some bodybuilders who take hormones and abuse them to bulk, end up growing boobs and their penis and testicles shrink. Insulin is no different, it's just a hormone. The more you inject the less your body will make. You can take control of this on your own. It's not too late.
  8. Qweevox

    The Mandelorian: A Scifi Geekette's Review

    I thought it was good. It had more of the original Star Wars vibe then all the SJWing Disney has been doing with the rest of the franchise. There were no powerful and heroic female blue-haired Generals shutting down and putting in their place uppity men for mansplaining. Of course, the big reveal might be the Mandalorian is a black Latino lesbian tranny, who hates men, and fights the patriarchy. ...but so far, it's not a bad cartoon-like traditional Star Wars spinoff. I hope they don't screw it up.
  9. https://www.wsj.com/articles/new-york-fed-pumps-in-104-293-billion-in-temporary-liquidity-11573744698 New York Fed Pumps In $104.293 Billion in Temporary Liquidity Interventions are aimed at ensuring the financial system has enough liquidity It's more of the same. The Fed continues to be very active in the liquidity markets. There excuse for doing so continues to change. Over the last month or so it's been one excuse after another. But the truth might be a bit frightening.
  10. Ah, I see it now. Yes, I've seen that video before. My father is more LCHF (low carb high fat) than keto. But his diet is raw plant-based LCHF. He pretty much can't eat wheat products or corn products (e.g. bread, chips). He can't eat junk food, or what I like to call "manufactured" food. Food that is heavily processed and packaged. He also is limited on starchy plant matter, (rice, potatoes, legumes). However, he can eat small servings of various cooked legumes. Complex sugars like starches just can't be a food staple like they are for most people around the world. He also has to avoid sugary fruits. This is all ok because the caloric demands for him at this point in his life are low. He pretty much maintains a BMI of 26 on 1200 - 1500 kcals per day. So by volume, his diet is mostly raw and plant-based. That's by volume. He eats on a daily basis huge volumes (but relatively low calorie) of green leafy and coniferous vegetables. His primary source of fuel is fat. He consumes a lot of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and refined MCT oil. Interestingly enough all of these are plant-based oils. But we don't use corn, canola, or soybean oils, which are common vegetable oils consumed by Americans. Honestly, a small amount of oil adds a lot of calories. For example, 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil has 119 kcals. So it's fairly easy to be low carb high fat without eating meat. A lot of people on keto mistakenly think it's the meat diet. It's not a "meat diet". It's a diet where you get most of your calories from fat. Which is fairly easy to do, even if your diet is plant-based. Just consider the calorie density of sugar. protein, and fat. 1 gram of sugar = 4 kcals 1 gram of protein= 4 kcals 1 gram of fat = 9 kcals He eats almost no dairy, no milk, but occasionally he does have some cheese. He does eat walnuts, almonds, pecans, and some seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) from time to time. But he eats measured portions to avoid overeating nuts and seeds. Which is very easy when you consider the number of calories a small handful has. So his diet is technically Low carb high fat and plant-based. His animal protein intake is very limited. An 80-year-old just doesn't need that much protein. One of the problems we had was his kidney function had dropped to 25% a couple of years ago. So we cut way back on animal protein, and his kidney functions slowly improved. His last bloodwork showed a kidney function of 75% which is awesome for someone his age. His endocrinologist gave the prognosis that he would require higher insulin injections and more diabetic medication as time passed. They gave us the ADA's recommended diet (which is absolute bullshat), I guess in the hopes of increasing his insulin resistance so his blood glucose would rise, and he'd requirement more treatments ....I don't know. We fired them and went our own way. His diet was heavy keto at first, which was enough to arrest the progression of his type 2 diabetes. He got off the insulin injections, then the glipizide. Today he's more "plant-based" LCHF, and his blood glucose levels have normalized.
  11. I'd suggest you continue on diet modification. My father's progress has been steady but slow. He was first diagnosed with Type 2 in his late 50's. It progressed into his 70's, BECAUSE he didn't really modify his SAD diet until 74. At 80 he is off daily insulin injections and glipizide. I won't say his insulin resistance is cured, but it's in remission as long as he remains LCHF. His physical activity and exercise is limited due to other medical conditions. That's what Type 2 diabetes is, it's insulin resistance. In the early stages, it's actually hyperinsulinemia. In late young adulthood (20's and 30's) the pancreas is pumping out boatloads of insulin trying to deal with the standard American diet, so it remains asymptomatic for a very long time, usually not showing up until middle-age. This is the exact opposite of Type 1 diabetes which is a lack of the pancreas's ability to produce insulin. Type 1 and Type 2 are two entirely different diseases marked by the same symptom, high blood glucose. Your cells are insulin resistant. Continue the exercise and a LCHF diet. You might also consider trying fasting. You need to lower your insulin resistance.
  12. If you tested after strenuous exercise or physical activity that's what caused your elevated blood glucose readings. My A1c is 4.4-4.7. It was at 4.7 in June. This means on average my blood glucose level is 83-88 mg/dl. My lowest daily test was in the upper 40's without symptoms of hypoglycemia. But after a hard run, or work-out my blood glucose can be as high as the 110-120's mg/dl. Your activity level affects your readings. I track both my blood glucose and beta-hydroxybutyrate levels. They tend to offset each other depending on activity.