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  1. MoVal04


    i grew up in houston, and the first time i ever had boudin was across the street from the old ellington AFB. i havent found that particular kind since then. it was thick like silly putty and on texas toast with the best pinto beans!
  2. MoVal04


    alright , in metairie
  3. MoVal04


    Anyone besides myself live in LA?
  4. MoVal04


    thanks, i will try that.
  5. MoVal04


    Hello, anyone out there from Louisiana?
  6. Dang, 3 long years since anyone from LA jumped in:)
  7. Hello, what do some of you use for hog hunting mounted on your AR? Looking for something that is not bulky and i can attach to the rails. Distance to 100-150 yards. Thanks. Mo
  8. Gotcha! Read up on it last night. I appreciate the insight and am ordering the LT204. Thanks again! Mo
  9. Thanks for your comments and recommendations. I am going with the LaRue LT 104 since I need 1" rings. Many thanks! Mo
  10. Hello, glad to be here. I am reusing a trijicon accupoint scope and placing on new AR. Looking for thoughts on using the trijicon ac22034 quick release mount or other equal or better quality. Thanks for your comments. Mo
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