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  1. I learned the hard way lol I should have just got a BCM from the start it I knew I was basically going to have to replace everything. But in doing so it has become extra custom and personal so it means more to me I suppose lol, now I never wanna sell it. Kinda like a first car.
  2. -Bolt had a defect in it causing buffer weights to be eaten up quickly and chipped. -Gas block set screws both fell out after shooting. -Plastic take down pins -Plastic safety selector -Plastic trigger -Plastic mag release -Mag that came with it failed to feed -Barrel handguard was misaligned causing the front and rear irons to be way off. I've since replaced: -Lower (with spikes tactical) -Safety, take down pins, mag release (with metal ones) -Trigger (with timney trigger) -Anti walk pins -Grip (BCM) -Stock (magpul) -Bolt (Aero Precision) -Irons (magpul) -BCM charging handle -Buffer spring/weight (JP SilentCo) -Buffer tube (Strikes Industries) -Castle Nut (Brownells) -Gas block (Brownells) -Muzzle device (Surefire) -Vortex Prism optic -Magpul flip up irons -Magpul sling -Magpul AFG -InForce WML light -Multiple magpul mags -Custom dust cover -Dragon scales Only thing that remains from from ATI: -Upper -handguard rail (which has since been aligned properly) -Barrel Here is when originally bought vs. Now: NEVER buy an AR from American Tactical is my advice. I shoud have gone Colt or M&P as a budget starter. I know ATI also makes a polymer AR15 too that everyone says stay far far away from called the Omni Hybrid. My particular one was the MilSport model.
  3. Oh I originally bought the rifle from a shop it's an ATI American Tactical AR and I have replaced everything on it at this point. It's my first AR and I learned the hard way ATI sucks. So the ATI bolt I gave to a friend, it was junk.
  4. And here I was told Aero precision makes good stuff.....
  5. Ideally i'd want something that is perfectly flush and doesn't exceed the barrel. I apologize for going off topic I do not want to take away from someone else's thread, it sounds like some of you may also have a Hellcat.
  6. Thanks I went in wanting either a Sig P365 or M&P Shield 2.0 but that Hellcat caught my eye I didn't know that gun even existed but the size and capacity sold me the color helped too. I still can't believe that lil gun holds 13+1 and it even has the cutout for a red dot which seems silly in an edc but cool that it has the option. It's gonna be tough to find a light that fits it flush though since there isn't much rail.
  7. My 2nd gun I wanted something small was thinking of doing an AR9, I knew I wanted soemthing in 9mm after shooting my friends AR9 with a suppressor. I ended up getting a CZ Scorpion EVO S2 Micro apparently they are somewhat rare and non longer in production, so far I actually far enjoy shooting it more than my AR, and I am actually more accurate with it, it has become my new home defense gun.
  8. I didn't check before firing but I got myself a new Aero Precision bolt and after shooting (maybe only about 60 rounds) I noticed inside the bolt there appears to be what looks like some grooves. I am unsure if that is normal but I figured I'd ask here I just assumed it was meant to be smooth and the grooves made me wonder if something was off. Pics:
  9. Is there any saving the BCG? Can I sand it down?
  10. Super pissed because that JP Spring wasn't cheap and I hope it isn't ruined now due to the wear and now I need to buy a new BCG.
  11. I have replaced about every part in my American Tactical MillSport rifle at this point besides the BCG, gas black and barrel and wouldn't you know it not only did my gas block have issues (I made another thread about my set screws fallout out) but now today I discovered another issue and wouldn't you know it, it's with the BCG. So I have gone through 2 buffer and I ordered the JP Silent Capture spring. Both buffers and now the JP Silent Capture spring have been experiencing heavy surface scratches/wear. I originally thought it was the retainer pin so I removed it and STILL surface scratches. so I figured it HAD to be the BCG and sure enough look what I found. BCG that came with the ATI MillSport rifle: Brand new JP Rifle Silent Capture Spring after about 60 rounds and 20 dry racks.
  12. Thanks man you guys have been very helpful. I will continue to run it and if the set screws come out I will try Rocksett and if they come out again I will just get a new block.
  13. Out of curiosity what is worse case scenario? Say I am shooting one day and the gas block rotates blocking the hole. What am I looking at damage-wise? Am I basically just going to need a new gas block or do I risk destroying my entire barrel or worse?
  14. I assume military issue AR's do not use low profile gas blocks?
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