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  1. Usually, I don't mind hearing opinions, but if the goal is just being a a-hole, I will gladly use the ignore list.
  2. 49 Yes, I am ready for change. Right now I think a civil war is on the horizon...but who knows.
  3. I am with you Retcop. I remember when McCain went to the NRA headquarters and they did a big article in American Rifleman showing pictures of them shaking his hand and patting his back. Made me want to puke. McCain had been NO FRIEND of gun owners or the NRA. It was only when he decided he needed our support that he showed up at the door. I wrote a letter to the NRA and said they should have stood firm, slammed the door in his face and told him to piss off. But of course they went the "lesser of two evils" route as many people gun owners do.
  4. So we would "ALL" say that? Don't assume. Also, I don't think that standing up and saying the law needs to provide equal protection to people is unreasonable.
  5. EXACTLY! After I retired from the police department, I took a corporate job. It was my first civilian job and after a police shooting in our area, listened to people trying to break down "what the cops should have done." I told them that deciding what should have been done from the safety of your recliner is bullshat. If you have never been on the street wearing the badge, you have little or no idea of the pressure to make life or death decisions in the blink of an eye. It is similar to the idiots that say "why don't they just shoot him in the leg?" Or after the shoot out in LA, "why didn't they just go for head shots?" Easy when you are shooting a a piece of paper at the range...a lot tougher when bullets are flying.
  6. The Republican party showed us that they are more concerned with their political careers by kowtowing to ever knee jerk situation and showing NO support for the issues that we elected the President to address. The governor in Arkansas, who I used to support, decided to waste tax payers' money on creating a law enforcement task force to address a non existent issue, all to appease the angry mob. General Mattis showed his true colors when he said the president is dividing the country, all the while making sure to say NOTHING about the damage done by Obama or Eric Holder. Once again, please the masses to protect their careers. I feel like the Tea Party movement started in the right direction, but gave up to support Republicans that were way too quick to sell out.
  7. Our number one problem is the principle we stand behind the most...we are "law abiding" citizens. What I mean is that our instinct is to adhere to the law because of our distaste for the lawless. I think it is one of the reasons so much has been allowed to happen. When we are angry, we call law makers, write letters, speak out non-violently and vote. The other side is willing to put together a mob, intimidate, rob, steal, beat, shoot, burn and even wall off parts of a city. If you found yourself in a poker game in which you were required to follow the rules, but your opponent was allowed to cheat, you would NEVER have a chance of winning. I feel like that is our current state of affairs. We have spoken out about "from my cold dead hands" for years, but I fear that many gun owners in the US will hand over weapons with no fight when the men with badges show up at the door. When people were told they could not attend church because of COVID, no church filled with armed members who stood firm. When a group of people went to a pool at the Lake of the Ozarks, the police showed up and ended the party, but no one stood and said no. When people were told to stay home, some gathered to protest, but no one stood armed to fight for their rights. But leftist rioters didn't care about the law or any rules. The only thing I can see as a first step is going far outside what is instinctual for us. A person or group is going to have to stand firm and say "NO" when they are asked to disarm. A person or group will have to be willing to pull the trigger in an action that is against a law that is not in compliance with our rights. It is scary stuff.
  8. It is just mind blowing to fire a police officer with no due process, then charge him for murder for doing his job, then turn around and remind them of their "duty" and commitment.
  9. She also begged police to honor their commitment to their community and return to patrol. Are you straight up f-ing kidding me?!? You dumb b____ you have some nerve talking about their commitment. Honestly, I wish that idiot was standing here right now cause I would slap the shat outta that crap filled mouth!!!!
  10. Yeah, they do not want to have to admit they need the police after putting all their eggs in the "disband" basket.
  11. Excellent point Derk. Although I had been shooting most of my life, a 500 meter target seemed like a crazy distance, especially with open sights, but in Marine Boot Camp it was routine. I really think at this point it is just a matter of finding a good soft point ammo since fragmentation is pretty much a no go beyond 50 yards. Some great ammo suggestions here on the board.
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