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  1. OrmondArms

    Trying my hand at 80% lowers

    From what I have heard from my customers, they love the easy jig for a multitude of reasons. And while I don't sell them myself, they are easily one of the things we will recommend to our customers who are starting out with 80% lowers. Be careful when handling the bits, I have done some reading and some people have said that they can break if the room temp is too cold. When you are doing the milling, just remember to take it slow, make sure you have a plan before you start, and then execute it. You'll get a nice lower and a good longevity on your jig!
  2. I recently found out the Glock had shut down due to a number of their employees catching COVID. This will obviously put a downer on the Glock and P80 markets. I think I heard that the earliest they may be back in business is around July. Especially for you P80 builders, what might be some of your recommendations for parts that aren't Glock OEM?