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  1. When it comes to budget i want to be around 600$ in the rifle, not including the scope. I already have the complete lower built for around 120-150$ so plenty of room to play. Merry Christmas all!
  2. Its mainly going to be a coyote rig but i will defintely be putting plenty of shells down range for fun. When it comes to optics ive heard alot of good things about vortex and have considered buying one, maybe i will. But for LPVO im interested in them but i feel like they wouldnt work well for hunting, maybe because ive never used them.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, just some other information i most likely wont be shooting over 150yds, not to many large fields in my area to make long shots. Also when it comes to scopes im a fan of nikon/leupold and in my opinion your rifle is only as good as your scope, but everywhere i look its all about red dots which i have no experience with so ill likely stay away from them. Other then caliber my only question is about barrel twist, from my research if im shooting .223 i would want to go with a 1:9? Thanks in advance.
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