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  1. Definately frat boys from inside the beltway. They're are as metrosexual as they come.
  2. "Fed posting" or "Fed post" has entered the lexicon of modern language. It's posting anything that shows conspiring or premeditated planning of criminal activity. These statements spoken or typed can be used against the defendants by the Federal Government “Feds” in a criminal prosecution case. After spending a few hours reading through the arrest cases from January 7th protests it is crystal clear that internet surveillance is a real thing, and that if they want to come get you, they will do it. A lot of the people arrested for the January 7th protests really did very minor things (like walk inside the Capital Rotunda for a few minutes and then leave). A lot of those arrested did nothing violent (vandalism, assault). They merely walked into the U.S. Capital, took pictures, and left. The amount of effort the federal government put into finding these people is crazy. Matching video surveillance from private businesses, gas stations, hotels, to track these people down. The fact that dozens of them are sitting in jail right now is disturbing.
  3. We took 20 years to arm the Taliban. Maybe in 2001 we should have just given them $80 billion and called it a day? We would have saved a few trillion dollars and a few thousand lives.
  4. I ask you take some time and read through these cases. Then be careful. https://www.usatoday.com/storytelling/capitol-riot-mob-arrests/
  5. Our first seat belt law were in 1988, requiring front-seat occupants to buckle up. But the law exempted vehicles mounted on truck chassis. And it made violations of the law a secondary offense, police couldn’t cite someone unless they had violated another traffic law. In 1996, they made seat belt violations a primary offense, meaning police could cite motorists if they saw they were not strapped in. And it wasn't until 2010 they eliminated the pickup truck exemption. So up to 2010, we didn't have to wear seatbelts if we were driving anything mounted on a truck chassis. With that said, I've worn seatbelts since I was in high school, I just don't agree that the government should be able to shake you down if you don't. It seems like yesterday.
  6. Biden needs to stop bragging about his campaign goal achievements.
  7. It's pretty sad, when you're looking up to the French militarily.
  8. Having first hand experience with this "pandemic" I'm now taking these two therapeutics which I highly recommend.
  9. 99.997% survival rate ..and that's the rate of survival if you even show symptoms or suspect you might have contracted this virus and get tested. According to the CDCs own data at least two times the cases go undetected because because the infected didn't know they had it. Which is kind of like how they define racism these days. We're racist but don't know we're racists. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/1a42a6da-91ff-415a-a04b-23da6b485a0b
  10. They really couldn't make their vaccine efforts more creepy and suspect if they sent NWO members out with a porn mustache, mirror sunglasses, driving white vans, with the message "Stranger handing out free candy" spray-painted on the side of the van.
  11. Just a random video, no endorsement, I just thought I'd leave it here.
  12. Yeah, that gives me confidence in their "recommendations." We're going to restrict ALL possible therapeutics because we want you to take the grape Kool-Aid jab. I swear not only are the political and economic elite evil, they're horrible actors.
  13. CDC research indicates that there have been at least twice the reporter cases in the United States, and from antibody test estimate almost 84% of the population now carries some immunity. One interesting study indicates that as much as 40% of the population had some level of immunity BEFORE the outbreak. They looked at samples collected before the outbreak. Of course this like all the other data around this virus, it's hard to tell what is trustworthy and what's not.
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