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  1. WINNER!!! I remember the "stop Hillary express" that hannity did. What happened with that? We got Oscumbag handed to us. Perhaps he should have had the "stop liberals" express and actually done some good. Hannity fails to see the big picture. Rasputin, as for mike church and and his sidekick Andrew Wilkow, they both fall very short when it comes to the Bill of Rights and the 2A in particular. They allegedly support 2A Rita but claim the states have the right to deny us the 2A. They keep forgetting the final 4 words of the 10A and what they mean.
  2. Nope.... Shot in the back with a very very small caliber weapon repeatedly until they stop breathing. Also, aim for non vital areas.
  3. ETA: read reds post about POLICE UNION standing with the governor!!!!!!
  4. That is the funniest thing I have heard all year! Once again, hypocrisy raises its ugly head. Police unions and police chiefs come out supporting denying a law abiding citizen their rights but want a product they deny the citizen. So, large says fuzz you as long as you support this law you won't get any of our stuff. Then, you get all butt hurt because you can't buy what you want to deny the citizens. Sounds really hypocritical to me.
  5. Black male teens in hoodies. All that is missing is the skittles. I want to see the media challenging Jackson and Sharpton. Red, you are being very kind. Only 45-50 hours? You need some interrogation training.
  6. Obummers next secretary of health and human services. Perhaps even the next surgeon general.
  7. My springer has no issues at all with the Hornady critical defense. Of course, as expensive as it is, I don't shoot too much of that for practice.
  8. Wait a few episodes and it will be Johnny and Roy all over again. The only 2 paramedics in all of the L.A. Basin and surrounding counties doing everything from shuttle service to skyscrapers to helicasting into the mountains.
  9. If it ain't made by PACCAR, it ain't a truck!!
  10. When I made my mistake, the grand kids kept running around teasing me about "rule #1". They learned a good lesson from my mistake and I was very fortunate.
  11. Welcome to our world. Truckers have been dealing with this BS for years. You can take a truck with a million miles on it and find out exactly what was going on from day one. Throttle position, rpm, gear, speed,brake application pressure, g-forces on 3axes, suspension pressure,. Everything is monitored by the computer. Then, when some drunk hits you, the local JBT wanna be know it all (that actually don't know shat) comes at you screaming about a log book and the lawyers come running to DL the ECM data to look for some way to blame it on the trucker. Put that shat in cars. Go ahead. We get to get some payback on you.
  12. It takes a little while. I prefer separate clear and dark glasses because progressives never go completely clear or dark enough. Since I drive night shift, I need totally clear and not just pretty clear. Then, I am a little more sensitive to bright daylight so my shades have to be nice and dark.
  13. I have the lifeproof cases on both my iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately, they are currently only available for apple products. I think these things are great. Yes, the headset adapter is a pain in the rear. Not to mention that you tend to lose the plug holder on the adapter as well as it only having one socket which comes profiled with a replacement plug. So, when you take the plug out of the case, WTF are you supposed to do with it? They are tough as can be as long as you don't get ridiculous on them. Lifeproof also makes a dock adapter (first one available) that works with any case for placing the phone or iPad into a dock with the case on. This is one thing that has annoyed me for a while.
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