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  1. His lordship

    Knights SR15 Lower Problem

    So I don't think Knights drilled the hole wrong. The dimensions of the roll pin are only slightly larger. I found this: https://www.operationparts.com/knights-armament-sr-15-bolt-catch-roll-pin/ The DPMS Lower Kit is maybe low budget but has proven itself in my other 3 AR lowers. I measured the holes for the takedown pin. They are 0.27in. On all my other Ar15 (Windham, HK, Sig, Aero) the measure is 0.25. On the Net I read that 0.25 in (for the pins) is Mil Spec. In contrast to the others, the knights lower wobbles strongly. I wonder if this is wanted for military purposes or if pins larger than 0.25in have to be installed here which are then not compatible with other uppers than knights.
  2. His lordship

    Knights SR15 Lower Problem

    Hi, I recently bought a new Knights SR15 non Ambi stripped Lower through Brownells. I wanted to complete it with a DPMS Lower Parts Kit. I noticed that the holes of the trigger pins and the takedown pins are slightly larger. The hole for the Bolt Catch Roll Pin is also too big - the pin does not hold. The lower is made according to the TDP standard. Does anyone know which lower parts I have to install?