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  1. BD1_Miami@Yahoo.Com

    Bolt Malfunction

    Good afternoon everyone, I am happy to say that the issue has been resolved. FUNNY story Actually. I was disassembling the AR and trying to cover all of the items that you all responded with when my wife, a weapon Novice, picked up the stripped down upper assembly and said "Hey is this suppose to move like this?". She brought to my attention that the gas tube and the gas block was slightly shifting, something that I know that I visually checked several times before. After careful examination I noticed the issue. The gas port outlet of the Gas Block was not aligned with the gas port inlet of the barrel. I aligned both ports and secure the gas block. I took it immediately to the range and *** TA DAAAAHHHH***, issue resolved. The weapon performed Flawlessly. Sometimes it takes a second pair of eyes to notice the Obvious. BTW, my youngest brother purchased the exact same weapon and was having issues with his rounds improperly feeding of double feeding. I applied the same resolution to his weapon and went back to the range the next day and it functioned flawlessly as well. Lesson Learned: Proper gas flow is essential and should be the first trouble shooting option: Thank you all AGAIN for the much needed and appreciated feed back.
  2. BD1_Miami@Yahoo.Com

    Bolt Malfunction

    Nope, not a drive by. Just returned from my 23 Y/O promotion ceremony to E6/Ssgt. She is a combat medic in the Army. I appreciate all of the suggestions and will let everyone know what the solution turned out to be. But no drive by....
  3. BD1_Miami@Yahoo.Com

    Bolt Malfunction

    Good afternoon everyone, I have a Talon AR 15 and it is a DREAM to fire, until yesterday. I was at the range and fired my first 9 rounds without a hitch and then the bolt failed to charge. I cleared the weapon and changed the magazine and got the same results. I changed the ammo and same thing happened. I field stripped the weapon and roded the barrel, stripped the bolt down and cleaned it, lubed everything up like it was a stripper on Saturday night and still got the bolt malfunction. I am thinking that it may be a blockage in the gas tube. Can anyone offer any assistance?