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  1. tenpointman

    New guy

    ive tried that also ,no luck there either
  2. tenpointman

    New guy

    anyway i bought a diamondback 556 the other day. carried to the range friday. it shot great with a burris banner scope im sure ill upgrade the scope but itll work for now.
  3. tenpointman

    New guy

  4. tenpointman

    New guy

    In also having trouble posting. It says I can't post without confirmation of email. But I'm posting now so who knows.
  5. tenpointman

    New guy

    I'm not sure how to post pics yet
  6. tenpointman

    New guy

    Hello all I'm glad to be a part of what looks like a great forum I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it I'm also a 1st time sbr owner.