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  1. If you're made a criminal through the stroke of pen, I say be the best criminal you can be. I wonder how many third holes get drilled in newly illegal semi-automatic rifles?
  2. Off topic but curious. I was looking at some land in Arizona that'd would likely have to be off-grid (remote as hell) Currently they have an opt-out option for building a home off grid (might change). I'm fine with that. I don't need to finance the construction. The problem is if you do that you can't get a letter of occupancy. If you can't get a letter of occupancy how do you have a mailing address? In my state you can't register to vote, can't get a driver's licence, or register a car with a PO Box. I imagine it'd also cause problems getting insurance.
  3. 247 miles per minute. That means from it's take-off point it can be at point on the planet in roughly 50 minutes. The B-52's replacement is going to awesome.
  4. Welcome to Costco, I love you.
  5. Instead of saying you lost your guns in a tragic boating accident, you can say, I lost my ghost guns in an exorcism.
  6. You're right. "Ghost gun" sounds nefarious which is why they use the term. A receiver that isn't complete isn't a gun. It's a hunk of gun shaped metal, that can't be used to fire a round. What they want to do is make it illegal to manufacture your own firearm for your own use because they want to create a firearm registry so they can eventually confiscate guns. Like most gun owners, the vast majority of people who manufacture their own firearms aren't criminals. Quite frankly I also agree that we should have draconian penalties for people who commit violent crimes, I don't care what inanimate object or tool they may or may not have used. If someone commits a violent crime, at the minimum they should be removed from society.
  7. You are allowed to manufacture your own firearm, for your own use. You can even sell it to someone else, as long as your initial intent wasn't to manufacture it to sell. If you build your own firearm you are not legally required to put a serial number on that firearm. However some states do require a serial number on guns you manufacture, California is one of them.
  8. Please tell me that's a joke.
  9. What we should do is not obey them. As far as what we can do to stop Joe Biden from signing executive orders, I've no idea. How do you peacefully stop a President from issuing executive orders? The short answer is, you can't. He has to write them, then you have to challenge them through the legal system, which I suspect will happen. You can also get your county and state to pass legislation that guarantees or strengthens your 2nd Amendment rights regardless of the edicts coming out of D.C., in much the same way that states defied the federal government's Marijuana Laws. You can do the usual and phone your congressional representatives, shoot emails, or write letters to them, pleading for them not to take away your civil rights and express your general dissatisfaction with gun control laws. Maybe it will have an effect. Other than that, you can go on social media and chastise people like me who say they will not comply, although that's not really going to accomplish anything, is it? What do you think we should do? Secede from the Union, organize into militias, march on Washington or riot? I'm not going to comply, and I've no intention of going to jail. Read whatever you want to into that statement.
  10. What I find so disturbing about the ATF is that every year since the WACO massacre, the agency Tweets out a remembrance for the event, almost like they want to remind us what happens to anyone who defies their orders. As crazy as David Koresh might have been, killing men, women, and children to make a statement is evil. It's pretty much known that they went to extreme measures just to make a statement. They could have peacefully arrested David Koresh on one of his daily jogs, or on one of his trips into town, without having to lay siege to the compound. All the pictures of LEOS posing on the rubble of what was obviously a horrible failure, is disturbing. They should be ashamed not proud of having been involved in this evil operation. Anyone that thinks that law enforcement officers won't follow orders, and kill people to enforce gun control is in denial. Perhaps some won't, but make no mistake most will.
  11. Honestly, at this point. I don't care. I'm going to live my life, provide for my family and protect them and my neighbors and community no matter what they do in Washington D.C. Biden can sign whatever paper he wants. If it violates my right to defend myself I will ignore it.
  12. I Agree. One of the things that pisses me off the most about Trump's administration happened in 2016, weeks before the election. He created his "Gun Advisory Board," headed up by his son, Don Jr. It was done just to suck in more pro-2A voters. He had a webpage set up and everything, touting how his administration would look into ways to strengthen our second amendment rights. Less than a week after the election the webpage completely disappeared, and no one ever spoke of the matter again. Two years later he was sitting next to a giddy Diane Feinstein talking about gun control. ...thank God, he only managed to ban a range toy.
  13. I have a suggestion to solve this problem. Get rid of the NFA requirement to register SBRs. It's all arbitrary. An SBR may be ever so slightly easier to conceal than a carbine or rifle, but it's much harder to conceal than a pistol. I agree, its stupid to call an AR-15 a pistol, but they created the idiotic rules that we've all had to dance around, just get rid of the SBR NFA registration requirements. ...problem solved.
  14. I'm going to try it in subsonic .300 Blk. Some people like the mold, AND a lot don't. Many people have complained about this particular Lee mold, and there is some praise for it in this application. (so SNAFU) I've heard complaints about the boattail causing the bullet to tumble; among other complaints have been about the manufacturing quality of this particular Lee die itself. I just wanted to play around and see what I could do it. I use an NOE mold, slightly lighter round subsonic, as my go-to. But I'm always looking for that "unobtanium" round I've not tried yet. Sometimes I'm meh, sometimes I'm happily surprised, and sometimes I put it on my mold shelf and never use it again ...yet .
  15. The US mold arrived in the US a week or so ago. I still paid a stupid amount of money for it once you included shipping. But a third of what used ones I could be find on Ebay were selling for. ...Ironically, I think they're coming back in stock now. So if I had just waited I'd have saved $20 or so. But everything is so weird now, I bit the bullet and bought it out of England.
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