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  1. IMHO, the cool thing about this thread is that nobody is saying that a black rifle is an IAW (Imitation Assault Weapon) and it is too easy to shoot, and the magazines are too big, nobody could ever dream of hunting anything with that kind of a rifle, they are only good for terrorists. The old AK-47's (not sure about current production) were never noted for great accuracy, and the 7.62X39 (yes I did find it amusing that it is easy to end up with 4.62 without even trying, they are right next to each other on the keypad and you shoot the same finger at them) is a little light, not quite equal to my even older .30-30, and the .223 is not quite equal to the .22-250, but that is all part of the usual consideration of preferred caliber, whether in a single shot or lever action or any other. Two of the best deer hunters I ever had the opportunity to associate with both liked their semi-auto rifles: Remington Model 8's, one in .32 Remington and the other .35. And the one with the .32 liked being able to keep the rifle at his shoulder and look for openings in the brush that might mean an opportunity for a shot. And if the anti-gun fanatics succeed in disappearing every IAW off the face of the earth, but people can still buy 12 gauge 3-1/2" pump shotguns and 000 buckshot shells, that will not improve our public safety. The facts are on our side, we just need to stay enthusiastic about telling everybody. FBook etc may try to segregate the people and keep the conservatives from talking to the liberals, and I do notice sometimes that a conservative post on a liberal news site might somehow get lost and not get posted, but we don't need to succeed every time, if we can just keep our opponents from fooling enough of the people enough of the time. :-)
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