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  1. creed0330

    AR Pistol Barrel Shroud

    Ok guys. Trying to figure out how to post pics but here’s a link to my drop box. This is the end result with the flaming pig. Measures weren’t what I was expecting. But I feel like it’ll be good to go. Thought? https://www.dropbox.com/s/jhbfhoq1wj74itv/Photo Sep 23%2C 16 21 50.jpg?dl=0
  2. creed0330

    AR Pistol Barrel Shroud

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I ordered 13.5 rail and 3.28 noveske can. 10.5 barrel, I should have about .28 of can peeking out the rail, so pretty sure Ill be good.
  3. creed0330

    AR Pistol Barrel Shroud

    @bamashooter so if my measurements are accurate, there will be .28 inches of flash can sticking our from the rails... if the flash can directs the blast forward, I should be good right?
  4. creed0330

    AR Pistol Barrel Shroud

    So I've seen plenty of reviews with Noveske's mounted on a 7.5 AR pistol with a 10 inch rail with no issues. Would a 13.5 rail work with my 10.5 barrel and Noveske thats 3.28 inches long?
  5. Hello everyone... I have AR pistol with a 10.5 inch barrel. I ordered and 10 inch Stngr HWK rail, and trying to figure the best flash can/or shroud that work best as coming close to the end of the rail. Anyone out there have any ideas? Or have a 10.5 barrel with a 10 inch rail and can? Any input would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.