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  1. I mean may be a stupid question and I understand the negatives that could happen but the "speed trigger hammer" from jp I believe looks like the spur is just cut off the hammer? I was wondering if it's made of a different metal to keep from light strikes? Could you cut some off hammer spur of mil-spec? I got springs, I've polished all touching parts and most of all don't have extra $200 for a trigger. Any knowledge of failed endeavors or passed on knowledge would be nice. I enjoy smithing my own gun and could find anything on the millenniums Bible(YouTube).
  2. I'm sure it's getting down to a big air rifles rocoil and impulse control. Haven't had any issues yet. This weekend is a big weekend for it cause the weather here's in the low 30s and terrible pressure out so I'll repost range report next week. I have a h2 to swap out but I know I'm close in cold weather to short stoking. Been thinking bout getting adjustable bcg just in case but that toolcraft his hard to fail.
  3. Firm believer in pics first, so... *24" Predator Fluted Hbar 556 NATO SS 416r 11°target crown with rifle length gas system *Custom steel 1 3/8" tall 0.936"id micro low pro gas block * 15" slim Mlok free floating hand gaurd with steel barrel nut *Anderson upper *Toolcraft 556 NATO nitride mpi bcg *Titanium firing pin *Anderson lower multi Cal *Milspec 6 position carbine buffer *Magpul Ctr adj buttstock * Moe CTR 1/4" neoprene cheek riser *Magpul 3/8" limbsaver *Magpul grip and trigger gaurd *Armaspec H3 5.4 oz Sound midagation buffer *Magpul B.A.D. lever(terrible for cleaning) *BCM Gunfighter Polished Nickel Teflon single stage trigger *JP Enterprise Reduced spring kit *G4 M556 series 30mm SPR Cantilever scope mount with rings *Nikon Buckmaster II 4x12x40mm BDC *6"-9" Bipod *Peace keeper rear bag Love this gun. One of my happier builds. Great for target to hunting and varmiting. Seems like anyone can sit behind it and shoot sub moa and it really reaches the cartridge to what's possible. This is a big gun at 42 1/2" with stock extended and about 11lbs. But the size helps so much make this gun. That next target acquisition and stay on target through the glass is amazing. I'll post some range pics soon.
  4. Nikon's applied ballistic app is real good. It allows for hand load input also. Won't give you a printout but will tell you where you should hit after you input you zero yard to actual. Like I'm zeroed at 100yrds, input that. Say I'm bore sight at 25yards, input that it will show you where the laser should be in respect to reticle in scope.
  5. Custom Predator SPR Build Post build list when I find appropriate section!!
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