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  1. Retriever1

    Colt MT6601

    Thanks for the info!!
  2. Retriever1

    Colt MT6601

  3. Retriever1

    Colt MT6601

    I’m used to an 8 round clip on the Garand so 20 should be fine. Do 30’s tend to have more load issues?
  4. Retriever1

    Colt MT6601

    New member here. I was just gifted a Colt MT6601 from my father in law, new in the box. He thinks he bought it around 2000. He is more of a collector than a shooter. My experience to date has been with pistol (Model 1911), an M1 Garand and M1 Carbine he gave me a few years ago. Looking for info on this weapon: would love date of manufacture and general info, plus an idea as to the value (he is curious as well). i know you have to be very careful as to what ammo you use in the M1, any such concerns with this rifle? Also good source of extra mags? Here are the specifics: Cold MT6601 Serial # CMH0218xx Just above serial number stamped "Match Target" and "Match HBAR" Thanks.