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  1. Stogie83

    Sino Defence AK´s worth the money?

    Didn´t know that import ban is still in effect!
  2. Hey all, Hope you had a good start into the new year. Since end of december we are allowed to buy all kinds of new rifles in austria (till the libtards find out go apesht again), like M1 Garand (right now only the italian ones in .308), M1 carbines, BUT most importantly, AK´s. Saiga, Izmash (both pretty expensive), Pioneer Arms (where i already know that those a crap, because cast trunion), Zastava, Norinco and Sino Defence. And i feel in love with a Sino Defence AKM in 7,62x39mm, wood furniture, when visiting my arms dealer, but no one knows if they are good or bad. The trunion seems to be milled, AK mags for the 7,62 WP fit nice (got plenty of those before the hi-cap mag restriction/ban, thanks EU), overall finish looks decent. Has anyone of you any experience with those? I don´t find any infos on the web, except the company is located in Beijing and somewhat related with Norinco.
  3. Stogie83

    Guess whats happening at H&K?

    Curios if this lady will be available in my country too at sometime. We can already buy the SP5k, for.....2800€/$. Lovely to shoot, but too expensive, not to mention the mags.
  4. Stogie83

    Rimfire picture thread.

    My custom .22, based on a Chiappa M-Four .22 Upper Conversion. Aero Upper w/no Forward Assist, Anderson Lower, Catch 22 Boltcatch, Trinity Force Keymod Handguard and other leftover parts (sights, grip, ....) . Nothing special, but runs like a charm, never had any problems so far. RWS, Aquilla, CCI, Topshot, eats everything.
  5. Stogie83

    Short stroke??

    As you describe it, happened to a friend of mine last year. The set screws on his low profile gasblock loosened. Realigned and tightened the screws (cannot remember if he used loctite or not), done.
  6. Exactly 48hrs ago tried out my new Chiappa M4 .22. Right now putting together a shopping list for my next order at brownells.
  7. Thanks! Yep, you guys already helped me alot answering a question of mine! Hey btw thanks for finding my country´s flag
  8. That´s something i never took in consideration, thanks for pointing that out! Most of the time i fired my AR on mild, rainy days with the same brand of ammo S&B 55gr, sometimes Hornady Frontier 55gr (where i´m not sure if the carbon build up with Hornady is more inside the BCG). Will keep an eye on it the next time i go the range! Thanks!
  9. Stogie83

    1911 picture thread

    Current project, improving and refurbishing a Norinco 1911a1. Got it for cheap, but the former owner(s) didn´t take care of her. Replaced most of the inner parts, cold blued her. Thinking about replacing the sights, mainly for the looks....
  10. That´s why i bless Brownells for setting up stores in europe. Almost the only way to get firearms-related parts and stuff from the US. Thanks! HAHA yeah i´m kinda the same! Plus, a little panicking at first after replacing one or two parts and things run completely different. Already put Superlative and Odin AGB on my wishlist. JP looks a bit too bulky, i´m not sure if it fits on my (kinda slim) keymod handguard.
  11. Stogie83

    Let's talk USGI 5.56 Magazines

    Got a few Colt and SA80 mags for cheap from friends, all with the black follower. Replaced them all with the yellow Magpul ones and never had any problems then. And have stocked up on Magpul Gen 3 Mags (thanks to the EU buying them in the future will get difficult), one didn´t activate the bolt catch. Disassembled, checked and reassembled it, and now works fine, dunno what was causing the problem. Oh-oh, and a friend of mine ordered a few of them a few days ago. Now this can get interesting.
  12. Thanks to you all for ypur replies! I´ll run it for now as is, but will keep an eye on the brass casings also. Should it get bad to worse, i´ll make my buffer heavier (still have a few spare weights) . If this doesn´t help i´ll buy an adjustable gasblock then! Which one can you recommend? (preferably one from Brownells, because they have set up a european store in my country)
  13. Hi, maybe you can help me or give me an adivce please, i´m kinda new to the ar15 world and still learning: I have exchanged the carbine stock with a A1 stock because a few months ago of storage space and...yeah, looks (incl Rifle Tube, Buffer and Spring) on my Schmeisser AR15 16" 1:9 barrel, mid length gas. At first it ejected the casing to 1 o`clock and had wearing on the back end of the ejection port, diagnosed BC overtravel and fixed it with spacers (shims) at the end of the rifle buffer tube. Now they get ejected to the 3 o`clock position, have no FDF`s or FDE´s, bolt locks open after last round, no increased recoil compared to when i had the carbine buffer, BUT after around 100rds i noticed wearing / chipping on the front edge of the brass deflector (and of course brass marks but i know that´s normal). Is it overgassed? Is there still something to improve or should i just don´t worry about it? I haven´t noticed any damage on the brass casings btw If i still want to alter the ejection angle (and fixing overgassing if it is the case), i heard from someone i should use a heavier buffer / increase weight in the rifle buffer. Would it just do the trick to replace the spacer in the buffer with an additional weight and a shorter spacer?
  14. Hi all, i´m a guy from austria owning an AR15 now since three years. Why do i own one? Because i find it more interesting and way more customizable than the Steyr AUG (and ar15´s are prettier in my view). And interestingly, the AR15 is more common among sport shooter in my country than the AUG hehe. What led me here? Hopefully to learn understanding the mechanic more, learning new things, how to fix problems and issues. Already do have one, will write about that in the beginners forum. Edit: Btw it shows the australian flag in my profile, though i´ve selected Austria haha