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  1. Qweevox

    Binary trigger--sticker question.

    I can't dispute the facts you've laid out. The only thing I can say is that comparing light infantry operation to snipers is not a good comparison. They are two entirely different modes of engagement. We don't win battles with only snipers. I wish we could. If it were that easy we could avoid deploying light infantry units all together and just rely 100% on skilled snipers. But snipers rely on distance and convert movement. Very useful to be sure, but try taking a position or defending a flank where your position is known and your enemy has numbers in short range combat. Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart, both Delta snipers, were inserted to protect Super 62 after it crashed in Mogadishu. Both snipers did a hell of a job holding back the mob, but ultimately they were both KIA. They also used CAR-15's, not sniper rifles, which helped them in that situation to hold out as long as they did. I do believe marksmanship is the most important skill a man can develop, but options are never too plentiful in war. I do agree that the 5.56 is probably not the best choice for a battle rifle.
  2. Qweevox

    Binary trigger--sticker question.

    Hopefully it'll always be just a toy. But in a battle don't discount the ability to lay down suppressing fire. Besides 5.56 is easy enough to control that you can put down more heat on a target you want to stay down with reasonably good accuracy. It's just an option I'd like to have. There is no doubt that shot placement and marksmanship is the way to go. But different situations call for different operational methods. The psychological impact alone of having a high rate of fire aimed on your location is sometimes all it takes to knock the cool out of an opponent, and that might be enough to make his shot placement erratic and ineffective, perhaps even cause panic. I like having tools available, even if I'm not likely to ever need them. I've never regretted having too many options, and in a combat situation if it doesn't add too much weight I say bring it.
  3. Qweevox

    Binary trigger--sticker question.

    For me it would just be a toy. Unless there is a civil war in which case it might be good for laying down suppressing fire. I missed the boat on full autos decades ago. Last I checked a DIAS would set me back $30k-$40k now (I can remember thinking $10k was ridiculous) so I won't be running out and buying that anytime soon. This is pretty much as close as I can afford to get right now. With one kid through college and successfully launched, two in college, and one deck to go, it doesn't look like my priorities are going to allow me to buy anything like that any time soon. I think I'll buy the Fostech binary trigger but it does require a full auto BCG. I don't know. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Perhaps, I don't know his level of competency with that rifle or it's condition. But if it were me, I'd prefer the rifle over a shotgun. I'd want to make sure I was hitting ONLY my desired target. Also, it looked like he only had one magazine. His shot placement would have been very important. Thought I suppose as soon as the first body hit the floor the rest would have scattered. He did have a great egress point behind that wall. I wouldn't want to stay standing in the open should one of the thugs actually produced a firearm. Also while my wife is one hell of shot, I wouldn't want her in the open like that either. ...and by the looks of things his wife didn't have a lot of training with that firearm.
  5. What is that, a .380 shes got? That's at best a backup gun.
  6. I feel this way about all professional sports now. It's actually going to free up a lot of time for me to be at the range. Quite frankly if my favorite sport College Football goes nuts I'll have my Saturdays wide open too. After Nick Saban's recent comments it looks like College sports are next. The BLM movement was created by two Marxist with Marxist agendas. I will never support any of that. The surefire way not to have a bad experience with law enforcement is to not commit any crimes. And if you do commit a crime, for the love of God, don't resist arrest, or attack and threaten police officers.
  7. Is it a legal requirement to use the bright red sticker on binary trigger application? Can you just have the lower receiver engraved with "binary" instead of using the sticker? I realize this is just a matter of aesthetic, but I hate the sticker, and wondered why so many use it. Thanks.
  8. Qweevox

    Equality for All

    Nah, I'd pack out with .308 I don't want them limping away.
  9. Qweevox

    Atlanta PD Duty Roster........

    The thing is this "cultural revolution" is diverse on both sides of it. No black person I know supports the the rioters, or their message. This is NOT a black and white fight. It's mixed. With whole hell of a lot of the violence being carried out by white useful idiots. So it's not surprising to me at all that black cops are against it.
  10. Qweevox

    Still having forum issues.

    Never mind, it's doing it to me too.
  11. Qweevox

    I have this strange feeling, I can't shake.

    The useful idiots would be black-bagged after the communist take power.
  12. As Tucker Carlson said don't believe for one minute that defund the police is about creating some sort of libertarian state, quite the opposite. It's about the leftist gaining total authoritarian control. They want to convert the police into their police. If they accomplish this, then the wholesale takeover begins. Once they have law enforcement, they have the cities. Once they have the cities they have most state capitals. From there they can use their power to do whatever they want. I was never a fan of Donald Trump, I admit that. But right now his reelection is pretty much our only hope. This is perhaps the most important election in my lifetime. The communist are making their move, supported by almost every major corporation in the world, including all of Silicon Valley, most of the media and entertainment, and the rest of the financial elite. I guess China has shown them that they can all still be rich in a totalitarian communist state. This is good vs. evil. They have us in check and they want to put us in checkmate. I use to laugh at Alex Jones, Q Anon (or whatever they call themselves), and other conspiracy theorist. I'm not laughing anymore. Maybe they're more right than wrong? The events of the last 7 months has demonstrated how fast things can change.
  13. Qweevox

    I have this strange feeling, I can't shake.

    I guess now I know the reason for my feeling..... I created this thread on May 23rd, 2 days before George Floyd died. Never could I have imagined. Everything feels abnormal. I guess it's my normalcy bias taking its last breath.
  14. Qweevox

    Am I Crazy?

    Now is the time to strengthen your local network of friends and family who would be willing to stand by you. If the shat hits the fan you can't fight alone. Unfortunately this is an experience most Americans haven't lived through, that very strange surreal experience of seeing it coming, but trying to hold on to normality of life as long as possible. Thinking others will surely sort it out. It's called normalcy bias, and it's a natural psychological state for humans. They assume things will go on like before. But the world we find ourselves in right now is anything but "normal". You can feel it coming, you just don't want to believe it's coming.