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  1. Rooster59

    Bushy Red Dot

    It isn't a vote of complete confidence, but if Bushmaster is willing to expose themselves to potential complaints on a part of a product they sell it is worth looking at for the $50. For all intents and purposes it appears to be made by Hammers. Whoever that is. It was probably always made by that manufacturer. Maybe some years back it was private labeled for Bushmaster and the contract ran out. Now the actual manufacturer is pursuing the product on their own. Happens a lot in the world of outsourcing.
  2. Rooster59

    Bushy Red Dot

    Agreed on the product labeling. But that red dot is shown on some of their rifles on their website. No more description of who makes it though. That might be an indication it is worth a try if it comes from the mfr on a rifle.
  3. Rooster59

    So far so good in RIC...but...

    Liberal lawmakers swayed? No way. Those folks are on a mission of destruction from the Saul Alinsky handbook. No amount of influence peddling by anyone will get them to stray from their mission. The naive general public swayed? They can be, but my description of how it should be done would be the best way to go about that. This particular rally had an awful lot of liberal media slant on the reporting of potential threats to have moved many naive citizens in a positive direction. Only some very open minded John Q Public would have seen the legislature's motives and been swayed by this event.
  4. Rooster59

    So far so good in RIC...but...

    A show of force like this rally was the appropriate thing to do to send a message to the legislators. They won't be swayed by force. Only be large numbers of objectors. The largest number of objectors can be accumulated by getting the sheep to join the sheepdogs in a show of force against the wolves. If the sheepdogs look like wolves the numbers will be smaller. Sheep like sheepdogs because they are gentle most of the time. Only threatening when wolves are around threatening the herd. Appearing like a mild-mannered group of objectors in sheepdog clothing seems to be the best long term approach. Then the wolves will stand out as wolves threatening mild mannered sheep and sheepdogs. Someone a long time ago said, "Walk softly and carry a big stick." There is no need to wave the stick in anyone's face until they need whacked. This rally wasn't the time to whack someone.
  5. Rooster59

    Bushy Red Dot

    Sounds like a reasonable assessment and plan. The option you posted sounds good enough to try out. Maybe the rest of us can reap the benefit of your experiment. $50 is $50 but it isn't the end of the world if it doesn't work out. Good luck and let us know how it all turns out.
  6. Rooster59

    Missourians Check In

    I'm a member of Bench Rest Rifle Club. I shoot there and in my back yard against a large dirt berm and at various deer from season to season.
  7. Rooster59

    Bushy Red Dot

    Must be the terminology I used. The actual dot is not what I was referring to. I was referring to the ocular lens size of 20mm on the red dot sight in the first post. If I am going to peer through something that small I might as well be using the iron sight's ghost ring aperture and front sight post. Looking through a 20mm hole is about like looking through a keyhole. At least for me. I want a red dot sight to be like a heads up display on a car windshield otherwise I wouldn't use it. Something for close up work where the difference in pinpoint accuracy and minute-of-vitals is inconsequential. A 3.5 to 5.0 MOA dot would be fine. If I can hit a pie plate with a red dot I'm good.
  8. Rooster59

    Bushy Red Dot

    Not sure what your objection is with my comments. I thought part of the red dot's appeal is that you don't have to have your eye perfectly centered or at the perfect distance from the ocular lens. Am I in error? School me.
  9. Rooster59

    Bushy Red Dot

    No way could I use a red dot that small in diameter. I have an old Tasco 42mm red dot I used on a 357 Marlin that still works. Haven't tried it on the AR yet. To me a red dot should have a larger lens to make it easier to use without shouldering tightly like a conventional scope. My Tasco might have a dot that large. Works fine for close work to 50 yards.
  10. Rooster59

    Slow Slow Slow Shipping anyone else notice this ?

    Most of our Amazon orders are delivered by their own people in the past few months. On time deliveries have suffered during that period. Could be because we are pretty rural and live on a dead end gravel road. The sign at the end of the road at our property line could be an issue too. "Now you're in range" Foul weather almost guarantees a one day delay.
  11. Rooster59

    Good Morning!

    Now that is a great way to wake up. A cute girl next door, packing heat and a big breakfast. Good morning Armory!
  12. Rooster59

    Noob Flash Hider Question

    BRD is a real threat. I was afflicted with Marlinitis twenty years ago when my wife bought my first one for my birthday. My wife prides herself on being a gun disease prevention specialist. But like any disease without a cure she can only mitigate some of the symptoms some of the time. ;)
  13. No need to tell what he paid for them. That is irrelevant. Tell her what they are now worth. You avoid divulging what he spent and will be able to delight her with how her husband made wise investments in firearms that have appreciated in value. Turn it into a positive for everyone.
  14. Rooster59

    Noob Flash Hider Question

    A post front sight is par for the course for me. Mine came without sights so I ordered a set of UTG non-folding front and rear to try out before I go too far with my budget. The only rifle I have used a scope on is a Marlin 30-30 for deer hunting beyond 100 yards. Almost always the deer have walked to within 35-50 yards of my stand ladder. The 45 Colt Win 92 clone and the 45-70 Marlin wear peep sights and a front blade/post sight. The 45-70 has an MVA vernier tang sight for longer yardage dingers at the rifle club. We'll see how the iron sights work out. My wife will be shooting this AR too and she hates scopes. She has popped problem raccoons at 70 yards with a front post and semi-buckhorn rear sight. She hasn't gotten the hang of aperture rear sights yet. She may have to work on that a little. Thanks again for all of the insight. I thought I knew all I needed to know but 24 hours of AR ownership proved I have a lot of questions that didn't occur to me at first.
  15. Rooster59

    Noob Flash Hider Question

    You said a mouthful there. If you can see something through the bore it gives you a much smaller range to adjust to than a .45 bore, if you can see something through that pinhole. Since you mentioned yardage... This is intended for exterior (maybe interior) life and property protection. The farthest I can reach around the house before hitting a wood line or other obstruction is about 65-70 yards in any direction. Setting a 50 yard zero seems a good compromise. At 65 yards the .223 is likely to be a little above zero. Very rough calculations with Hornady's ballistics calculator says a 50yd zero results in 0.6 high at 75yds, 1.0 high at 100 yards, 1.2 high at 125 yards then gradually comes back down to zero around 200 yards. From 25 yards to 200 yards the projectile should be within 1.5" of POA. That is well within "minute of problem" range. With an aperture and post sight setup that is all I can ask.