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  1. bfoosh006

    New to the .308

    Does your PA10 Gen III have an adjustable gas block ? If not... save up for one... SLR or such ( and buy on sale ) Best improvement for the buck. FWIW... I started the same way ( 308 wise ...https://www.ar15.com/forums/industry/PA10-Nitrated-18-Gen-2-observations-fixes-Criterion-barrel-results-10-Sept-17-/301-284190/ Be careful with the steel cased ammo... I don' t know the current gas port sizes on their Gen III 308 barrels. But , typical gas port sizes on 308's tend to be on the large end of the spectrum.... and that can lead to vigorous extraction, at high chamber pressures , combine that with steel cases tend not to "release" / spring back like brass cases... you might have sticky extraction or poor extraction. I suggest you thoroughly clean the chamber... and fire some brass cased ammo , inspecting the fired case for any scratches. Post pics here... and then we can tell if a little dremel polishing is desirable ( for a variety of reasons ) You can help delay the cyclic "speed" ( allowing extraction at a lower chamber pressure ) by installing a stiffer recoil spring ( 308 Tubbs flatwire ) and a heavy KAK 308 carbine buffer. ( measure yours , should be 2.5" long ) The PSA PA10 and the Primary Arms products are GTG in my book. Both are solid platforms.
  2. FWIW... AR15.com is going through the same "Malarkey" at this moment from E2Armory.com... and sounds like E2Armory is using something called a "ChatBot" ( Just an FWIW, for us older folks. ) https://www.ar15.com/forums/general/How-BCGs-are-made-at-E2-Armory/5-2294261/