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  1. CookieMonsta308

    Selector detent - 80% lower issue?

    I just wanted to thank everyone here. I went ahead and drilled a tiny bit further with a 5/32 and just when I started getting nervous that I was going to deep, I put the detent back in and tapped it with my vice grips. The detent then protruded how it was supposed to be. I went ahead and tapped it out and in a few times to ensure it was going to move as it should, and now the safety works as it should! I have positive feedback on flipping it. Works perfectly!!! Thank you all!
  2. CookieMonsta308

    Selector detent - 80% lower issue?

    I did not get a chance to try to drill the hole a bit deeper yet, but I can say for sure the correct spring is being used. I have attempted to put pressure on the detent without the grip on (with a metal rod pushing against the detent) and I can say that the same issue occurred... so it must be that the detent is just not contacting the safety selector quite enough. Hopefully today I will be able to give it a shot. I'll keep you all updated as soon as I get it done!
  3. CookieMonsta308

    Selector detent - 80% lower issue?

    Thank you for the welcome!! Seems like a bunch of knowledgeable people here! That is a great point! Now that you mention it, the selector should stop the detent from coming loose alltogether right? And that is probably a really good idea to do it by hand, that way I know for sure I am not going to go overboard. Thank you for the advice! I will likely give this a go at some point tomorrow!
  4. CookieMonsta308

    Selector detent - 80% lower issue?

    Yes, I attempted to add a photo and quick video of what the detent looks like without the selector in it - and the "squishy" selector feel. There is not a whole lot of clearance it seems. So you think it might be that this hole might be needed to be a tiny bit deeper? Im going to have to bust out my jig and see if thats it, but wanted a few opinions before any more drilling. I read a few horror stories about people accidentally drilling too far and then needing to put a shim in there to try to correct it.
  5. CookieMonsta308

    Selector detent - 80% lower issue?

    Hey guys, first time poster here. I completed an 80% lower recently and have everything seems to have worked pretty well, aside from a small issue with the selector switch. The safety selector seems to be very mushy, there is no real resistance and no positive "click" when the selector goes from safe to fire. The safety does function properly, but the selector seems to really float fairly easily. This can be a bit of a hazard of course because if the firearm is on safe, I need it to stay safe until I want it to do otherwise. The detent does seem to catch the selector from over rotating to where the fun switch would be though... lol I took a few photographs, I was wondering if anyone can verify if my hunch is correct. I believe the selector detent hole might not have been drilled quite deep enough, leaving only a tiny portion of my detent showing through the safety well. The other possibilities I have narrowed down is that maybe my detent itself is no good, but it appears to be in spec... eyeing it up and all. Any advice is appreciated before I attempt to drill this channel a tiny bit deeper! https://imgur.com/a/Ow24AWw? https://streamable.com/5mt35?