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  1. Yeah I have 800 300blk bullets and casings for that I can't find primers for after I loaded the last of mine. I had no idea you could resize AK brass to 6.5 grendel
  2. You're welcome for turning you on to a caliber that you can't find anything for including ammo... but gosh darn is this a fun cartridge to shoot! Versatile indeed.
  3. Threw a Lyman All-American 4x scope I have on this 6.5, just to get some glass on it. Put 40 rounds through it this afternoon, dialing it in at 50 yards. Considering I was just shooting off shooting sticks, with a mediocre scope and an Anderson trigger with JP spring kit, and a barrel that isn't broken in yet, I was happy with the 1/2" to 1" three-shot groups I was getting. I plan on taking it to the range and testing more, hopefully with some target pictures. Didn't bring my phone with me to the far end of the property today where my 100 yard range is. No issues at all and all brass was ejected at roughly the 4 o'clock position about 5 feet away, with the exception of one spent casing that fell between my legs. Pretty happy and will post an update once I get it back out again.
  4. Here's one from this morning on my 0400 check before work. Almost like she was presenting the sweet spot to shoot her on purpose.
  5. I'm a transplant to North Idaho by way of Central Oregon so I don't remember. I do remember $15 a tail from farmers in Central and Easter Oregon in the late 90s and early 2000s. I think Boise Metro now is at around 400k. I agree with you, yotes are gorgeous in the winter. especially when tanned and finished.
  6. There is a ton of evidence stacked up to show that not only did Biden LIE about Hunter's business ventures bit also that the Left/Deep State cheated on an election. I sure hope justice is served, those responsible are tried for treason and we get 4 more years of the best president we've had in a LONG time.
  7. Yep I try to. I let what few callers we have around the north woods up here have the nasty summer and spring ones. That's fishing time anyway.
  8. bamashooter, that is seriously some impressive damage from your test!
  9. Trapping with foot hold traps. I run a line from end of October to early January for coyotes. Trap other critters too.
  10. Pretty impressive for a .22lr bullet shot out of a 6" barrel into a coyote at 3 yards. I'm impressed with the expansion.
  11. I catch a few dogs a year in wolf coyote or cat sets. Mostly dogs running at large on public land a few miles from where they live. I always bring the back home or call the number on the collar.
  12. Not the mention the fact that Commiefornia is the one and only state to have outlawed trapping in all regards.
  13. Nah I like having 'em around. Like listening to 'em sing at night when at trapping or hunting camp. They have a purpose. Mostly their purpose is to be trapped.
  14. Caught the first one of the season today in a dirt hole set. Pretty female for a late October dog. Any trappers on here? CCR .22 Velocitor has pretty decent expansion shot behind the armpit out of a 6" barrel at 10 feet.
  15. I like it. I have a BCA side-charging upper in 300blk as well and had noticed this mushroom effect as well. It's been on my list of things to tinker with. I like your idea a lot and sounds like it worked very well. My first inclination was to replace the factory handle with a new one that hasn't been mushroomed and then find a small rubber gasket to place on there in between the charging handle and BCG. I like your idea lot better and more of a permanent/surefire fix. Thanks!
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