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  1. Good luck to you. Sounds like a great break.
  2. I only loan guns when they will be used in my presence. Too easy to claim they were stolen and when out of sight they can easily be abused.
  3. I have a feeling the "recovered" numbers are only the people they are tracking. If you had mild symptoms you weren't tested but you were told to go home and tough it out unless the symptoms got worse. So how would they be tracking people they didn't even test?
  4. That Primary Arms deal does look good. For reference, the UTG fixed iron sights I recently installed look and feel indestructible. Folding sights certainly have more moving parts but if they are anything like the fixed sights I would have confidence in them.
  5. Need to? Probably not. Want to in order to be more effective or safe in a PD situation? Possibly.
  6. What bamashooter meant is which model of M&P 15 Sport do you have. There are several different configurations available with different hand guards, with and without sights, etc. Maybe a pic of yours would explain which config you bought. This is the Ruger AR556 model 8529 that I have. S&W offers a variety like Ruger does and most other mfrs. https://ruger.com/products/ar556/specSheets/8529.html
  7. The more experienced members here gave you the best advice. My novice input comes only from years of experience shooting other firearms, mostly Marlin lever actions. After handling ARs of various configurations prior to my first purchase I knew I would prefer a slimmer hand guard than the plastic ones on standard looking carbines. I bought a model with a free floated alum hand guard and low profile gas block. The hand guard has m-lok slots on side and bottom with picatinny slots on top only. Smoother where I will grip it and slimmer like a lever action fore arm. With flexibility to mount any accessories needed for the rifle's intended purpose. All personal preference. If you are unclear what to do I suggest you do as others have suggested. Shoot it for awhile until you get a clearer picture how the rifle could be improved for your purposes. Saves you from wasting money on things that might end up collecting dust.
  8. Those two lights seem reasonably priced for the application. I wonder if both are capable of being mounted in any position. For ease of turning on and off I think they would be mounted on my rifle in a position of 9:00-11:00 or 6:00 from an m-lok to picatinny adapter cantilevered forward. I don't want to move the front sight rearward from the front edge of the 11" free float handguard to mount the light at 12:00.
  9. Thanks Bamashooter. I've looked at light selections from cheap to outrageous. Not planning on going into combat but would like one that will survive a few shots from the .223 AR. This is intended for bumps in the night or coyotes during mating season while my dogs are outside doing their business. Which from experience says the coyotes are about to start playing with the birds and the bees in a day or two for a two month span. Skunks look for loving about this time too.
  10. Good enough. Thanks bamashooter.
  11. I've never used a long gun at night besides a 410 and headlamp to scatter raccoons off a wildlife feeder. Does a weapon light provide light to see a target as well as illuminate well enough to use iron sights or a red dot? Seems like a dumb question but as a newbie to that scenario I'm not sure what I think I know is correct.
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