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  1. Very true. I've tried one company called Pickett's Mill Armory. I will say, I have not had an issue with their upper overall after blasting over 600 rounds through it. I didn't use their bcg, so that may have made a difference. I was just curious about Ragnarok since they are close by. Since, I'm going back up that way anyway, I'll just browse and report back here what I think. I may just end up with getting CMMG or DPMS parts to finish my AR.
  2. Thanks for your input. Can you tell me what they're like? Are their products poorly made?
  3. Thank you all for your comments. I do agree that I may not want to gamble with this company without further information. I reached out to them again to get more details on the material and hardness. Hopefully, I'll hear back soon. Besides FB, all they have is their website, which doesn't provide much information: https://ragnaroktacticaltn.wixsite.com/ragnaroktactical I'll keep digging and let you guys know what I find out. If they are any good, I'll give them a try and test their product. Hell, I may just risk it anyway. I've seen their kiosk a long time ago, but never went in. So, in the next couple of weeks I'll take a look around.
  4. So, for my 2nd AR build, after looking through a lot of companies, I have seen this company that is close by from my location. The company is called Ragnarok Tactical and they are from Sevierville, TN. I am not only curious, but skeptical because of the very affordable prices. I am wondering if they are any good. I did contact them to learn about the material and selection of their AR parts and received the following information below: - Aircraft grade aluminum on uppers and handguards , nitride coated bcg’s and Nitride ,stainless or phosphate barrels and everything is milspec nothing is proprietary - Some are chrome lined , most are Nitride coated they last longer and does not decrease accuracy Has anyone heard of or dealt with this company directly?
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