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  1. If anyone would like to send the liberal organization a nice little message about whatever "tip" you have for them regarding this, here is their website: https://helpashevillebears.org/report-a-tip/
  2. And the idiotic group that claims to want to help the bears (Help Asheville Bears) is wasting $5,000 on a reward leading to information of "whoever" put the sticker on the bear. Gee, I wonder who dun it? Who has access to bears and their radio collars? Couldn't be a biologist. I'd like the shake the hand of the guy or gal who did this funny little advertisement in the woods. Oh and if they really want to help the Asheville bears, maybe they should re-direct that $5,000 to creating more black bear habitat, or relocating bears in bear dense areas to not so dense areas. No that would make too much sense and wouldn't fit the liberal agenda or way of thinking. You cannot make this crap up. The moron liberal lady in the video says that this is cruel to the bear. I don't think the bear is as concerned with a sticker on its collar as it is with the actual collar itself. Sorry for the weird font I posted this on my trapping forum and just copied and pasted what I wrote so I didn't have to do it twice. https://wlos.com/news/local/reward-offered-for-information-on-who-put-trump-2020-sticker-on-bear
  3. Well I'm glad no prison EMPLOYEES were killed, but wouldn't hurt my feelers if a few of the prisoners killed their own. And of course they blame it on the damned virus.
  4. Sorry FleshWound, I must have missed that thread a while back. Thank you, I'm checked those out. I definitely prefer a 2-point sling, I don't really have a need for a single point, even to switch back and forth between 2 point and single point. Thanks guys for the advice. I actually went with the Magpul RLS sling simply because I also wanted to order some more magazines and also a charging handle and could put it all on one order through Joebob.
  5. I'm looking to add a sling to both my 16" 300blk rifle and my 10.5" 300blk pistol. It was a while ago so I don't really recall how my M16 sling in the Marines was setup but I have a slot for the sling on to go through on the Magpul stock on my rifle. The handguards of both rifle and pistol are M-lok. The PSA pistol brace has a hole where a sling attachment can go. But it's somewhat confusing looking online at the proper hardware to set up a couple 2-point slings that have 1 1/4" webbing. Would you guys be willing to give me some advice on how you set up your 2-point slings, with regards to sling mounts and getting the proper hardware? I think I can get the Magpul M-lok QD sling mount and then add a swivel with sling loop? And the same thing for the pistol brace, except what hardware is there to go in the hole there? The slings I'm looking at are the Magpul RLS.
  6. I love the EGA. I almost did a double take when I looked above the trigger on that lower... Crooked River Ranch. Small little community. I used to live there. Pretty country. I like that rifle a lot. Clean.
  7. Ooh-Rah! Semper Fi. That's a nice one!
  8. towtruck, that is very good info, a great answer. Thank you for that. hlneast, yes as I said the 6.5 is also an 80% lower but based on towtrucks answer, that MAY explain why it had an issue in one 80% lower and not another.
  9. What is tolerance stacking? The 6.5 lower I put the "binary" trigger in question into is also an 80% lower.
  10. Okay so I checked disconnect spring and it was installed correctly. It was still doing the binary action on dry fire about 10% of the time. Swapped out that fire control group for the Spikes FCG in my 6.5 build. The Spikes fires as normal. Want to know the really interesting thing? I put the Anderson trigger that was acting up in my 6.5 lower and can't get it to go binary anymore.
  11. Hope everyone had a good and safe one. I shot 8 different weapons today and tuned my skills to the tone of around 300 bullets sent downrange, mostly at 8" steel plates and some silhouettes.
  12. Thanks guys, I'm gonna tear into the trigger tomorrow and check the springs when I have a clear head. Had a few beers today.
  13. Not in this case. Myself and my friend both had the same "issue" with it going binary. You would pull the trigger it goes bang and then release the trigger and goes bang again. And I have since been able to replicate the binary action.
  14. Update, I just messed with it again, "dry firing" it with the upper and lower separated. Pulled the trigger 40 times and got it to go binary 4 times. Each time was when I released the trigger slowly rather than quickly. Any ideas?
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