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  1. uncle fester

    tools for builds

    Thanks again. I actually have no tools for the AR and would like to be able to do any task in the next year. I'll watch the videos for more information. Is there a tool kit available that will cover all potential jobs or should I expect to accumulate a few job specific tools as I move forward? Thanks.
  2. uncle fester

    tools for builds

    thanks Wish, much appreciated.
  3. uncle fester

    tools for builds

    I want to build an AR pistol and change barrels on my rifles, can someone advise me on the basic tools I will need? thanks
  4. uncle fester

    learning to build an AR

    I'd like to build my own AR pistol and switch barrels on one of my AR rifles. Would someone advise me on a basic tool assortment to do these tasks? Thanks
  5. uncle fester

    new member

    I feel fortunate to have found this site and I'm hoping to learn a lot. I have two AR builds, and a P99AS to carry about. Very interested in suppressors to keep my neighbors happy. I'm also interested in ATVs and enduro riding. Living the 'murikun dream!!