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  1. The one I looked at was I think the infidel and it was already cerakoted there barrels are alot more accurate my opinions I love DD furniture tho alot of people hate it but is what it is for accuracy I'd go noveske go to war rifle I'd go dd not saying noveske cant handle abuse I've just got alot more time with DD so its what I know I'm thinking about buying a kac If i cant ever find the one i want and get the money Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. I've got to shoot a DD isr and I loved it but I'm a DD fan boy I've wanted a noveske just never saved long enuff I've had 3 DDv9s I got a mk18 and a v7 pro right now never had a issue from any of them good luck Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. I've never had that happen not saying hes wrong I have heard hoppes is one the stronger cleaners but I've never had an issue Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. This was a pistol a friend brought me after leaving it in his broke down truck with broke windows and frogot it was in there supposedly and it had been rained on for months when I took the slide off crud and just solid pieces of dirt fail out of it the front sight was the worst part so it's the only pics I took of it and this what what I got done with my hoppes elite Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  5. I would send a link or post a pic of the exact kit I bought but I still havent learned how to post pictures and stuff
  6. I use hoppes elite everything I got barrel foam oil cleaner and copper removal hopefully I spelt that right but yea mean I use hoppes on everything my rifles from Walmart and 2,000$ AR's anyone that brings there guns to me for cleaning I use the same stuff I have for years never had an issue and as far as videos just type ar15 cleaning and lube and it's pretty simple to learn after just a video or 2 and I didnt see you ask about It in your comment but a good cleaning kit look at some of the otis elites there not cheap but they would have almost everything you would ever need as far as brushes rods bore maps pad jags and then i just bought like a thousand pack of cleaning patches in Amazon for like 15$ good luck
  7. One thing I think about I dont know if you would care like I would but one thing I think of when going to the muzzle device u said you want it about at the halfway one thing that worrys me when I do this because I dont really like barrel exposure but the heat and gasses and everything that comes out at the muzzle if depending on the rails coating materials ect. It could cause corrosion damage and wear Marks faster over time agian just something to think about but if I was you I would get the 1.5" muzzle device you want and get a 7 inch rail
  8. Noveske are known for their barrels
  9. Yea that's one of the rifles I have now that I love more then any other rail thank you I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to post a pic
  10. That's a nice rifle might have to look into it thanks
  11. Just notice I said barrel swap ment rail swap
  12. I cant figure out how to post a picture if anyone has seen the DDm4v9 will know what I mean
  13. Imma have to barrel swap on anything I get probably either way because I hate barrel exposure I like longer rails I know it's more weight that's not needed at all
  14. Nothing I dont like about them why not add to the collection tho Daniel deffense is great from all my experiences but are they the best in world not trying to be a smart ass actually a question I love them but Idk if there the best ever I wanna try something new there not going anywhere I'm keeping all 3 but like I said y not add to the collection
  15. Main things I'm looking for is it to have a quad rail and chf barrel and flat top no fixed sights
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