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  2. I bought the Sport II and it has the A2 type front sight and a MagPul fold down rear sight with small and large apertures. The scope mount I bought is a Warne with two nuts to tighten or release. But I may replace that with a more QD type. I’m not real sure a red dot scope would work that well for me. I have used scopes my entire life. The 1x4 I mentioned was in a .338 Win Mag that I set up for big bears and it is really fast at 1X. As I alluded, I am a Vietnam veteran, so that probably gives you a good idea of my age and no, the eyes are not nearly as good as they were back then. LOL I will probably not be expecting to exceed 200-300 yards, if that. The M&P 15 Sport II has a Milspec buffer and yes, I have a pretty good idea of the MagPul items I will probably put on. I’ve already purchased a few of their latest gen 30 round mags. Thank you for the ammo suggestions—confirmed my research. Now I need to buy a box or two of each and range test them for accuracy in my particular rifle.
  3. Thank you for the reply. It sounds like you are an expert on the platform. My primary purpose/s for this weapon are self-defense, SHTF (civil breakdown, possible civil war). I am not planning any real extensive changes. Probably replace stocks, etc., with MagPul items, sling, etc.. I have a serviceable Leupold 1-4 scope that I took off a .338 Win Mag to start with, but will probably replace it with a prism type. Right now I am researching to find a versatile multipurpose round to test for accuracy in order to stock up.
  4. New member here. Been around guns and hunting since I was six years old. Carried an M16 many, many years ago in Vietnam. Bought a Colt AR15-A2 a few years after I got discharged, stocked up on magazines, ammo, etc., then a few years later I wanted a over/under 20 gauge, so traded the colt and literally gave away around a thousand rounds of .223. But moving forward a few decades, the times they are a changing, so even though I have a gun safe loaded to the max I recently picked up a new AR in 5.56/.223 (S&W MP15 Sport II). I joined this site because I plan to outfit this new AR and figured I may have some questions. Thanks for letting me in. Many years ago I took an oath--I was never released from that oath.