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  1. If anyone knows who Rampy is I'll pay $1,000 to know who and where he is. No questions asked. I will pay cash.
  2. You are a disgusting individual. I'm absolutely sure you don't want to meet me face to face.
  3. Here is what I'm afraid of, this forum is dying. There are a handful of posters that post. Beyond that there isn't any new blood coming in. What can we do? This sad example of of a member is destroying this forum. While yes, we have a problem member who somehow seems to be allowed to post here. He/she/we isn't the only problem. He insulted me, and my wife and he's still allowed to post here. PS: Not the OP his avatar is Rampy. I've had disagreements with other members on this forum, but no one except Rampy has insulted me, my wife, and family. I just thought I should be clear. Of course I'd like to meet Rampy face to face. I'm sure he wouldn't.
  4. Have the mods tried to contact some of the members who no longer post here, and ask them why? Maybe invite them back. When I search the forum I come across a lot of avatars I no longer see posting here. Where they driven away, lose interest, or just die?
  5. This is true. After working with the platform for years, I rarely have any question that are discussion worthy, or that haven't already been addressed, dozens of times before. On those rare occasions I search this forum or other sources, and find my answers. So forums like this one tend to be gathering places for people who share a lot of the same values to discuss politics, or other interests that have little to do with the AR platform. I guess it's also a good place to discuss new product reviews and experiences with new venders or suppliers. The lifeblood of AR15.com, which is reported as the biggest gun forum on the internet, has always been its General Discussion forum. A forum were every topic from politics to pop culture is discussed. The subforums even there are fairly sleepy in comparison to the traffic that runs through ARFCOM's GD. So even the biggest gun forum has the same kinds of issues as tommag is describing. They just have so many members their GD page is constantly moving and it does feed some of the subforums with newbie questions.
  6. Could we do it? Is it possible? It would help the owners of the forum, and it would help us expand the discussion. But is it possible? What do you think?
  7. Day 13: Tested Negative today. THE END The feeling of malaise and depression was the worst part of this cold. I've never experienced anything like it. The cough and congestion were never what I'd describe as bad. Both were pretty much mild most of the time, maybe getting to moderate halfway through this. Today the cough feels like its gone and I have no real head congestion (runny nose). IF the vaccine offered real protection, would I get it? I think this past Friday I said yes I'd consider it, but at that point it seemed to be just dragging on and on, combined with the general feeling of malaise and depression. Today looking back at the past two weeks I'd still say no to the vaccine. The malaise/depression like symptoms were the worse part of it. From everything I've read the vaccines will not prevent you from getting it. Besides now, I have natural immunity to BA.5 or BA.4 which are supposed to be the most contagious of the variants. The vaccine only gives you (maybe) some immune response to the spike protien. So I figure I got the natural vaccination against the whole virus. I hope its good. Good luck to anyone reading this in the future. It does end.
  8. Day 12: I feel like I'm getting better today. But I said that before. The cough is very much diminished, it feels like its almost gone away. The same for the head congestion. But neither of these primary symptoms have ever been what I would consider bad. I've experienced worse in my life. For me this virus has felt like the tail-end or just beginning of a cold. It never switched out of low gear. That's sort of its MO, it feels like your coming down with a cold, then it feels like your getting over it. It's more of a low level plateau of crap with no real peaks that drags on for days. At least that's been my experience. With that said the depression like symptom is real. My wife asked me today if we should get vaccinated for this. I asked her why, "We have now had the natural version, and presumably our immune system has learned it". Besides, big pharma's strategy using the mRNA vaccines is to get your own cells to produce just the spike protein component of the virus makes no sense to me. And as I wrote earlier my kid sister is a MAX jabber. She's gotten every jab that has ever been recommended, gotten covid twice, and at least according to her, her Omicron experience made it sound like she was on death's door for two weeks. As long as this thread has been, I still maintain my symptoms were mostly mild, with a perhaps a few days of moderate symptoms. So why do the jab crap? To make big Pharma wealthier? If you're elderly with multiple chronic illnesses going on, perhaps. That's a personal choice. But in my opinion if it doesn't prevent you from getting it or spreading it, and at least some of the folks I know have taken the jabs seem to have have a harder time with it. I think the monoclonal antibodies are what shortens the duration, but apparently they won't give you those protocols unless you're really wealthy, or sick enough to agree to be admitted to a hospital. I took Ivermectin (5 day course), Omega-3, quercetin, fisetin, D3, B complex, TMG, and zinc during this illness, No crazy mega doses. But being an N of 1 it's impossible to say whether or not any of this helped. But I don't think it hurt either.
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