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  1. forawdastist

    I'll bet the Aimpoint still works...

    Ahhhhhh 2LTs. I am shocked that no one has gathered a bunch of butter-bar stories and published a book.
  2. forawdastist

    Short barrel AR's (under 16" Barrel) - 100+ yards

    Well, what experts say is true...what you do in training is what you do in real-life scenarios. Has anyone here served in the last five years? I would love to know if we are improving our fast reaction training.
  3. forawdastist

    Short barrel AR's (under 16" Barrel) - 100+ yards

    Our marksmanship training was excellent. I had no experience shooting out to 500 meters and it was amazing to be able to do so. However, I felt like we needed a massive upgrade on close quarters training. Perhaps it is something they have addressed.
  4. forawdastist

    Short barrel AR's (under 16" Barrel) - 100+ yards

    When I was in boot camp, the issue weapon was a 20" M16. I have often wondered about qualification after the issued rifle changed. When I was in (89-95) the only change we saw was, if there was a malfunction, they used to have you raise a hand so your weapon could be cleared...a bad tactic for sure. Marines were actually raising their hand in Desert Storm when encountering a malfunction...d'oh. We switched to "tap, rack, bang" somewhere in there. It has been many years, and getting old sucks.
  5. forawdastist

    First AR in a long time

    I went back to the range today to test out a different red dot I put on. I put a reflex sight on my rifle and I think I like it more. The four reticle set up is nice as some of the reticles are perfect for quick target acquisition and the single dot is great for longer shots requiring greater precision. I also noticed that the sight box almost disappears when both eyes are on the target. Since, at this time, the primary purpose for this rifle at home will be defense, I went ahead and sighted in with a 25 yard zero. Once I get into more open country, I will see what I can do at 100 yards with it. My favorite reticle for now (I want to try each of them on quick multiple targets) is the crosshair type with the dot in the middle.
  6. forawdastist

    Okay I'm addicted...

    I can't wait to try my own! When I move to AZ, me and my best friend are going to set up a shop building for gun and knife work. I want to perfect the lower building. Spud-I wish I was still going to be in Arkansas when you come down to hunt. We could have met up for a range day!
  7. Until entering the AR world again, I had forgotten how fun these rifles (and now pistols) can be. Having acquired one of the aforementioned AR pistols, I was reminded of what an accurate weapon it can be. My 50 yard group at the range was very encouraging. Honestly, I think the red dot scope I have is wonderful for quickly reacting to and acquiring targets, but I could see a small variable magnification scope drawing the groups much tighter. I was curious if others have stretched the limits of their AR pistols or SBRs? What were the results? What kind of optics or sights do you use? Also, with the diminished fragmentation performance of shorter ARs, is there an ammo you prefer to overcome this issue (soft point, hollow point, etc)? Right now I live in Arkansas (with my cousin/wife...kidding of course...we are divorced) and longer shots are not a norm. For example, most of the shots I have taken while hunting with my 7.62 have been within 50 yards. However, I am moving to Arizona next month and the desert can present some long range shots...I look forward to putting my AR to the test!
  8. forawdastist

    Any West Texas/NM riders?

    New here...was scrollin through and saw this post. I ride out to NM two or three times a year. Love riding out there.
  9. forawdastist

    First AR in a long time

    Ironically, my nickname when I was a police officer...was tackleberry. I had a Dan Wesson .445 SuperMag I took to the range when I was a rookie, and the name stuck. Haha.
  10. forawdastist

    First AR in a long time

    Semper Fi!
  11. forawdastist

    Second 80% Lower

    I want to try my first 80% in the near future. I have been watching instructional videos. I feel like I should buy a couple of lowers in case I jack the first one up.
  12. forawdastist

    First AR in a long time

    I really am happy to see the folks on here are laid back. Lately, it seems like every forum has turned into troll zones. You can post a pic of your pocket knife, and within the next ten replies there will be half the board fighting over nothing...give it another ten posts and someone will compare someone or something to Nazis or Hitler. Doesn't matter to me, I have thick skin, it is just getting old and annoying. As I said, I have been out of the loop for awhile in the AR world and I am pleasantly surprised to see all the things you can do to your AR...exciting time to be an enthusiast!
  13. forawdastist

    First AR in a long time

    First thing I bought! QD one point tactical sling.
  14. forawdastist

    First AR in a long time

    Ummm no way, Longhair, that guy has the coolestest setup I ever seen, saw or even seed. I want a laser next. Not for aiming...I want a laser that can vaporize small cars. See, the baddies, mooses and R.O.U.S.'s THINK they are going to get shot, then BLAMO...they are suddenly super fine laser leftover dust.
  15. forawdastist

    First AR in a long time

    I took it to an indoor range (weather has been rough here) and sighted in. It was pretty close (as can be seen here) and with a few clicks I brought it to the right and had a workable group. If I remember correctly (been shooting M14s exclusively the last few years) 1.5 inches low at 25 meters should be on target at 100 meters. Until I can get out to the family farm to confirm the 100 meter zero, this should do. I shot a couple of hundred rounds at various targets, but was unable to do any quick drills (indoor range - no rapid fire). I know this is hardly a detailed range report, but when I get a chance to run a serious range day, I will post more. I tossed my target before digging it out and getting some pictures...d'oh! No problems or malfunctions to report.