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  1. I’ll check out Lancer and see what MFT has in lower capacity. I got both my USGI steel follower mags out. I may dedicate them to this rifle. Here’s the ammo i scored 400 rounds of for $220 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Not in the rifle’s current hardware set up. I was always led to believe that P mag is the best. But I have four vintage FN magazines that I installed Magpul followers in but they are 30 rounders I like smaller magazines for hunting. I also read that gen 2 is best pmag for RRA but not sure. I don’t think I can get 10 or 20 round capacity in gen2. I have an MFT new in package too. And I have some Vietnam era 20 rounders with steel followers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have read where gen 3 Pmags have had some trouble in rock river arms AR’s. And believe it or not on this test fire it did not chamber a round manually the first time like the mag was not where it needed to be. I then manually locked the bolt back with the magazine uninserted and inspected the chamber and bore and then I re-inserted the magazine and hit the button that lets the BCG fly forward with force and it chambered a round. This was with a brand new magazine I just removed from the package Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I can understand that; while I probably have not experimented enough, I have shot 55 grain Hornaday soft point and they will not feed I have also shot M855 and they shoot fine but portrayed over gassed symptoms; Believe it or not the 223 federal 69 grain cartridges also portray almost identical over gassed symptoms. I am talking symptoms with the weapon in original condition with no upgraded equipment. Upgraded equipment brought the ejection pattern from a forward position back to 3 o’clock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I feel confident that the federal HiPower 69 gr matchking not only Presents an issue where I may have to adapt the weapon to the bullet weight; but federal may have loaded them fairly warm compared to today’s factory loads we are talking 1988 and 1990 those are the dates stamped on the back of the boxes. I may be onto something and I may not; I’m just wanting to shoot the ammunition reliably because I invested in 200 rounds of it. It is very accurate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you I just tried a different magazine and my update information posted just ahead of your post. Thanks again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. An update; i just installed the PWS H3 buffer and i used a brand new 10 round PMAG and it ejected exactly at 3:00 about 8 or 9 feet. The “on-deck” round only got a slight dent this time but it is negligible compared to the first one i showed you. A little history; my WMD BCG had too much extractor tension inside the carrier and caused the bolt to stick inside the carrier I actually thought this was caused by the O-ring under the spring but now I think it might’ve been a tolerance issue perhaps after the coating process. I changed the extractor out to a Del-Ton and I have been running without the O-ring but for this test fire I reinserted the O-ring with the Del-Ton extractor and installed the H3 buffer instead of the H2 just FYI. There were signs of interference on the rearward surface(where the spring is underneath) of the original WMD nickel boron extractor. The Del-Ton extractor does not produce this tight tolerance interference issue. Also with the original interference issue the extractor was gouging the hell out of the cartridge case rim. After re-inserting the O-ring with the Del-Ton extractor, case rim doesn’t look too bad. Tonight I will clean the chamber because there are brass fragments from this original issue. But first I must go get my wife some Mexican food; lol. I’m still hungry for any knowledge you think I may need to know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Please notice the very hard hit right at the point where it starts to bottleneck it actually deformed the straightness of the neck and the bullet with it of course. The weapon did not malfunction this round actually made it into the chamber; but it looks like it had a rough time getting there. I could not see the ejection pattern or if it short stroked all I know is it cycled and chambered successfully if you want to call it that. the shot I fired was actually into a coyote. I’m new here, let me start by giving you as many details as possible. Rock River Arms ATH V2 18” heavy match; WMD nickel boron full auto BCG, mid-length gas system and there is 8 inches of barrel forward of gas port not including compensator. Carbine buffer tube with JP enterprises polished carbine buffer spring and Primary weapons systems steel body H2 buffer; using PMAG 20 rounder brand new. I have on hand; a primary weapons systems steel body H3 buffer and I have original standard carbine buffers. I am sorry I do not know the dimension of my gas port. 69 grain Federal HiPower .223 loads. I have a bunch I purchased for $10 per box new old stock from around 1990 but properly stored and they are stout; the ejection pattern changes drastically on them versus 55 grain bullets. I upgraded the buffer spring and buffer in an effort to tame the ejection pattern to 4 oclock. The ammunition I fired is probably what was re-labeled as gold medal later on in the mid 90s or so. Also and please bear with me this may be a stupid question; but this was the first round I have noticed that cycled by way of weapon firing, into the chamber and then I Extracted it manually and see this decent damage. And it just so happens that this particular time I fired the rifle With the ejection port cover closed I did not know if that could make a difference. I usually have the cover open while hunting in the field. I would like to avoid an adjustable gas block. And also I am very eager to fire it some more and see if this condition replicates itself. Something else you guys may hit me on is I have not fired much ammunition through the rifle; 50 rounds. this forum is most likely a wealth of knowledge, after reading on it some; I quickly realized that there is a lot going on in an AR with gas and dwell time, pressure being too little or too great. I am here to learn; I am here to tap the minds of those who know more. I thank you very much in advance for any responses. I really do not want to give up the 69 grain open Tip Sierra match King‘s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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