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  1. Qweevox

    AWB in the Future?

    I honestly believe the Democrats and Republicans should form one party. They can call themselves either the Democrat-Republicans or Republican-Democrats (who cares?). Both tend to be very authoritarian in nature, both parties like great big expensive government. They should just be one party, with two major caucuses, one slightly more pro-big business (in reality both really already are), and the other would be slightly more pro-big social programs. We need TWO parties to have a functional TWO party system. So there would need to be some new party, that was more libertarian (small L), more fiscally conservative, and more small government. They could battle out the issues hopefully slowing down the Federal government, with gridlock. That's the only things I want from the federal government now, gridlock. When they're gridlocked is the only time when I and my rights feel secure. Right now, I feel like we have one political party with two caucuses that agree on 90% of the issues, and diverge on a few "display window" issues for elections.
  2. I'm not sure most Americans fully understand the implications of this new federal legislative action. It really drives a nail through the heart of the principles upon which this country was founded. Not only is it bad law, if allowed to stand it can be twisted into a monstrous one.
  3. At the very least contact your Senators and Representatives by email. That literally takes minutes. After you do that if you call their offices and let their staff know your views that will help more, but can take about 20 or 30 to call both of your state's Senate and your representative's offices. Depending on how much you want to talk. Time is growing short.
  4. It's coming down to the wire folks. Make no mistake, Red Flag laws violate 2 rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. 1) They eliminate our right as an American to due process. Due process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person. Due process balances the power of law of the land and protects the individual person from it. 2) Our right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. If you believe this is wrong, time is running out to let your representatives know how you feel. Those that support it are voicing their support.
  5. Qweevox

    The Futility of a Gun Buyback

    It's futility because we already voluntarily exchanged money for our firearms. If we wanted money instead we won't have purchased them in the first place. A mandatory gun buy-back is just a way to they try to paint confiscation in a nice light. "....hey we didn't take your guns, we bought them."
  6. Rick, how do you insert YouTube videos on this forum?  I've seen people do it but for the life of me, I can't figure out how it's done.

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    2. Longhair


      No, you don't need to be a paid member. And you don't have to add it as any sort of special inserted media either. Just paste it into the regular dialog box.

    3. Qweevox


      ahhhh....  got it.

    4. Longhair
  7. I've read this before, he makes a lot of good points. Thanks for posting it. The tribes are forming. For the most part, they're disorganized right now. But make no mistake they are coming together.
  8. Qweevox

    I'd vote for this!

    I really wish the Militia movement didn't draw so many 88ers, sovereign citizens, and misfits. Suggesting to citizens of your local state to join a citizen militia and train marks you as a radical now. Even suggesting it makes people look at you differently.
  9. Qweevox

    Oh yea! WANT!

    Jeep teased this some years ago.
  10. Qweevox

    I'd vote for this!

    Corrupting individual liberty and it's economic proxy the free-market tends to lead to fascism, socialism, and marxism. It's all about the wealthy and powerful trying to stay wealthy and powerful through the use of the violence of the government. It's all an oligarchy. There is no better way to gain and consolidate power then to do it under the guise of a legitimate government. Let the people voluntarily hand over their wealth to you. Let the laws and regulations eliminate your adversaries or competitors. Let them raise flags, sing anthems, and give up their lives for your dominance. When the USSR fell, wasn't it interesting how many former "communist" millionaires and billionaires shook out of that "Marxist system"? Why? Because they were already there. Anytime a collectivist system is promoted, it's promoted not for the welfare of the collective. It's promoted for the elite. The only people who were bailed out in 2008 were the elite. The average man took the licks he had coming for his fiscal malinvestment. But the elite didn't. Not only did they not suffer, but many also became more wealthy because of it.
  11. Qweevox

    I'd vote for this!

    Run them out of town? No, no, you tar and feather them first.
  12. Qweevox

    I'd vote for this!

    LIttle people, you are missing the point. Gun control isn't about eliminating all firearms. It's just a way to make sure only the right people have them ...the ultra-wealthy and political elite.
  13. It's not about the color of the shooter. It's about the color of the rifle. Was it a BLACK rifle? Did it have scary plastic furniture. Did it have a detachable mag? If no, the news is meh, that's not even a Saturday afternoon in Chicago.
  14. To most of the left AR is short for Assault Rifle.
  15. Qweevox

    This astounded me.

    Hell, $500k in parts of California doesn't buy you a shack in the hood.