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  1. Barrel suggestions and BCG suggestions are welcome. I'm looking for accuracy and range. So, I want a rifle, 18" and above. But money is a variable for me, so nothing crazy expensive. I just have a lot of unused lowers and uppers, laying around and thought I might as well build something with them.
  2. I recently ordered a Lee bullet mould I couldn't find anywhere in the US for sale. Hell, crappy used one were popping up on ebay for outrageous prices (I'm talking 10x s the normal retail price) So I imported a new one from the UK for around $50 to my door. I've also noticed that there are supplies of projectiles (not loaded ammunition) just the bullets that are available in the U.K. but can't be found here in stock in the US. At least not at a reasonable price. I know the law on importing ammunition, powder, and primers, is a no-go. But what about bullets again just to be perfectly clear, I'm not talking about live rounds, just the projectiles for reloading. I've googled around, and can seem to find a definitive answer. Frankly I don't want to call the ATF. So has anyone done it on the forum? Thanks.
  3. We do. But they're a minority and mostly Mexicans who, while not tall, tend to be a little short to average height. It's the Mesoamericans who are tiny; their women are under 5', and their men are barely over. I don't really see them often except during the summer. They're mostly migrant workers. But being in a large group of them will make you feel like a giant if you're over 6' tall. They really are child size. The DMV has their set-up where the camera is in the booth area where you walk up to the window stall. The stalls are maybe 3' wide with the camera on one side. It's just a big black box. It seems like they should have the ability to raise and lower the camera, but apparently, they don't. I'm guessing the DMV had it set up to take photos for people under 5' 11". I don't know. But it was a comical experience.
  4. When I renewed my license last week, their set-up for taking pictures is for midgets. She'd take the picture, then say, "can you bend down a little." Then she'd take another one, with the same result. It took 4 pictures for me to move down enough for her to say it's okay. It would have been easier just to get on my knees. The picture that came out obviously looks funny because I'm practically bending over while trying to look straight into the camera.
  5. Yeah, if you're going to go longer than the barrel make sure you only use a flash can to make up the difference.
  6. In my opinion it's really what you prefer. My 300blk are purpose built to run on subsonic rounds on a can, and I like the hand guard to cover some of the can. But some guys hate that look. It's really up to you. You can always go a little longer with the hand-guard and use a flash can to make up the difference when you're not running the suppressor. I don't think there are any rules to this game.
  7. I can recommend this guy. http://www.dogfightink.com/stencils.html I've used his product and he can produce whatever you want or need. ...it's a shame if you've put a finish on the lower, since you'll have to strip it off to use this method.
  8. I'm not going to say in a public forum how many lowers I've finished that I've lost in my boating accident. But if I could retrieve them from the bottom of Lake Minnetonka I seriously doubt you could tell the difference between my completed lowers and those fully manufactured. All the tolerances are in range, and I've gotten quite good at it. I have no idea what idiot did the one in the OP. Was that lower screw-up intentionally as a joke? I run .458 SOCOM, .308, .300blk, 5.56 on mine, with no problems. I've also done AK-47s (trashcan guns) and a few Glocks. I use both mil-spec triggers and binary triggers with no issues. With that said, I've never used one of those drill press jigs. 80% Arms and 5D tactical are the jigs I've used. Both are virtually identical in design and function and pretty much fool proof.
  9. Can you give me the product page you're referring to? I already own the upper receivers and barrels. I'm running Franklin arms binary triggers just for fun, and I want something that will reduce the heat and blow-back off the cans, if that's possible. I'm not looking for the impossible these will be 100-yard guns, maybe a little longer. From a practical standpoint, they might be used for hog hunting on open land, perhaps deer guns from a stand in heavily wooded southeastern land. I want to run 195-225 gr rounds out of them, and I would like to keep it subsonic for nigh hunting over farm land. Am I thinking right here, or am I off the trail? I guess hunting DI is fine, but I'm looking to keep the heat and blow-back down for fun shooting. I have a can for my .458 and a set up that works for me hog hunting. But I'd like to be able to use my 300blk for the same purpose.
  10. I always build two of everything. Just a habit I guess. My two 300blk builds are using a heavy 10" 1:7 twist barrel. I'm going to run stainless steal cans on them. This is a moderate range pistol, and I'm looking to try to reduce the heat on the can, as well as blow-back. Is it worth the investment. I like what I read about the Adams Arms kit, but it is pricey compared to direct impingement options. The fact that the BCG isn't standard is a little concerning. But not a deal breaker. I just want to know if it's worth it.
  11. I agree. The NRA as of late has become top heavy with a lot of expenses going to things which aren't the primary objective of the organization. Also no one decent can get elected to positions of power.
  12. I posted a question here: But thought it might get a bit more attention in general.
  13. Has anyone tried this kit, or have recommendations regarding gas piston conversion on AR platform. Are there any pistons that will run with standard BCG, or is that just impossible? I'm considering this for 10.5" 1:7 300bk pistol, specifically built to run subsonic suppressed fire. I've always used standard direct impingement systems and have no experience with gas piston systems on the AR platform. My default is to always keep it simple stupid, but there some advantages a piston might offer for this particular build. Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome!
  14. I was just looking around and came across this. https://sharpshooter-22lr-reloader.myshopify.com/products/prime-all-repriming-compound Again, I'm not endorsing it, I've never bought it, and I've never tried to reload primers. Just putting it out there for discussion.
  15. Big man syndrome. It's the same reason my 225 lb and 215lb Mastiffs aren't shy or fearful and thus aren't as dangerous as some smaller breeds. They're protective and territorial without going off on strangers. They'll position themselves between members of my family without lashing out at the UPS or mailman. I think I have a little of that. As a bigger guy, I've never really felt threatened or fear of other men. Right or wrong, I've always felt like I can take anyone out. But I see my future. I've watched my father, a big guy, go from strength to elderly and feeble. So I see my future. Firearms are an equalizer. Without them, small and weak people have no hope against those who are younger, bigger, and stronger. With a gun, the smallest female can take me out.
  16. The NRA seems to have been more focused on NRA employees and officers than on defending the second amendment. I'm a little disgusted right now. ...I think I threw-up a little in my mouth just now. I feel like I'm in act one of some dystopian movie.
  17. Well isn't this a fine mess we have right now. So much for my life membership.
  18. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/nra-files-for-bankruptcy-says-it-will-reincorporate-in-texas/ar-BB1cNhT3
  19. I fight all gun legislation, to the best of my ability. But half my family (wife's half) are Fudds. As long as you don't ban their hunting rifles and shotguns they don't care. They think me and my black rifles are kind 'extreme'. Even though I've showed them how utilitarian and useful they are to hunt hogs and deer. (.308, 300blk, and 458 SOCOM). They may not have pretty furniture like their rifles and shotguns, but they perform well, clean up well, and can take a beating.
  20. This is not me. I can not vouch for it's validity or safety. I have not tried this myself. But thought it was interesting to consider. It was posted in the comment section of this old YouTube video.
  21. Right now I have a 100TB NAS server. I'm only running 1 VM. I think it's time I got a bigger box.
  22. @Retccop John Kerry said in The Hill as saying that Joe Biden is in favor of The Great Reset and that he believes they can accomplish it much faster than people would ever imagine. Of course, by Joe Biden, he means the establishment. A free and honest press would be a hindrance to that goal. So the establishment consolidated control of the news media in the hands of a few people that could control the narrative. The establishment brought all the MSM on message. Their problem was social media, and the alternative news media had to be silenced. That's what is happening now. The Green Marxist have big plans.
  23. @Retcop I agree. If I had NONE I'd at least buy 200 rounds. ...even at these insane prices. Let's say my reserve level is such that I always have 'enough' on hand.
  24. A week or so ago, I was looking on https://ammoseek.com/ for 5.56. The cheapest I could find in bulk was .62 per round. So, I thought I'd wait. I checked tonight and boom. The cheapest I can find is .90 per round.
  25. Last spring I DIY'd a total replacement of my well system. I guess I shouldn't complain it lasted a good 15-20 years with no problems. The biggest problem was getting all the parts I needed to do the job. So, we were without running water for almost a week. Thank you Grainger Supply and Lowes. I probably spent all in about $1000. But that was doing all the work myself. I had to build a rig out 4x4s to actually pull the pump. But I also replaced all the wires, pipe, pressure tank, control box, pressure switch, and filtration system and well cap. I also replaced all the above ground plumbing to stainless steel from the old corroded galvanized originally installed. .
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