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  1. Finally got to shoot my new barrel and I like it so far.. I only shot at 90 yards that was far as we could get the target. Once I got to the best two loads I hit 8 out of 10 in a one inch bull and 2 just out (W748 powder), 7 out of 9 in the bull, (H335), so I thought that was pretty good. Next we will go to our longer range and stretch it out a little. I did also order me a Tiggertech Diamond trigger which will be a while before it gets in.
  2. Finally got it ordered woohoo.
  3. https://www.ar15part.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=20223WVUBBL1x8KMEXRL&CartID=1 Here is another and it's an Er Shaw
  4. I just plan on using my existing BCG and charging handle. I only have maybe 3000 rounds through this gun.
  5. They also won't answer their phone. Just a message telling you they aren't.
  6. Ah IC why, they disable there payment gateway except for 6pm to 9am mon-fri. To many orders. Must be nice.
  7. Second one I was looking at was this one: https://www.ar15part.com/24-223-Wylde-Wilson-Arms-AR15-Bull-Barrel-Varmint-p/24wavubbl1x8kmexlr.htm but when I try to order it it never goes through no matter what card I use.
  8. What I do is just bench shoot and would like to see 0.5 groups and I currently have a Ruger ar15 MPR with 18" barrel with a Athlon Argos 6x24 scope. We mostly shoot 100 to 200 yards but looking for a little more distance. I just want a complete upper with a 20" stainless bull barrel that will utilize what I currently have. $500 or less. Throw it on and shoot. Switch if I want.
  9. Oh it is a rifle length system.
  10. Having problems ordering one and forget calling them they say their not answering the phone at all because their people are making parts. Even an email not getting an answer. May have to look elsewhere. Any ideas.
  11. https://www.ar15part.com/20-223-Wylde-AR15-Bull-Barrel-Varmint-Upper-Assem-p/20223wvubbl1x8fsrl.htm OK I have decided I will get this one should I have it fluted or not fluted?
  12. Heat yes which is something you can do something about but what about harmonics? Seems like harmonics wouldn't come into play as much.
  13. I would probably agree with the car analogy but will bull barrel over a standard barrel (for the lack of a better word) eliminate, almost, harmonics and the need to search endlessly for the right pill.
  14. Big thing is trying to eliminate the issue with trying a ton of ammo to find the right load that will work. I do my own loading and get fairly good groups at 100 but falls apart at 150 to 200 and I've not got out to 600 yet but looking for a place. I've not had the gun but for about 6 months so I'm still trying different loads. Best I have found so far is H335 24.5 to 25.5 grains with a 55gr bullet. I have some 75gr to try out next time out. Like I say big thing is making it easier to find the right load and getting those 1" groups.
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