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  1. I try to keep it (somewhat) simple but the draconian state of NJ states that I cannot have a flash hider on my rifle thus forcing my hand to go for either a comp or a brake. The device I'm looking at is 2.70" so pinning/welding it to a 14.5" barrel would cover the length requirement. I ask about the blast forwarding device cause I know a brake or comp will surely annoy people left and right of me at the range. Being all too new to this, I just wanted to learn if there are any significant differences between the barrel lengths I'm looking at given the purpose of the build. Once my daughter heads out to college and is on her own, I plan to head to Delaware where the laws aren't as stringent. Until then, I have to abide by what NJ says I can and can't do with my "evil" riffle. Thanks for the input!
  2. Back with more questions. Looking to add a few things to my list for the build and place another order for more parts, I'm at a point where I'm a bit confused as to barrel length. Living in the wonderful state of NJ, I'm going to need to pin/weld a muzzle device and, while I had settled on a 16" length, the thought comes to mind that maybe there's a benefit to getting a 14.5" and making up the difference with the muzzle device. I'm not sure which is "better". Some info: I don't hunt. I plan to use this mainly at an indoor range. I may get a couple of chances per year to shoot steel at an outdoor range/gun club. And, while it won't be the first thing I grab for home defense, there's always that chance that it will play that role. Lastly (for now), does anyone know if NJ has an issue with a blast forwarding device? I've looked around and can't seem to find anything specifically about it. As usual, thanks for any and all input and information.
  3. So basically you're saying I'm reading a lot and over thinking what should be a simple thing, correct? Because All of this buffer stuff is making my head spin a bit. Thanks for the continuing replies. It's all helpful.
  4. Other than the lower and upper (Already ordered), nothing is set in stone. I'm just putting together a list of items and as I touch the different bases I get presented with things I have little, if any, knowledge about. As I dig a little deeper I realize that some things aren't as straight forward for me. I'll reach out to Odis Works and see what's recommended but I wanted to see if the good folks here have any experience with the item and/or the company. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the replies. 5.56 is the caliber of choice and, while I've only just started looking at barrels, I have this in mind (not set in stone) and it's a mid length (https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Match-Grade-Barrel-556-NATO-Paul-Howe-16-1-8-Twist-Stainless-Fluted/productinfo/TR-556PHMG16FT8/). Thanks again.
  6. So as I'm getting my ducks in order with regards to my first ever AR build, I'm putting things into a spread sheet to keep track of the things I like/need/want. I have decided NOT to spend a ton on the lower/upper and go for an Aero Precision set. I've heard nothing but good things about them and I like they way it looks. Admittedly I'm not super familiar with everything yet and I will be asking a lot of questions. I prefer to research and get as many answers myself but there are times I see something and can't get much detail or info and end up turning to the forums to pick the brains of those that know. With that said, I'm looking at this and was wondering if this is something that is worth getting. What are the general feelings? (https://www.odinworks.com/Adjustable_Buffer_p/os-abs.htm) From the reading and video watching that I've been doing, I'm seeing that the buffer weight has some relation with barrel length and, I think, the gas block system. I've only started looking into the buffer system tonight so I may be totally off. I do know that my build will have a 16" barrel and I will require a low-profile gas block since I plan to go with this hand-guard (https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/ar15-atlas-s-one-mlok) so I'm not quite sure how any of this will effect the buffer weight I'll need. Again, this is al new territory for me so excuse anything that doesn't make sense. Anyway, if you read this far then I appreciate it and I'll appreciate any opinions of the Odinworks buffer. Thanks!
  7. The additional links are appreciated, thanks! I have Aero as my first choice for a set but was looking for something more interesting with a bit more personality. That's what drew me to the Ascend set. F1, while nice, the designs are just a bit too much for me. I'm really liking what I'm seeing with 2A.
  8. Thanks for the link and the additional replies. I actually may have to start looking elsewhere for a set as it seems, in my digging a little deeper, Ascend is having issues and may or may not be out of commission. I stopped by their FB page to see what people had to say and there are a lot of unhappy folks. Not because of bad quality, but because there is a definite lack of communication and it seems they owner went radio silent. I might not know a lot about ARs but I do know that no matter how nice looking or how high quality a product is, if there isn't customer service to back it up it's not worth anything. It's a good thing I'm in no rush so I can keep my options open. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks to you both for the replies and answer. I kind of figured that was the case for a matched set but I needed clarification. I have a matched set in mind and, while I understand and agree that performance is above aesthetics, it would be nice to have lower and upper look good together. Especially with the look of the lower I am eyeing (Ascend Armory). Again, thanks for the replies. It's very much appreciated.
  10. Hello all. I typically like to scour and find answers for most of the stuff I do but I have a question for which the answer seem to be escaping me. Keeping it short and sweet. Again, this is my first go around with this so excuse anything that is clearly "newbie": What are the advantages (if any) for buying a receiver set as apposed to a receiver and a separate upper? Thanks!
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