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  1. Is Alexander Arms a quality manufacturer? Specifically talking about a 6.5 grendel stainless 20" barrel 1:9 twist for my next build and looking at this barrel. Other option looking at is a Ballistic Advantage 20" 6.5 grendel 1:8 twist. In a 20" barrel is 1:9 or 1:8 twist rate really that much of a difference?
  2. SpudDog

    New guy

    As a former Oregonian I resemble that remark, although I would never have succumbed to living on the "wet side" of the state.
  3. SpudDog

    New guy

    A belated welcome here as well. New guy myself. These guys and gals are great, here. Loads of good info and minor amounts of shenanigans.
  4. SpudDog

    Advice on Furniture for home defense

    Thanks Rampy, the Streamlight ProTac HL-X I mentioned is 1,000 lumens, I'm just assuming there is a light mount that will accommodate it? The Hexmag is a 5.56 mag and no I would not run it in a 300blk for self-defense. I have a half dozen Pmags from Magpul in 300blk that I have that have had zero issues so far. Good idea on getting a thousand rounds through it before I consider it for self-defense. Got just over 1,000 through my 16" 300blk from BCA with zero issues so far and good accuracy, so I'll keep that handy until I can get 1,000 through the pistol.
  5. SpudDog

    Advice on Furniture for home defense

    Forsaken, that is above and beyond the call of duty of what I was looking for in info. I appreciate it very much, like they say a picture is worth a thousand rounds... or something like that. I agree on not cheaping out on something that is going to be having my life depend on it. A good optic is going to be a must in this case. Those Trijicon MRO are ones I've had my eye on same with The Sig Sauer Romeo.
  6. SpudDog

    Mine's Larger than Yours

    Always thought the punt guns were really cool. Glad we've moved on to more conservation minded means of duck hunting. My Beretta AL390 does fine despite my best attempts to educate every flight of mallard that cups it's wings.
  7. Shot my 16" 300blk rifle today with MBUS iron sights at some paper. Today I was shooting Hornady 190 gr sub-x from shooting sticks at 100 yards, so nothing official at all, just having fun. Shot a few groups at the paper, made adjustments then moved on to the steel targets. Hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to all that served.
  8. I built this 300blk pistol that I would like to designate as my primary home defense gun. PSA 10.5" upper, AR-Stoner lower, Toolcraft NB BCG, Spike's LPK, PSA brace. I have a Streamlight Pro-Tac flashlight that I think should be able to be mounted to the handguard with a ring. I would think that a flash can and longer handguard couldn't hurt? I'm thinking a 2 MOA red dot, but I'm not sure if there are affordable low-light options? MBUS sights as well like I have on my rifle. Once I get it on the range I will test various ammo on gel and then decide on a round. What else would you look for in a home defense gun? I'm not all that worried about theft or burglary, but with the growing population of this area and underlying drug issue that can't be ignored, one can never be too prepared. In the past my home defense gun has been my 12 gauge Beretta, but this pistol would pack a serious punch in a much shorter package to any 2-legged threats.
  9. SpudDog


    I could get along with that. Good stuff right there.
  10. SpudDog

    Okay I'm addicted...

    Maybe one day yet. Before my oldest bird dog dies, I'd like to get him down in the desert for mearns, gambels and scaled quail.
  11. I just built a 10.5" 300blk pistol and will let you know once the backordered BCG gets here. I've shot it a bit already just using the BCG from my 16" 300blk but will let you know once I get a few hundred rounds through it.
  12. SpudDog

    Okay I'm addicted...

    I need to get a good deburring tool. I just took a round file and ran it once or twice over each edge, which helped but didn't eliminate the burs completely. Good idea on the high heat spray paint. I have been just lathering the "in the white" part with CLP to prevent corrosion.
  13. Grown-up LEGOS are pretty fun. Between the stripped lower I bought and now doing my own milling on 80%s, I'm having a lot of fun building these things. This lower will go on a 6.5 grendel build. Finished it up this afternoon. Everything fits great. Anderson 80% with Easy Jig Gen 1 and CMMG LPK. Trigger is a tad spongy so will likely replace with a better drop in single stage trigger at some point. Maybe someday I'll really challenge myself and get some milling tools for a 20% lower.
  14. SpudDog

    Second 80% Lower

    I bought a few to start with figuring I'd mess one or two up. Now I have several working lowers after not messing any up. So be prepared for that lol.