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  1. I have two Black Hole Weaponry 25x68 barrels & reloading dies - This is a 25 caliber bullet seated in a necked down 6.8spc cartridge. I’m getting out of custom cartridge reloading and selling 2 barrels with reloading dies, these are both medium weight and are cut with 3 land polygonal rifling. Barrel 1: Black Melonite/Nitride finish NEW UNFIRED NEVER INSTALLED Midlength 18” 1x10 twist w/threaded end & .750 gas block. Barrel 2: STAINLESS Midlength 18” 1x9 twist w/Target Crown & .750 gas block diameter. This has exactly 150 rounds fired thru it with various bullet manufactures. The fastest load was a Barnes 80gr TTSX chrono’d at 3200fps. Reloading Dies: Redding TYPE S full length bushing die with a .290 & .280 Titanium Nitride bushings for necking down 6.8spc brass (NEW $135 for dies & bushings) RCBS FL Die Set 25 WSSM (NEW $38) FORSTER Ultra micrometer seater die (NEW $85) The DIES are roughly 258 dollars to purchase new and these have only 150 rounds reloaded on them. The barrels were 300 each when I purchased them before BHW was rebranded to Columbia River Arms. I have over 850 invested, I'd like to get 450 dollars and I’ll pay shipping but not outside the lower 48. .