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  1. hatchw1

    Gas Hole Size

    Hello Everyone, Im getting ready to turn my first barrel. Its going to be an 11.5 inch 243 LBC. Im going to give it a bull contour and .936 gas block, with 3/4x24 Threads on the muzzle and Im going to make my own muzzle device. Im going to get my reamer and gauges from Manson. The only thing Im still unsure on is gas port size. What size should I drill for the gas port to ensure it works? Im planning on using an adjustable gas block so going a little too big wont hurt. I asked on another forum and was given the answer "Start with a number 50 drill and keep going a size up until it cycles." Thats a bit less of a defined process than I was hoping for, does anyone have better advice?