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  1. Fastest at the muzzle ? ... Or the sleekest BC'd bullet / load ?
  2. Does your PA10 Gen III have an adjustable gas block ? If not... save up for one... SLR or such ( and buy on sale ) Best improvement for the buck. FWIW... I started the same way ( 308 wise ...https://www.ar15.com/forums/industry/PA10-Nitrated-18-Gen-2-observations-fixes-Criterion-barrel-results-10-Sept-17-/301-284190/ Be careful with the steel cased ammo... I don' t know the current gas port sizes on their Gen III 308 barrels. But , typical gas port sizes on 308's tend to be on the large end of the spectrum.... and that can lead to vigorous extraction, at high chamber pressures , combine that with steel cases tend not to "release" / spring back like brass cases... you might have sticky extraction or poor extraction. I suggest you thoroughly clean the chamber... and fire some brass cased ammo , inspecting the fired case for any scratches. Post pics here... and then we can tell if a little dremel polishing is desirable ( for a variety of reasons ) You can help delay the cyclic "speed" ( allowing extraction at a lower chamber pressure ) by installing a stiffer recoil spring ( 308 Tubbs flatwire ) and a heavy KAK 308 carbine buffer. ( measure yours , should be 2.5" long ) The PSA PA10 and the Primary Arms products are GTG in my book. Both are solid platforms.
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