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  1. GarthTheBenning

    What do you do at night at camp?

    Once at a river campsite, I hung out with some guys who claimed they always took their Red Rider BB gun with them on camping trips for short-range shooting around the campfire. Gotta admit shooting that rifle at some cans and playing some target games was fun. Gotta be careful and highly aware though of campers around you and what direction you are shooting in. I definitely wouldn't bring something like that to every campsite. For me personally, it's all about Audio Books. Whether it's camping at night or section hiking all-day (especially night hiking with the Lord of the Rings audiobook for that final mile after a tiring day).
  2. GarthTheBenning

    New to the AR15 world.

    It's always a good day when a new AR15 build is started - Good luck to you!
  3. GarthTheBenning

    1st 80% Build

    Looks like some fine work! Looking forward to seeing the finish and that range report. Congratz!
  4. GarthTheBenning

    Vintage Bow Repair

    Absolutely beautiful bows - A labor of love! They look brand new - looking forward to seeing more pics.
  5. GarthTheBenning

    New Members Please Read!

    Howdy Everyone. Just joined - looking forward to learning and discussing. Looks like a fine community!