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  1. what would be preferred ammo size for a 1 in 7 twist . sorry to be short on explanation but looking at this rifle now.
  2. when I ask about the ammo choice I wanted to see some and I saw the most evil expansion yet, tn outdoors did it on you tube 64gr power point ….unreal destruction.
  3. I know the FMJ is majority of ammo fired from ar but what about defensive weapon ammo. what do you use?
  4. not trying to change the subject same gun I am buying, mine will play at range and defensive, kinda shtf scenario, would you need to do more?
  5. .I screwed this post up bad if I could erase it I would
  6. as I told all people on forum I am very new to this platform, here goes its multiple question, I saw a Ruger ar ptstol and really liked it, but was the purpose of this version and with the shorter barrel do the basic gr size still stay the same, it looks very defensive to me but sure it has to cut some off distance shooting. , anything you can tell me helps thanks
  7. to get ideas on a purchase and learn all I can about it, politics today played a part also..
  8. I will try to get to point, I want an ar, I know zero about one, I've done lots of shooting but not with this platform. all the places I go suggest m&p sport2 or ruger which are decent guns from what I have learned. not gonna do but range time and home defense with the way things are going with the politics I felt it would be good to have and that is about all I can spend. if you can add some comments or advice I would really appreciate that. thanks again
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