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  1. SeaJai

    BCG Getting Stuck Forward

    How realistic is returning and getting my money back on a firearm? I'm not too sure about the process and how that all works
  2. Hello I am new to the AR platform and I'm needing help establishing what is wrong with my firearm. Every time I load a magazine and use my bolt release or charging handle to put a round in the chamber my BCG and charging handle get stuck and I have to mortar my gun every time to even use the charging handle. The gun is very inconsistent when firing with this. More than half the time of trying to fire, I'll pull the trigger and the hammer will fall and nothing happens. The trigger stays stuck in the back position and safety gets stuck on fire. Once I mortar the firearm the charging handle then of course unlocks the trigger and safety. There has been times though when I load only 4 rounds in a mag and after I have to mortar that first round, the firearm will shoot the other 3 like there is no problem. I am fairly certain that every time I loaded my mag the first round never fired. It was not until I mortared it a couple of times then maybe a round would go off or two or even three if i was lucky. Keep in mind I bought this firearm as a whole, this was my first time trying to fire the firearm and this is what happened. Since then I have lubed up the BCG and have yet to see if this makes a difference. My firearm is a Radical Firearms 6.5 Grendel and I have been using Hornady's Black 6.5 123 Grain ELD Please any response would be very very appreciated!