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  1. starfox_64

    18" or 14.5" SPR

    Greetings: I currently have a "mock" MK12 that I built to resemble the form and function of a MK12 Mod1. I am about 6 months into my Form 4 for my AEM5 suppressor. I use this gun for coyote hunting more than anything. However, I am a little concerned with the weight of the rifle and the overall length once my suppressor gets out of jail. I am currently toying with the idea to replace the 18" SPR barrel with a 14.5" that is spec'd to house the AEM5 and replacing the handguard. This will reduce weight by about 1.5lbs and keep the barrel length (with the suppressor) right about 18". The suppressor is 8.8" long but about 4" fits over the barrel. I think this will help with getting in and out of the truck often, and reduce the overall weight without making it as light as a feather. Max I'll ever really push this rifle is 400m. Maybe 500m if I'm feeling lucky. But the usually coyote is 50-300m for me. Does anyone have any experience with the 14.5 vs 18? A few things I am hesitant about: 1. Rifle length gas system to mid length gas system 2. An 18" barrel suppressed is more hearing safe than a shorter barrel suppressed 3. Maybe a little bit of a performance downgrade velocity wise. 4. I plan to build a 10.5-11" AR pistol in the near future. Should I leave my SPR the way it is and just focus on that... 5. I would have the muzzle pin and welded to avoid making it a pistol/sbr. Not sure how I feel about making that relatively permanent. Anyways, would love to hear some insights and thoughts from the community.