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  1. I want to suppress it for hog hunting. Component recommendations are most welcome. ...but price is a consideration.
  2. Great news! I'm happy for you. In 2002 my dad was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He went threw a course of R-CHOP and radition. Today, he's still cancer free. So I know how you're feeling right now.
  3. There are lots of places you can buy these parts. If you do so you're in a grey area, none of the parts are classified as a firearm, and technically perfectly legal to buy and own as long as you don't try to build an illegal rifle. However, there is always that chance that being in possession of these parts, especially as a gun owner, can be used to show "intent". I know having a third hole drilled in your lower is enough to get you in a world of trouble. But I've also heard from a "friend of a friend" who has an unregistered drop in auto sear he uses as a paperweight on his bookshelf. Anyone with relatively modest machining skills and tools could build one for a few bucks. The plans are all available online. The problem is if you own firearms and the parts to make it work, AND a "curio" like that, you could catch a rap for intent, and if they want to, they'll make it stick. Best case scenario in that situation you have your life disrupted, spend some time in court, and a lot in legal fees defending yourself. At worse you catch a felony firearms rap, pay big fines, go to jail, and really screw up your life. I figure I'll just stick with the plan that SHOULD the SHTF, I can THEN throw caution to the win and build what I need. Because if the SHTF the last thing I'll be worried about is a visit from the ATF or my local Sheriff. Hell, someone just recently posted a video about getting a visit from the ATF for buying diesel oil filters for his diesel trucks. ...so keep that in mind. The government can and does track everything. Buy a Digitrigger, Echo trigger, or Franklin Arms binary if you want to blow through ammo. Keep it legal. Otherwise you might just create your own individual SHTF event, while the rest of the world goes on as normal. Funny story, and somewhat related. It's not against the law to grow poppies in the US, yes even the opium variety. Little old ladies have been growing them for their pretty flowers for over a century. But you better not let anyone know YOU KNOW what they are, and what they can be used to make. Again, knowledge, capabilities, combined with something not in and of itself that is illegal, can be used to show intent. ....and if those three elements come together on some ambitious government employees desk, with his or her time on their hands, the SHTF for you.
  4. I still have few .223/5.56, but now that I'm getting more into reloading I'm thinking about going 300Blk and convert all my shell casings. .458 SOCOM is a blast to shoot, but unless you're into reloading both .458 and .50 Beowulf are pricey to shoot. For that matter 300blk isn't cheap either if you're buying factory rounds, since there's not as many manufacturer competition in that space . If you're buying all your ammo .223/5.56 and maybe a .308 is your most economical choice of calibers. Those two calibers have the most price competition globally. If you intend to hunt, then obviously the 308 or 300 are the way to go, 458 isn't a bad hunting round either, depending on your game and geography. Personally, I like subsonic 300 with a suppressor, mine is quite enough to shoot without worrying about my hearing. My tinnitus is bad enough as it is, and if I ever had to use it in self defense, the last thing I want is to have to fire a supersonic round in confined space.
  5. Yes, please post update.
  6. I'm somewhat confused about the order of operation. If you'd like to LEGALLY build an SBR using Form 1, like say from an 80% lower. Do you order the the 80% lower, with a serial number engraved, and then file? It seems to me if it's still an 80% lower it's NOT a firearm. Or, how is this done?
  7. Oh, you were very clear, sir. I know you wouldn't suggest breaking the law. I respect your posts as well. It's just sometimes a younger, perhaps more daring young man might get some ideas. We never know who might be reading these posts. I can tell you I've been on a buying spree this last year, and have really picked up the pace over the last few months. I think Trump will win, but in my opinion that'll only buy us some time. Unless conservatives step up and CLEAN house, we're on the downhill run to a communist hell.
  8. This guy pretty much shows you what goes into a Form 1 suppressor.
  9. I hear what you're saying. But now is not the time to take a chance like that. Now is the time to do it legally, no one wants a federal firearms charge at this point. If you're out hunting hogs and come across a game warden you're life can pretty much be irreparably altered if your found in possession of an unregistered can. Absolutely not worth it. ...now if a civil war kicks off, or some totalitarian Marxist leftist regime takes over, then all bets are off. But in that situation all sorts of NFA compliance goes flying out the window along with our normal lives. 3rd holes get drilled, drop in automatic seers get made, and all sorts of modifications are done. Now is the time to do things legally, and learn things that might be useful in a worse case scenario, while praying it never comes to that.
  10. This is the way to go. You won't save all that much money if you build a good one, but Form 1 is much MUCH faster than Form 4.
  11. I can't dispute the facts you've laid out. The only thing I can say is that comparing light infantry operation to snipers is not a good comparison. They are two entirely different modes of engagement. We don't win battles with only snipers. I wish we could. If it were that easy we could avoid deploying light infantry units all together and just rely 100% on skilled snipers. But snipers rely on distance and convert movement. Very useful to be sure, but try taking a position or defending a flank where your position is known and your enemy has numbers in short range combat. Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart, both Delta snipers, were inserted to protect Super 62 after it crashed in Mogadishu. Both snipers did a hell of a job holding back the mob, but ultimately they were both KIA. They also used CAR-15's, not sniper rifles, which helped them in that situation to hold out as long as they did. I do believe marksmanship is the most important skill a man can develop, but options are never too plentiful in war. I do agree that the 5.56 is probably not the best choice for a battle rifle.
  12. Hopefully it'll always be just a toy. But in a battle don't discount the ability to lay down suppressing fire. Besides 5.56 is easy enough to control that you can put down more heat on a target you want to stay down with reasonably good accuracy. It's just an option I'd like to have. There is no doubt that shot placement and marksmanship is the way to go. But different situations call for different operational methods. The psychological impact alone of having a high rate of fire aimed on your location is sometimes all it takes to knock the cool out of an opponent, and that might be enough to make his shot placement erratic and ineffective, perhaps even cause panic. I like having tools available, even if I'm not likely to ever need them. I've never regretted having too many options, and in a combat situation if it doesn't add too much weight I say bring it.
  13. For me it would just be a toy. Unless there is a civil war in which case it might be good for laying down suppressing fire. I missed the boat on full autos decades ago. Last I checked a DIAS would set me back $30k-$40k now (I can remember thinking $10k was ridiculous) so I won't be running out and buying that anytime soon. This is pretty much as close as I can afford to get right now. With one kid through college and successfully launched, two in college, and one deck to go, it doesn't look like my priorities are going to allow me to buy anything like that any time soon. I think I'll buy the Fostech binary trigger but it does require a full auto BCG. I don't know. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Perhaps, I don't know his level of competency with that rifle or it's condition. But if it were me, I'd prefer the rifle over a shotgun. I'd want to make sure I was hitting ONLY my desired target. Also, it looked like he only had one magazine. His shot placement would have been very important. Thought I suppose as soon as the first body hit the floor the rest would have scattered. He did have a great egress point behind that wall. I wouldn't want to stay standing in the open should one of the thugs actually produced a firearm. Also while my wife is one hell of shot, I wouldn't want her in the open like that either. ...and by the looks of things his wife didn't have a lot of training with that firearm.
  15. What is that, a .380 shes got? That's at best a backup gun.
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