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  1. Armormeister

    New Acquisition of AR-15 A2 Newbie Questions

    Ok, let's try this. Thank you. img]https://i.imgur.com/pM3dkvw.jpg
  2. Ordinarily I collect WWI, WWII and Korea era weapons. However, I recently acquired a small collection at an estate sale. Included were four FAL FN rifles and a Colt AR-15, A2. I believe it to be a "pre-ban" rifle and need confirmation. I would like to learn about this rifle, it's nomenclature, history and any value it has on the market today for my records. When in doubt, ask the experts. What say ye? https://imgur.com/pM3dkvw https://imgur.com/I08PDNd https://imgur.com/pM3dkvw https://imgur.com/uT0VBSo https://imgur.com/sqK45ce https://imgur.com/gKHXiBq https://imgur.com/yCGYbaX https://imgur.com/wCvjZJ3