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  1. Ram rod

    Best ar15 brand

    Yea I started looking at the predatobr .556 maybe throw a acog and a can on it is what I'm really leaning towards and save some money for another build
  2. Ram rod

    Best ar15 brand

    I prefer quad rails flat top nicer furniture I like DD over molding on the grips and stocks I dont really like the hollow plastic handles that just feel cheap and shatty non sbr so i dont gotta worry about the tax stamp and I like basic colors no fancy stuff like some of cobalt kinetics and a few others that have werid color schemes
  3. Ram rod

    Best ar15 brand

    I got 2800 back for optics triggers muzzle devices ect
  4. Ram rod

    Best ar15 brand

    Mainly wanting to replace a gun I'm trying to sell and buy something a little better I'm selling a DD mk18 never got around to doing what I wanted to do to it probably keep the rest of my DD's really thinking on a sr25 I know there completely diffrent just dont have a use for the mk18 right now
  5. Ram rod

    Best ar15 brand

    Super secret special you say might have to check that out 5,000$ seems reasonable if it has a spare mag or 2😂 thanks for the advice
  6. Ram rod

    Best ar15 brand

    First time ever posting dont know if this is the right place if not sorry With out starting a war what ar15 brand do yall recommend I'm wanting this one rifle for the best durability and be reliable not using it for competitions or for show I dont care about the lightest rail or weight really in genral I'd like to stay around the 5000$ range just for the rifle no optic I'll buy everything else after the rifle I currently have 3 Daniel deffenses I've looked at noveske larue barret lmt larue kac I may be wrong to me larue seems like it's more for lightweight and pure accuracy I want a gun that will take a beating in any weather I live in NC so we will get 90+ degrees mid summer then 5-15 degree snowy winters survive a drop do well in water I try to never get any of my firearms wet but if it ever came down to swim or die so i guess more of a shtf go to rifle sorry for it being long and agian if it's in the wrong place