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  1. Exactly. That is the main reason I'm looking to buy one in the near future as opposed to after college when I actually have more money. Plus, I can get more training time in if I start sooner in case there is some sort of a revolution against big brother, which I really hope doesn't need to happen.
  2. Thanks a lot. Honestly, that is what my gut is telling me. I checked into the .350 legend a bit and found that ammo is actually affordable! Not the $1.50 per round of the .450 bushmaster or .50 beowulf, but more like $0.50 per round. That is really something to think about. The cost of ammo for the other 2 big bore calibers is really off-putting.
  3. Thanks for your help. That's actually exactly one of the rifles I was looking at. I'll make sure to watch for sales.
  4. So your saying to buy the .223/5.56 ar and then get a 22lr upper instead of the conversion kit? I'll look into that.
  5. Thanks for the solid advice. I did think about that, however I am not 21 yet so I can ONLY buy complete rifles for some reason. Some stupid law. Thanks.
  6. Howdy people. I will preface this by saying that I am not yet 21 and therefore can't build a rifle as I can not buy a standalone lower receiver or complete lower due to my age, so please do not recommend builds. Now that that is out of the way, I will address my issue. I want to buy an AR-15. I love the platform and how versatile it is. I have been saving up to buy one since I turned 17. Due to cost of ammo (in college = no money) and the fact that there are no ranges nearby to go to on a regular basis, I have decided that one way or another I want to be able to shoot .22lr out of this thing. I can shoot in my backyard, as I live in the country and it is kind of a valley; the perfect backstop, but I probably won't be shooting much .223/5.56 out there due to proximity to neighbors, just at the range when I do have time to go. Anyway, I am trying to decide between buying a dedicated .22lr AR type rifle like the M&P 15-22 Sport or buying a true AR-15 like the Ruger AR556 MPR or the PSA PA15 and getting the CMMG .22lr conversion kit. I would also like to go deer hunting in the next few years (I live in Ohio, so straight walled cartilages only), so I would love to be able to throw a BCA .450 Bushmaster or .50 Beowulf upper on there for that. I am aware that the M&P 15-22 will not accept standard AR-15 uppers, so that would only be able to be used as .22lr, in which case I would just buy another rifle for hunting (Ruger American Ranch possibly). I should also mention that when shooting .22lr, I am not going for extreme accuracy, mostly just center mass and headshots at 25yds or less. Furthermore, I do require that the rifle has some sort of rail system (picatinny, mlok, keymod), as I would like to mount a flashlight, some sort of foregrip, and maybe a sling. My question is, would it be better to buy a standard AR-15 for $550 that I can throw a $175 kit in to shoot .22lr and a $250 upper for hunting, or buy the $350 .22lr AR-15 and get a separate $500 hunting rifle? I am kind of leaning toward getting a true AR-15 because I am not a fan of how the M&P 15-22 is pretty much all polymer, as well as the fact that the magazines for it are hideous (I know, not a deal breaker, just a personal gripe).
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